Anguirus111 Note: This is a story about Gamera, a gigantic flying turtle that was featured in a series of films by the Japanese movie company Daei. The first six movies made in the sixties and seventies were light hearted popcorn fair that ultimately flopped movie wise. However, in 1995 Shusuke Kaneko directed a much more intense violent version of Gamera that became an instant success. The movie would then spawn a trilogy with two other movies accompanying it. In the first movie, it was revealed that the city of Atlantis/Mu/whatever you want to call it had created Gyaos(a massive bat that eats people and shoots hypersonic laser beams from its mouth) but it destroyed their entire civilization before they barely managed to create Gamera. Gamera defeated the Gyaos and then went to sleep for the next thousand years or so. This is my attempt to explain why the Gyaos were created and as a result Gamera. I'll try and resolve other issues like the amulet, but the Gamera graveyard is up in the air. I hope you'll enjoy this, but honestly this story will probably only appeal to Kaneko's Gamera fans.

Atlantis, roughly 1200 BC: Nestled in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea just below Italy lay the island of Atlantis. It was like any other great nation of that time, Greek, Trojan, full of temples and other marble buildings. The roads were paved with bricks, carriages and chariots were abundant everywhere. The people were clothed in robes and other exotic garments either made on the island or brought in by wooden boats. Everything on the outside seemed to be normal and on par with the times, but below the surface, things were radically different. Science had taken off to a level unheard of at that time. The scientists were already growing genetically engineered crops along with various fruits and vegetables to grow under extreme weather conditions and they'd also begun experimenting with hybrid animals. No one knew exactly where the information to do all of this had come from, some suspected from the future, others from a long gone civilization in a far away land. Either way, they were much farther ahead in scientific knowledge and abilities than any other comparable civilization, even more so than the future nations of the world. But all of this was kept secret and under tight wraps as per the edicts of the high priestess Asagi.

Although just sixteen, she was not naive and decreed that none of this new science could ever be used for violence or war. For the moment, the Atlantians stood by this decree, but a rising violent political faction led by a popular but fearsome speaker named Nomanor Gyaos. He was young and energetic and he began to make the Atlantians fearful of an outside invasion by the Greeks, Trojans, the Turks, or just anybody and that this new genetic technology should be used to create weapons to protect Atlantis before outright destroying their enemies. The followers of Asagi had managed to hold him off for a few years but he was increasingly growing with power and with the Trojan War going on, many feared that the victor would feel themselves invincible and turn their attention towards Atlantis as their next victim.

"It's only a matter of time!" shouted Nomanor at the large crowd gathered outside the acropolis. "This Trojan War is going to be over soon and when, not if, the Greeks win, they're going to come back here in droves and do you think they're going to be satisfied with just defeating the Trojans? No, they're not. They're going to come after us. I know it and you all know it! We must use this new technology of ours to develop a weapon to both defend us and take out our enemies before they take us out!"

Shouts of approval erupted from the crowd while others simply let loose with a chorus of boos.

"And where does it end?" demanded Naoya, the elder of the town who had ruled Atlantis for many years and always followed the advice of the priestess. "Until every person on this planet is dead? That is not the Atlantian way!"

More roars erupted from the crowd.

"We are the only ones who follow that code of ethics!" shouted Nomanor. "Our enemies don't follow it and are glad not to. Peace and prosperity can get you killed in today's war torn world and I don't want to see that happen to us."

"So we become them is that it?" said Naoya disgusted. "In order to defeat them we must become them? If that's your answer than forget it, I'd rather die before that happens!"

The crowd really erupted over this one.

"Better to become them than to serve them! Atlantis will still live and we will all still live, but those who would try and conquer us will not," said Nomanor.

"And what would you propose we do?" asked Naoya changing his course. "A bomb capable of splitting things apart piece by piece on a massive scale, what?"

"No," said Nomanor shaking his head while Naoya breathed a sigh of relief. "A bomb will never kill everyone, only a select few who are unlucky enough to be caught in its path. No, a bio-weapon must be made from our new found genetic that will annihilate our enemies through and through and will not rest until they are dead!"

