Wooden Monkey

Based on the cold gust of wind, tonight there will be rain. The busy streets were empty out an hour ago, but predictable enough they would be filled with buyers and traders shouting over each other volumes. The sun already hidden under the cold earth, gently the full moon sneaked up into the black sky, planted it turn to stay. Light rain drops slowly sprinkled the quite street. The rain picked up and the light drops became round crystal. Anywhere the crystals hit, they would splashed and broke into small crystals which claimed any dry pieces of land. Soon, the rain soaked everything the streets were covered by the fine layer of sparkling crystals that have been defused together.


The streets were once again filled with people, and their valuables and goods. People were preparing, or setting up at their usual stations. Occasionally you would hear people buzzed about a question or a quick 'hi', or 'how are you this morning?' But they were busy, no time to talk now, they needed to set up before the sun gives the streets light of the morning. The street gave off little signs of rain from last night. There were small puddles here and there but other than that everything was dried over the night.

Away from the busy street, there stood a man. His hairs were filthy with dried hays from his bed. Coal eyes, well structure noise and jaw lines that gave away his handsomeness. Disregard his torn shirt and pants his built figure was hard to miss. But what really gave away his class were barefoot, he was class 4, lowest of them all. Class 4 would be considered as a beggar, homeless, and own absolute nothing in value. There before him was a thick big wall, that stood up to 10 feet. Surely enough, like he expected-she started to sing. Beyond this wall, lived a voice, which now he came accustom to. Her voice, her songs became a drug, a need, an addiction, and an obsession for him. He needed it this morning like every other morning. Her beautiful melodies flew smoothly over the walls to his attentive ears.

"Vegeta! Where have you been!" a man short bald head guy asked.

"I woke up late, again, nothing new." Vegeta replied as he walked to his collection of wooden sculptures. "Thanks, Krillin for setting these guys up."

"Yeah, nothing new." Krillin replied. "I hope we make some money today, I'm really sick of eating from some else garbage can." He signed.

"It isn't too bad! Come on! Last week we found some chicken! Remember!" Vegeta eyes sparkle in excitement.

"Yeah, but recently we been eating only left over rice and vegetables. I need meat. I need meat."

"Hey guys! How much is that wooden monkey worth?" a fat man with short, neatly combed hairs asked.

Vegeta turned to the fat man, with neatly combed hairs. There was also a fat little boy, with neatly combed hairs next to the fat man. Like father like son, he thought. "Sorry this isn't for sell. But there are other animal you can choose from. How about this little pig?"

"Son, he isn't selling the monkey. Do you want the pig instead?" The fat father asked his son. The little boy looked at the wooden monkey, back at the pig and then replied that he would want the pig. The fat father paid for the pig with big noise and ears, and left.

"Yeah!" Krillin jumped with joy. "We are eating well tonight."

Vegeta laughed and watched his friend dancing with joy. "Maybe you should try to sell some of your straw umbrellas maybe then you can really eat well tonight."

"Blah! No one is going to buy my straw umbrellas less it rains. They don't buy what they don't need. Smart people are like that."


The moon once again came back to claim for it short stay in the darken sky. The earth was still warm from the earlier beating from the sun. The streets were empty once again. Whole town was asleep, they been worn out from the sunlight activities. Soft sound of crickets singing filled the silent night. In the distant came a lady dress in a white silky dress, by the random warm gust her dress would dance. Her pink lacy slipper failed to make any sound at each step she took. Her hairs were pulled back neatly from her beautiful blue eyes, with pink flower body pins. She felt at ease, night was her favourite time, because she was then could finally see the outside world. Tonight she let her feet lead. Passing all the closed doors and black windows, passing the empty market, soon she would pass the out shirt of the small town. She walked on and continued to allow her feet to lead and the dazzling moon to guild the way. She finally stopped when she heard something sounded like someone splashing in the water. Curious and excited because this was the first time ever that she had encounter anyone. She walked quickly to the side of the small cliff she was standing on and looked down. There was surely someone in the small lake underneath her. She couldn't make out who it was, so she took a step forward to the edge while holding an extended branch to keep her from falling down. She saw his back, a man back. He looked naked from what she could make out. She blushed then quickly tried to turn away. She was so nervous and shakily that didn't realize that she had let go of the branch that helped her holding her up. She slipped and fell right into the lake.

Vegeta heard the scream which made him turned around and quickly swam over. Who on earth wonder around this place at this time?

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