Hey Guys. Well I finally finished this story. I'm so proud of myself. I want to give you a sneak peak about the next story and I have decided to make it a sequel. There are just too many references. And as my 100th reviewer on the storyI am deadicating this whole story(Running from yourself)to Unlikely-to-bear-it.!So, here's the trailer for Haunting Years.

Years Later…

"Officer Ingrid, Officer Fillmore."

"We'll show our way to the door."

Their hidden Past…

"Why didn't you tell me?" Jen screamed.

"We wanted to protect you!"

"From what?" She questioned.

It's in her blood.

"Jen Fillmore welcome to the Safety Patrol."

But, how long can she hide it

"How could you do that to me?"

"Jen, you're forbidden to be on the safety patrol."

"That's not fair!"

How far will they push her?

"I'm not quitting."

"Jen come here."

"No, he's my true friend."

Till their past catches up …

"Ingrid, Anza's been released from jail 12 years ago."

"Hi, my name is Jennifer Fillmore. What's yours?"

"Andrew, Andrew Anza."

Coming to in March 2006.

So what did you think? I know not much detail but you still got to love it. Yes, March is a long way away. But that will just help me write some of the chapters, then I can update sooner.