Mi Vida Loca

I'm not sure how I got talked into this but she stood there and begged me and pleaded with me and I finally gave in. So here I was, driving down the interstate with two kayaks strapped to my roof. A blue one and a pink one, each one belonging to one of the girls, Alyssa thrilled about the prospect. Angel? Well she was less than happy about it and I could still tell, she was behind us sitting in Optimus' cab sulking.

"Is she going to do that all the way down to Texas?" I asked Alyssa.

"What can I say Jack, she's not an out doors type person." She told me back.

"Well that shocks me, I mean aren't most people who are that wild over guns and things the kind that LIKE to camp out?"

She laughed and shook her head, "Don't ask me."

She seemed to be enjoying her friends squirming immensely but I couldn't understand why. In fact I was having a hard time understanding this whole thing that had Miss. Angel so ticked off.

"So what is it that you want her to do with you again?" I asked

Alyssa leaned back in the driver's seat and grinned, "Kayaking."

"Oh… Uh Alyssa, that doesn't help." If I could have shrugged I would have, "What exactly is Kayaking, and you'd better tell me it has something to do with these things you have taped to my roof."

"Those are the kayaks." She grinned enthusiastically.

"That still doesn't help." I muttered.

"Boat's Jack," She grinned even more.

"Those things are boats?"

"Yep," She relaxed some more, "And were going down the river in them."

"Oh," I still didn't get it but I changed the subject, "So let me ask you something else?"
"Fire away."

"Why are you so thrilled about all of this? When we first met I got the impression that the last thing you wanted to do was to introduce me to more of your human family."

She sat up and thought for a second, "Well babe I have to honest, I did think that."

"So what changed?" I prompted.

"Well, I saw the way that you handed Mom and Chris, and I guess if you can keep those two at bay and come out in one piece, then the fruit cakes that are down here in Texas shouldn't be any problem for you at all."

That had me worried. While I was flattered that she trusted me to be have with her Father's family. Describing them to me as "fruit cakes" wasn't doing a whole lot to put faith in me that they were going to be as charming an accepting as she was convinced they would. I have to be honest that I was still just plain old mad at her Mom and Step dad for the way that they had treated all of us at the ark. I'm normally not the type that gets bitter, and according to every one around me I have the most unflappable sense of optimism that any one has ever seen. I was though, turning into a complete and utter cynic where my girl's family was concerned.

"Well if you think that they will be okay with it then I have to take your word for it, but…" I sighed.

"But you still think they will pull what My Mom and Chris did huh?"

I would have nodded if I could, but she understood my silence and let it drop for the moment. That's when I turned my sensors back and noticed that Angel and Optimus weren't with us any longer. In fact about two miles back I could see him pulled over on the side of the road, with some one standing there chewing them out. The blue and red flashing lights told me just who the some one was and I knew I had to go back.

Alyssa noticed it about the same time as me and twisted around to get a better look at them as well. "Well! What has that girl gotten her self into NOW?"

So I turned around and headed back to see what they were up to. What it turned out to be was some over zealous cop had pulled Optimus over and was harassing Angel up one side and back down the other. Demanding that she produce her weight sheets and log books for her rig. She was doing her best to try and explain the situation to the guy but he wasn't really listening much, as in at all. He was shouting in her face and demanding that she produce them.

We got back down to where she was just as she leaned out the window.

"Look Sir, I'm telling you that I don't have any of those things. This isn't an ordinary rig."

"Missy!" The cop told her, "I don't care if you're hauling Jell-O packs or running guns. You produce those papers right now or I'm hauling your pretty little ass over to the weigh station!"
"But it's not a rig! IF you just let me explain!"

"SHUT IT!" The cop snarled back.

We pulled up beside them and looked out.

"Something we can help you with officer?" Alyssa asked.

"Your dammed right you can help me with something." He looked down his nose at her, "If you're the chase car kid then you can get in gear and follow me to the weigh station as well. Something funny is going on around her and I DEMAND to know what it is."
"If you'd just let me…" Angel tried again.

"I thought I told you to shut it!" He snapped and then turned back to my self and Alyssa. "Now both of you women follow me. The next station is a half a mile down the road. I'm going to personally check this thing and then take a look at what you have in the back. THEN I'll decide weather or not to arrest you."

He walked back and got on his motor bike put it in gear and headed out on to the road. He stopped and waited until Prime was in gear and following him and then took off.

"What was that about?" Angel demanded the moment the cop pulled off.

"What?" Prime asked, "Can't I have a little fun every now and then?"

"Fun?" I heard Alyssa ask over the com, "How do you define this as fun?"

I laughed my self, "Just wait till we get up here at the station, then you'll see what he means."

"Do you mind telling me if you've done this before?" Angel asked.

"As a matter of fact I have." He told her, "Though it's usually some one besides you that gets stuck playing my driver."

"Oh." She thought about that for a few seconds.

Back with me Alyssa was bent over and cracking up. Having one of the best laughs that I think she had done in a very long time.

"So you mean to tell me he's going to do what I think he's going to do?"

"Yes," I told her, "This makes about the tenth time he's pulled this one. You'd think by now the word would have gotten out to the various highway patrols."

She snickered, "Well that is funny, and it's just …"

"What?" I asked back.

"Well Angel's not too fond of police. She got pulled over and harassed by one when she was sick."

"Oh? What'd they do?"

"Well she was driving home and her nose started bleeding, they tried to say she had some kinda drugs in the car. She didn't take it well."

"Well I think she will enjoy this then." I grinned at her.

"She probably will. I can't think of any one that wouldn't enjoy this."

"Except maybe the highway patrol," I finished.

"Well lets hurry up and get there," Alyssa laughed, "This is going to be good."