Unbalances – final chapter

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Amon was woken up by his ringing communicator, and seeing that he had another two hours before work, the dark hunter groaned tiredly before picking up the device.

"This is Amon" he said gruffly,

"Amon, it's Michael, I had to pull an all nighter but I finally completed the serum, the only thing is that it has a delayed affect" the boy informed Amon from the other end of the telephone.

"How long exactly?" Amon asked, only to recieve a 'not sure' response, "when I come into work today, I'll pick it up and try to find a way to make Robin take it" he paused "get some sleep now Michael, you did a good job" he finished and hung up. (A/N – oO wow, Amon can actually be nice) Realising he was still tired, Amon flopped back on his bed and fell back to sleep.

/ 2 hours later /

"Michael do you have it?" Amon commanded more than asked as he stormed into the office. Michael looked up surprised,

"yeah, what's the hurry?"

"nothing" Amon sighed, "I'm just glad this is going to be over, it has gone on too long."

"Agreed" Michael said before snickering, "but you have to admit it was funny," Amon started snickering too, and Michael burst out laughing.

"What are you boys laughing about?" a feminine voice said, the guys turned around, eyes wide, and their laughter (or snickering) was immediately quieted. There was Robin leaning against the doorframe, and when Amon looked at her, she innocently lifted an eyebrow, but the wicked glint in her eyes suggested that she had heard. A cough broke the silence as Michael hastily turned to Amon and suggested he get to work, now usually Amon wouldn't let anyone order him around, but this time he wass happy for an excuse to get away from the fire user. Smiling, Robin sashayed past Amon to her own desk, her hips moving from side to side in an exaggerated manner, Amon was shocked, this was not the Robin he knew, she was really changed, Amon was happy he finally had a cure. A few minutes later, the rest of the team filed in, oblivious to the tension that was in the air.

/ end of the day/

Amon was getting up to go when his phone ringed, (I'm assuming they have their own phones), after a while of arguing with whoever was on the phone, Amon sighed and hung up.

"Robin" the blond girl looked over at him, "Touko called, she'll be out of town for two days, you'll be staying at my apartment until she returns."

"Okay" Robin replied cheerily, "then I guess we should be going then." Amon grunted and turned towards the elevator, grabbing his trench coat and silently thanking Michael for the liquid that was safely stored in the pocket, this was going to be one hell of a night.

When Amon and Robin entered his apartment, Amon pointed down the hall and said, "You can use the extra room at the end of the hall," then getting a sudden idea, he asked, "do you want any coffee?" Yes was the answer as Robin set her things down in her room, so Amon hurried into the kitchen to make the coffee. Amon could hear Robin coming back and told her to sit down in the living room as the coffee finished. Before bringing it out, Amon poured the liquid that Michael had given to him, into Robin's cup.

Amon was greeted with a smile when he handed the steaming cup to the young witch, and as Robin scooted closer to him on the couch, Amon prayed that it would work. Remembering what Michael had said about a delayed reaction, Amon sighed as he watched Robin down the brew. Suddenly, she looked at him, and what made Amon a little afraid was the mischievnous shining up at him from her green orbs. Slowly, Robin leaned her face upwards and kissed him chastely, Amon was thankful for her lack of experience, or he might really be in trouble.

"Robin" Amon said, pushing her away, "don't, you're not yourself,"

"so?" Robin inquired, as she put her mug on the side table, then proceeded to push him backwards on the couch and straddle him. Amon was surprised by her strength and found that he couldn't push her off of him, as she leaned down and kissed him again. However, just as she was about to pull his shirt off, Amon saw Robin's eyes fuzz over and she swayed a little, it must be working, Amon thought. Blinking, Robin stared down at Amon's face in horror,

"Amon" she said frantically as she jumped off him, "I am so sorry, I don't know why I did all those things."

"It's okay" the hunter stated gruffly, pushing himself up into a sitting position, "you were under a spell of some sort, I'm just glad I could cure you in time,"

"what do you mean?"

"well, Michael told me that if you were to carry on that way, it could be fatal" Amon admitted. Robin paled slightly at this and timidly sat beside Amon on the couch,

"er, thank you," Amon regarded Robin thoughtfully,

"I guess, for a moment there, I was worried," Robin looked at him, surprised,

"really?" the girl asked. Amon nodded,

"I care about you Robin, lately you've become somewhat of a little sister to me, I don't have much of a family, only an older brother, but I don't like him very much," Robin smiled up at Amon through tears.

"I've never had a family before" the girl said happily, "but I've always looked up to you, like a big brother,"

"I'm glad," Amon answered, "this is different for me, I've never confided in someone like this." Robin smiled at him again and hugged him, whom gingerly returned the embrace.

"Robin" Amon whispered, "you must feel odd, rooming with Touko when you're only 15, what if I were to become your legal guardian?"

Robin looked up at the man, shocked, "really?" Amon nodded,

"yes, I'd then take care of your food, and other essential needs, leaving you to spend the money you earn from the STN-J, on things you would like," Robin looked up at him shyly,

"oh, you don't have to do that." Amon chuckled,

"but I want to, I've actually felt a little lonely here by myself, it will be nice having someone else around." Robin smiled and nodded "alright then, ani," Amon chuckled at the term,

"alright imoto, I guess we should probably go to bed, tomorrow after work, I'll pick up the required papers to begin the process in becoming your legal guardian, good night." And with that, the two hunters entered their respective bedrooms, both of them slightly happier.

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