This Story is Rated M for mature subject matter, light sexual content, and some language.

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by CidGregor



Robin swung his staff in a huge arc, aiming directly at his opponent's head, but the villain easily sidestepped the blow, and delivered a strike of his own to Robin's unguarded chest, knocking him back a few feet.

"Really, Robin, you make this far too easy for me," the villain mocked in his sinister tone. "I have analyzed your every move, your every limit. You cannot defeat me."

"What do you want from us, Analyst?" Robin demanded of the strange half-man, half-machine. "What have you done with my friends?"

"Oh, they're right here," Analyst gestured behind him. A wall in the back of the room slid open, revealing the other four Titans bound in chains. They were fully conscious, save for Cyborg, but for some reason, they were not fighting to break free. The chains didn't look all that strong; Robin was sure Starfire could easily break them, Raven could slip right through them just as he'd seen her walk right through so many walls, and Beast Boy certainly should've been able to morph something small enough to escape the chains. So why were they captive?

Almost as if reading his thoughts, Analyst laughed heartily, his mechanical parts flashing. "Your friends have been incapacitated for the time being, Robin."

"What do you mean, 'incapacitated?'"

Analyst held up a small remote. "This is the control mechanism for a most wonderful toy of mine. You see, I have spent many months analyzing you and the Titans, learning your moves, your powers, your weaknesses…everything I'd need to defeat you. This device is the culmination of my efforts."

"Stop playing word games! What does it do?" Robin demanded. Analyst laughed again, and Robin marveled at how much like Cyborg this nutcase was: he too seemed to be equal parts man and machine, had immense knowledge of all things technological…he was even black. Robin wouldn't have been surprised to find out the villain was Cyborg's evil twin.

"It creates a very special energy field around each of your friends, designed to cancel out their powers," Analyst said. "As long as this device is active, your friends are powerless. You, however, do not seem to have powers. So it seems I must kill you myself!"

"I'd love to see you try," Robin snarled. Quick as lightning Robin's hand flew to his utility belt and clutched a flash bomb. He hurled it at Analyst and shielded his eyes as it exploded, temporarily blinding the villain. Analyst stumbled around for a short while, unable to see, but rather than attack him, Robin hurried over to his friends and proceeded to unlock their chains.

"I can't wait to pound this guy," Beast Boy said with a grin.

"No…you can't do anything without your powers," Robin insisted. "I'll deal with this psycho. You guys head back to the Tower, maybe you can get out of range of his device. I'll try to disable it from here."

"But Robin, you cannot face him alone!" Starfire's worried voice floated over to him. "I will stay with you!"

"Star, it's too dangerous, you could get hurt. Don't worry, I'll be fine."

"Robin's right, Starfire," Raven agreed. "Without our powers we're just dead weight. Some more than others," she added dryly, glancing at Cyborg. His systems were completely shut down, and he hung lifelessly from his chains.

"You guys need to get him and yourselves to safety. I'll meet you at the Tower after I finish with this guy," Robin instructed.

"Oh, be careful, Robin!" Starfire said, and threw her arms around him.

Robin hugged her back for a moment, then pushed her toward the door. "Now get going!"

The Titans made for the exit, Beast Boy and Raven carrying Cyborg. They escaped just as Analyst recovered from the flash bomb. The villain glared daggers at Robin.

"Come on!" Robin taunted. "Let's see just how well you know me."

"Good job, there, Robin," the police chief said. "We've been tracking this guy for a while. Glad we can finally put him behind bars."

Robin nodded curtly. It had taken Robin a little longer than expected, but he'd managed to defeat Analyst with minimal trouble and disable his machine that robbed the Titans of their powers. He bid farewell to the police chief, then climbed on his R-Cycle and drove off, now worried about his teammates. Had they made it back safely? Were their powers back, or did something go wrong?

His question was suddenly answered when a voice rang in his head. Robin…

Robin smiled inwardly, a wave of relief washing over him. Raven…good to hear your voice, he thought back at her. Is everything okay? Did you guys make it back safely?

No…not exactly.

Worry crept back into Robin's head. What do you mean, 'not exactly?'

We got separated somehow… Raven said hesitantly. One second she was right next to us, the next, she was gone…

Robin knew immediately what Raven meant, and cursed himself. Starfire…even away from the battle she was in danger…how could he have let this happen?

It's not that, Robin… Raven said. We all made it back to the Tower, but…Robin, something's seriously wrong with her. She locked herself in her room the moment she came through the door, crying. She's been in there, crying, ever since.

Is she hurt? Robin asked.

She didn't look hurt…not physically, anyway…look, Robin, she won't let anyone in to talk to her, and I tried to read her mind, but she's fighting me like nothing I've ever seen. Something happened to her, and she doesn't want us to know. Get back here, Robin…I might not have been able to see what happened, but I did see that she's hurting, bad. She needs you now more than ever.

I'm on my way, Robin said, and gunned the engine, praying that the love of his life would be okay.