Hey everyone! I hope you are ready for yet another tragic fic of mine! Yeah I know, that is all I seem to write, but I will also be coming out with a lot of D/S fics too!


Frightening Parents

Danny knew hiding his secret from his parents was wrong, but he knew that they wouldn't except him anymore. Danny had known his whole life that his parents didn't like ghosts, and that even if their own son was a ghost, they would need to kill him. It wasn't the easiest thing for Danny to be living with 2 ghost hunters, and a nosy sister, who for all he knew, could have known about his secret already! Danny was afraid of his parents knowing… but when they did find out, he knew he was right all along.

"Sam, do you think my parents will ever find out about my secret?" Danny Fenton, a 14 year old with scruffled black hair, and icy blue eyes asked his gothic friend, with the same colored hair, and amethyst eyes.

"I don't know, why?"
"Well, I am worried about them finding out, you know how they can be over ghosts!"

"Why have you just all the sudden cared?"

"They made a new invention, and they are turning it on today! It goes through-out the whole house, and whenever a ghost goes by, it beeps and shoots beams!"

"Well… I can't help you on how to dodge that, but your parents will most likely just think it is a malfunction or something, relax Danny," Sam said with her comforting voice. Tucker, his other friend, was out on vacation for a week, so now Sam had to take care of all of Danny's problems that Tucker normally would have.

"How can I relax, when that machine is going to kill me!"

"Well, at first you are worried about them finding out, and now it skips to the machine, huh?"

"Well, now I am worried about both!"

"Danny, settle down, you will be just fine."

"How do you know? You probably won't even see me tomorrow, because I will be dead!"

"Danny, ever since you had become a ghost, and didn't find a way to get rid of the powers, you were taking a risk at not living a safe life."

"Yeah, I guess you have a point…"

"And since I have a point, you either go out and just tell your parents, and hope they will change you back somehow, or you stay this way, and take every little risk possible in life for you at the moment."
"I am not telling my parents, there is no way!"

"Well then, stop complaining to me about it."

"Fine, maybe things will go good at home, maybe it won't work or something."

"There ya go! Think of the positive things!" Sam said, appreciating that for once, she might have knocked some sort of sense into his mind. She put her arms around him, and gave him a tight squeeze, before they headed towards their houses. Danny blushed, and then turned in the direction of his house.

"Be careful, Ok Danny?"

"Yeah, I will try!" He shouted back to her, and then walked miserably up the steps to his house. Here we go, I can hope for the best… he thought, as he slowly opened the door. Jazz was inside, rolling her eyes, as her parents were ready to turn the machine on.

"Uhh, mom, dad, why do we have to have that thing on?" Danny asked, looking worried, not knowing what was to occur from the big machine that lay ahead of him.

"That is what I am trying to tell them Danny, but they won't listen! I still don't understand why they have to use all this ridiculous equipment!"

"Uh yeah, Jazz is right, this stuff is really stupid, can't we just pitch it or something?"

"Danny, you always never used to complain about our inventions," Maddie told him, as she studied his face.

"I think Danny is finally realizing that you guys are to ridiculous over these lousy inventions!" Jazz told them. Really though, she knew why he didn't want it in the house. She knew he was part ghost, and knew that this could be a threat to Danny. She didn't have any way of really keeping him safe from it, but she was going to try to get it gone.

"Danny, you look worried, are you Ok?" Maddie asked, noticing the frightening, yet worried look on his face. He didn't know what to do, or what was to maybe happen to him. All he knew was that it wasn't very safe, and that there was no telling if it would just injure him, or kill him…