The crowd exploded over this statement and several brawls broke out while Naoya just shook his head in disgust.

"Silence!" shouted a voice. The brawls immediately died down and everyone turned to look up at a balcony overlooking the whole area. Priestess Asagi stood looking at the procession with sadness.

"To assume that those abroad are going to attack us is a mistake. They have made no attempts so far and all of our relations with them have been friendly. If we engage in any form of preemptive strike, they will come after us and will loose science or no science. Our people will be destroyed and we will be nothing more than a myth or at best a forgotten memory. None of us want to see that happen and until such a threat emerges, we will continue to live our lives as we always have, on a basis of peace and harmony," said Asagi. "Now go about your business. There is nothing more this procession can bring about that will not engulf us in social chaos."

With that she was gone and the crowd slowly began turning away from the podiums. Naoya nodded approvingly and left while Nomanor just stood there simmering in his own anger. As much as he wanted to rebuke the priestesses actions, until something came up to threaten the country, the people would always follow her advice until it was too late.

"That woman is going to kill us all," said Nomanor walking off frustrated accompanied by his trusty companion and slave J'onn.

"Regardless, there is no precedent for an attack and as long as she is in power things will certainly stay that way," said J'onn.

"Then maybe it's time for things to change, before they could possibly get any worse," said Nomanor.

"You're implying treason," said J'onn.

"In order to defend this nation I will protect it by any means necessary," said Nomanor. "I've lived here too long to see it fall to foreign invaders."

"So what will you do?" asked J'onn.

"I don't know what I will do, but I have an idea of what I might do. Ready my ship and get me all the known information on the current war being fought between the Greeks and the Trojans," said Nomanor. J'onn nodded.

"Those who give up a little security for a little freedom deserve neither security nor freedom," Nomanor quoted aloud, distorting the original phrase. "Now it's time that security was restored to Atlantis once and for all."

With that he left, leaving J'onn with his thoughts.

"Whatever your plans may be, I just pray they don't endanger us all master," said J'onn also heading off.

Elsewhere: Naoya sat with the priestess in her chambers as the both reflected on the day's events.

"Regardless of his fanaticism, he does have a point," admitted Naoya. "We do not have much of a military force here to protect us from our enemies. We've been lucky so far that the Greeks and the Trojans are too concentrated on destroying themselves than to bother with us. But when the other falls, the victor may very well set their sights on us."

"I don't believe we have anything to fear," said Asagi. "We have done nothing to provoke them and they nothing to provoke us. Our civilization is a model community and everyone can find something they enjoy here."

"Which may be exactly why they would," said one of handmaidens Irys. "After all, the mindset that the only way to prevent an attack is to create a nation that no one would want to attack is false. If anything it makes people more willing to attack you."

"You sympathize with Nomanor?" Asagi accused, she could tolerate Naoya's protests, but not someone in her inner circle. Irys shrugged.

"We all must honor what we believe in; otherwise how can we expect to live with ourselves?" asked Irys.

"Leave now," said Asagi waving her off. "If that is what you believe in then I have no place for you in my inner circle."

"Very well your highness," said Irys annoyed and left with a huff.

"A little harsh are we?" asked Naoya. Asagi just shook her head.

"This is hardly the first time we've quarreled and I've grown tired of it," said Asagi. "Every move I make she argues against it and I've had enough."

"You know, Nomanor could use her against you," said Naoya.

"It hardly matters," said Asagi brushing off the comment. "In the meantime, we will sit by and wait for Nomanor to make his first move."

"It may be too late by then," warned Naoya.

"It is our way, we can do little to change it," said Asagi and with that she bid him farewell. Naoya bowed and left. Asagi sighed and it seemed as if the entire weight of the world had just fallen on her shoulders. As she sat there contemplating what to do, a soft rumble was heard. Asagi laughed as she got up and stooped behind her desk to pick up a moderately sized turtle. She brought it over to the center of the room and began stroking its belly to the creature's delight as it gurgled happily.

