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I; Ingrid Third sat on my bed. It was suppose to be one of the happiest days in my life, my graduation from the school. After all that hard work I still felt completely empty. I looked around at the remains of the room while three or four suitcases sat in the corner waiting to be taken to the car. One of my roommates popped into my face. "Oh Ingrid it's graduation day." She fell back on her bed. "Isn't it wonderful?" I smiled and nodded at the over dramatic girl and her excitement. The year had passed by so quickly and it surprised me. To make her happy I faked a smile not wanting anyone to find out about my unhappiness and then cuddle over me. "That's more like it Ingrid!" Sarah my other roommate yelled to the entire room. Sarah and Jenny started working on their hair. Sarah had blonde hair and blue eyes and was for mostly the quiet one. She helped me through the first couple weeks there, when my mind was solely on Fillmore. Jen was the outgoing one with brown hair and eyes. She came from a rich family but her parents barely even knew that she was there. That's why she was so excited, her parents were coming. I was the weird one in the group with my weird color eyes with that hair color, but these guys took me in right away. I looked down at my graduation robe but I felt sadness and nothingness… Maybe I made a mistake…. Jenny stood up her bed after an earring rolled under my bed. She reached under and grabbed another thing instead. When she pulled it out my heart stopped beating. It was the thing that was haunting me. It was full of memories that I didn't want to look at without crying. It was the fake evidence bag. (if confused read Double Deceit) "What's this?" The bag had perked her interest. Both face turned towards me waiting for an answer. Really it had been to long I had to choose my words carefully. "A bag full of emptiness." I replied.

"Well the seal isn't broken. Did you ever open it?"

"No." I answered sheepishly. To tell the truth I was afraid of what I would find in there.

"Well let's ope-"

"No." I answered almost too quickly. It wouldn't be right to open it without him. He was supposed to be there when I open it. That bag had been haunting me day and night wondering what was in there. One night I almost dared to open it but I just couldn't. The speakerphone voice entered the room leaving everyone silent. "All students report to the gymnasium for graduation." The other two girls raced for the door and turned around when they found out that I was not with them. "Ingrid aren't you coming?"

"I'll be there…in a minute."

"Are you sure?" Jen asked sounding worried.

"Yeah." I whispered looking down at the bag in my hands. As soon as they went out the door I hesitated but finally opened the bag. There was a letter and a locket. My eyes scanned the letter.

Dear Ingrid,

This is for you not to forget me. It is your birthday and I want to wish you a happy one. I know you'll be mad at me but I knew. I knew you were going to get accepted. I just didn't want to loose you. I am sorry and I hope you will remember all the times that we shared and I will be at your graduation. I promise.

Love always,


I felt tears streaming down my cheeks. He loved me? He truly did? Fillmore barely ever lies and never to me. I felt a little anger when I read that he knew but it flew out the window. I have never had anyone tell me that they love me. I had deep feelings as I slowly put the locket around my neck. In the middle of what would have been the best day of my life because of a gift the intercom for my room clicked on. "Ingrid tardiness isn't accepted in this school. Please report to the gym."

"Yes, right away." There was no fighting with the headmaster so as quickly as I could. I wiped away my tears. I knew what I had to do. I have to go back….

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