Mysteries: Chapter 1~ The note

Note from Author: Ok hey you guys! Hope you like this story!

Other Notes: In this story Serena and Darien are in the real world, just ordinary teenagers. They're going out and are in love! They're seniors in high school.

Other charactors: In this chapter it briefly comments on Kate. She's Serena's best friend.

Serena's Point of View
I could see his eyes staring at me. The fiery glare almost burning through me... But he didn't move, not even a little. What did he want?

All of a sudden Kate came up to me and hit me on the back of the head. Ooo... that girl was getting on my nerves! Why did she have to break Darien's great stare! I wanted him to look at me again...

'Serena what's up with you today?" Kate asked cheerfully, not seeing the anger in my eyes.
'Kate! Can't you see that me and Darien were in middle of something?' I replied.
'Umm... sure whatever. Serena Darien wanted me to give you this note. He gave it to me at Lunch... sorry I totally forgot about it!' she said cheerfully handing over the tiny piece of paper.
'Thanks.' I said back not knowing what this was about.

Darien's Point of View
I saw my beautiful girlfriends' head turn as she went to face Kate. 'What did Kate want?' Was all that went through my mind, but then I saw her hand over my note.

'Read it! Read it for God's sake!' the thought raced through my head, over and over again I heard it like a loud chant.

Serena's Point of View
He wants me to meet him tonight at the... docks? What in the world? Oh well, Now I know why he was looking at me like that. He wanted an answer. I slowly walked over to that raven haired beauty.

'Pick me up at seven?' I said teasing.

He knew I knew about his deathly stare... he only smiled and walked away. What did he want?

~*~*~*~ That Night at Seven ~*~*~*~

Serena's Point of View
Late as usual. Grr... I've been staring at my watch for a half hour! It's 7:30! What does he want me to freeze here? Finally! He's here! His new Mercedes smoothly pulled into the driveway. I could see him through the window, dressed for a date.

Oh how can I be mad at him? Look at him... who cares if he was a little late?

Darien's Point of View
Worked yet again, she doesn't even care that I was late! Wait until she sees what I have in store for her tonight...

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