"Oh what're we going to do Gamera?" she asked the thing. "Should we just pack up our bags and leave or ride it out here and hope for the best?"

The turtle merely responded by curling up into its shell.

"Why am I not surprised?" asked Asagi with a grin. She set the turtle down on its shell and spun it causing it to spin around again and again. Eventually it stopped and Gamera stuck out its head and looked at her unfazed.

"How you cannot be turned dizzy by that I'll never know," said Asagi shaking her head and setting Gamera right side up. Gamera growled again and stumbled off on its tiny feet towards a bowl of food waiting to be eaten.

"Hope you like it spicy you little glutton," Asagi called after the thing. Gamera buried its head in the spicy food and began eating and quickly devoured the whole thing to Asagi's surprise. Then its little head shot up and it began trembling as in pain from all the spices. However, before Asagi could comment on his predicament, Gamera's eyes suddenly turned to rage and its toes clenched the floor so tightly that it actually made little dents in the stone floor. It was almost as if Gamera had drawn strength from the heat of the spices.

"Weird," said Asagi before she reached into her shirt and pulled out a comma shaped amulet on a chain that she wore around her neck. "Hera, Zeus, Apollo, whoever is out there listen to me plea, please protect my people from any dangers that may arise in the near future, that is all that I ask."

With that, she retired to her chambers and some rest leaving Gamera all alone. The creature slowly tottered over to the desk and quickly began trying to climb it. Soon it was nearly vertical with its hindlegs supporting the whole creature. It then pushed off the desk and slowly began tottering around on its back legs before tipping over. Gamera slowly shook the cobwebs loose and immediately returned to the desk to try again. It would learn to walk on two legs just like its master did or die trying.

Nomanor's House: The politician sat reviewing the latest news from the Trojan War while drinking some coffee before a knock was heard on his door. J'onn quickly moved to the door while Nomanor sighed and put down his notes. He nodded and J'onn opened the door to admit Irys who was soaked thanks to the storm currently brewing outside.

"Oh great what does our esteemed priestess want now?" asked Nomanor sarcastically. Irys shook her head.

"Nothing, it seems I've finally lost favor with her and am no longer in her court," said Irys. Nomanor laughed as he propped his feet up on his desk.

"Why am I not surprised?" he said. "So what do you want?"

"Like you I agree that Asagi and Naoya are only delaying the inevitable. We will be attacked and I'd rather see us be the victors and not some barbaric force," said Irys. "I want to join you in whatever you have going on."

"How do I know you're not just some spy sent by the priestess to make sure I'm not doing anything suspicious?" the politician asked.

"Even if I was, it's not like you'd have anything to fear. The worst they'd do is expel you from the country and then you could sever all ties with this place once and for all and no longer give a damn what happens to it," said Irys simply. Nomanor shrugged.

"You do have a point," he conceded. "Welcome to the team."

"Thank you," said Irys sitting down. "So what do you have planned?"

"Beware the leader who bangs the drum of war in order to whip the citizenry into a patriotic fervor. For patriotism is indeed a double- edged sword. It both emboldens the blood, just as it narrows the mind. And when the drums of war have reached a fever pitch and the blood boils with hate and the mind has closed, the leader will have no need in seizing the rights of the citizenry. Rather, the citizenry, infused with fear and patriotism, will offer up all of their rights to the leader and gladly so. How do I know? For this is what I have done. And I am Nomanor," said Nomanor.

"Huh?" asked Irys confused. "What's that supposed to mean?"

"It means I'm going on a diplomatic trip to Troy," said Nomanor leaving as he put on his cape. "Take care of things while I'm gone J'onn, you too Irys. When I return, things will be much different around here."

"Good fortune master," said J'onn. "I hope that you are successfully in your mission."

"That being?" asked Irys. Nomanor stopped just inside the doorway.

"To ensure the protection of Atlantis and the rise of Gyaos," he said as thunder crashed overhead and with that he was gone.