Chapter 3

Is it foolish of me to return to this place again? What if he isn't there? What would I say if he is there? What's wrong with me? All morning I been waiting for the sun to go down, I couldn't eat and all I wanted was to see him again. Bulma talked to herself. When the sun was half way down, she was already preparing herself to leave through her backdoor. It took her longer than usually to get dress today. Like usual she would wait for her whole household asleep before she would seek out the backdoor. Here she was, still talking to herself as she walked back to the place where she met that man. All day she hid in her room waiting for the sun to go down. She suddenly stopped. No I can't go through with this. I'm so foolish; I must be going out of my head. She was about toturn around but didn't. She stood there and talked to herself again. I been waiting all day for this, I have to go through with it. I want to see him. I must go through with it, think about it, you'll get to see him again. She signed happily and then walked on quickly.

Vegeta dived into the warm water, with no intention to do his regular swimming laps. He swam his way to the centre of the empty lake, feeling lonely all of a sudden. He signed softly remembering last night incident. "I wish I could just hold her one more time. It would be nice." Sharing up the low cliff where Bulma had fell from. He shook his head because he felt foolish regarding his hope to see her again. The moon was bright tonight. It almost seen like it was smiling down at him. He returned with a sad smile. He heard it, "It can't be!" he heard her scream. It wasnot a mistake, he could never mistaken that. Almost by automatic that he swam to the exact spot as last night.

Bulma had watched him from the cliff, but she didn't know how she would approach him. She could have left and left it like that, but she wanted more, she wanted to be able to see him up close. She wanted to hear his voice, she wanted to touch him. She was hungry for him. So she fell.

Vegeta lifted her up, and felt her clinging on to him. He could only smile to himself, that his wish had been granted. "Are you ok?" He asked her, but he hoped that she didn't answer so this way his conscious didn't kick in. Please let this be a dream, because realty is so cruel. He prayed. She was after all the daughter of the richest man in town, and he was like an ant on the street, with a life of picking up crumbs from the street.

"Promise me, you won't leave." She whispered ever so softly as she wrapped her arms tighter around his neck.

His heart felt like it had stop for a second, making him feeling cold all over. "I…I…" he felt her left hand touching him gentle on the side of his face. She was trying to turn his face to face her, but he turned away.

"Please, let me beg of you. I just want to see you." She said, she slowly turning his face to her again. Her heart beat with excite when he allowed her to see his face. She smiled, hoping that she wasn't dreaming. "Thank you for saving me."

Vegeta melt, he felt like he had lost in her blue eyes. Nothing in this world seen to be important anymore. All he wanted was to be lost in her eyes forever and ever.

Bulma saw him staring, she quickly turned away. She felt her cheeks turned red. Oh, my goodness where on earth had I came up with all this courage to talk to him. He probably thinks I'm crazy now. She slapped at herself. She felt him treading toward the shores. With fear that he would leave her again, she clung on him tighter. When they got to the shore, she felt her body being lifted up and place down on a large smooth rock. She let him go slowly.

They looked at each other in silent. "What is your name?" She finally broke the silent. She looked at him waiting for him to response.

"Vegeta." he finally answered her quietly, but avoiding looking at her in the eyes

"Vegeta, I'm Bulma, nice to meet you." She smiled.

"I better get going." He said quickly, and turned to leave.

"WAIT! Can I see you again?" She reached for him, but withdrew her hand quickly. "Humm...I...I want to make it up to you. I need to repay you somehow..." She watched his back. " don't have to. It's nothing really. Just be careful next time, and don't come around here at night anymore. It isn't safe." He said without turning around

"At least can we be friend? I...I really want to be your friend. Please, I just want to be your friend." She said, as she walking up to him. She stopped a few feet behind him, and continue "Can I see you tomorrow?"

He stood in shock at what she was asking of him. Why would she want to be friend with someone like me? She wants to see me again? This can't be true, it is impossible.

"Please?" She took a step closer, just want to be close to him. Her spirit soared seeing him nervous like this. So he does like me. She smiled to herself. "Don't you want to see me again?" "Uhmm, no..not that. I...I.." "No, what? You what?" she was now smiling from ear to ear

"Umm..I...I you. But.."

"NO BUT! So it is a promise! I'll see you tomorrow!" She picked herself up and walked quickly passed him. She turned around, shouted "Bye, Vegeta." and then disappearing into the distant

"Wait!" Vegeta tried but she was too far to hear him now." I didn't promise anything...or did I?"

- Rye