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READ FIRST: This story takes place after the defeat of the D-Reaper. Impmon never revealed himself to the other tamers so he was never involved with them. This is what would happen if he didn't reveal himself until four years later...

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Dark Tamer

Chapter 1: Enter the Dark Tamer

I can't believe how long it's been since it all happened. It seems like only yesterday I became a Digimon Tamer and created Guilmon. I remember meeting two other tamers just like me and before I knew it all my closest friends had digimon as well. Together we went to the Digital World and defeated the Devas and went up against the sovereign. Then the D-Reaper kidnapped Jeri because it had an interest in Jeri's dark past on losing her mother. Leomon, my fellow tamers, and I rescued her and destroyed the D-Reaper before it hurt anyone else but unfortunately our partners had to go back to the Digital World. About a few months later, I found the portal to the Digital World and everyone was happy about it. We went there and got our partners and now they can stay with us. It's been four years since then and none of us realized that it was just the beginning…

"Takato, wake up! It's time for school!" yelled Mrs. Matsuki.

"Ok mom!"

14-year old Takato Matsuki got out of bed and got dressed into a gray shirt with a red stripe on the shoulder, blue jeans, and red shoes. His clothing had changed over time but he still wore his yellow goggles on his head and his hair was still a bit messy but it had some neatness in it now. He went downstairs and took some bread for Guilmon when he dropped by the hideout. His parents knew all about Guilmon and other digimon but they still made sure their partners weren't really seen much because some humans were still uneasy about digimon and most had forgotten by now. Takato grabbed his backpack and went out the door after saying goodbye to his parents and leaving with a bag of bread. Once he got to the hideout, Guilmon was happy to see him, as always.

"Hey Takato!"

"Hey Guilmon! I brought you some bread."

"Yeah! Did you bring peanut butter too?"

"Of course. Here you go and I'll see you after school, ok boy?"


Takato watched as Guilmon dug inside the bag and opened the jar of peanut butter. He smiled and then went down the stone steps towards the school. Waiting at the gate were Henry and Rika. The private school that Rika had went to earlier kicked her out because of tardiness so she was put into a public school with the other tamers. She didn't mind, but some people she couldn't handle through the whole school day. Henry still had his neat hair but he now wore an orange shirt with blue lettering on it, gray pants, and white shoes. Rika had grown her hair out longer but she still put it in a ponytail and she had on a blue shirt with a red heart on it, a jean shirt over it, jeans, and gray shoes.

"Hey goggle head. I see you're not late this time," said Rika.

"Hey! The last time was an accident. I…slept in," Takato replied.

Henry sighed and said, "Let's get going. Don't want the teacher to be mad at us."

They nodded and headed inside. They had the same first period together, so it was fine. As the day dragged on, it was finally time for lunch. Takato went outside to look for the others. He saw Jeri sitting in a shady spot under a tree and headed over to her. She still put her hair in the same style and she had on a white skirt with a pink sash, a white shirt with a pink rose on it and light pink shoes.

"Hey Jeri," he greeted.

Jeri looked up, smiled and said, "Oh, hi Takato."

"Where are the others at?"

"I'm not sure…oh wait! Here comes Kazu and Kenta."

Takato turned and saw Kazu and Kenta coming. Kenta was wearing a white shirt and khakis and blue shoes. Kazu had his spiky hair still and he wore a blue Adidas shirt with white pants and gray shoes. Takato waved at them as they approached.

"Hey guys!"

"Hey chumley. School sucks so far, huh?" Kazu asked.

If there was one thing that didn't change about Kazu, it was his outlook on school even though Rika said it was his poor use of his brain. As they approached, another person joined the group.

"What's up?"

"Hey Ryo!" Kazu said.

Ryo wore a brown shirt with black pants and had on dark blue shoes. Ryo's family had moved into West Shinjuku only about a year ago. His dad had gotten a new job and they had to move here. Kazu still admired him and Rika still hated his guts. He walked up to them as Henry and Rika approached, Rika making a sour face once she saw him.

"Hi wildcat," said Ryo as Rika approached the group.

"How many times have I told you not to call me that, Ryo?" she said angrily.

"Come on guys. We don't need to have a word fight going on right now. Let's just enjoy lunch," said Henry.

"That's only if the cooks didn't poison our food," said Kazu.

Rika rolled her eyes at them as they sat down under the tree. They ate and talked about things, mostly digimon. Once the bell rang for the next class, they said their goodbyes as they departed for their classes. The rest of the day went by slow for some, fast for others. Once school was out, they all joined at the gate and started walking home. Along the way, they ran into Henry's sister Suzie. She still put her hair up in pigtails and she wore a yellow shirt with a blue star on it, blue pants, and red shoes.

"Hey Henry," she said waving.

"Hey Suzie. What are you doing?"

"I came from Amy's house and was just heading home."

"Oh. Well, I guess I'll see you guys later," he said walking off with Suzie.

"Ok, see ya," said Takato.

Takato went to Guilmon's hideout while the others went to their own homes to see their digimon. He went up to the gate and peered inside. He didn't see Guilmon so he figured that the digimon was out chasing squirrels or something. After a little bit of searching, he found him with Calumon playing in the water.

"Hey Guilmon. Hey Calumon," he said.

"Takato's home," said Guilmon cheerfully.

"You guys staying out of trouble?" he asked.

"For now," said Calumon.

Takato sighed and wondered where Calumon got his mischief. Calumon went where he liked and no one knew when or where he would pop up next. They tried to keep the little digimon out of trouble and tried to find him a tamer, which worked like a charm. He played with them in the water for a while until Guilmon started to growl.

"What is it, boy?" asked Takato.

"A digimon," he growled.

"Then let's go."

Takato took out his D-Arc and used the compass to track down the digimon. He finally spotted the digital field and entered it, pulling down his goggles. Henry, Rika, Ryo, and Jeri were there already with their partners.

"What's up?" he asked.

"Not sure yet. It hasn't appeared," said Henry.

"Momentai. Just give it a sec," said Terriermon.

"Yeah right," Ryo said to the bunny.

Suddenly, a huge blue bird with yellow lightning marks on it, a yellow bolt on his head, and white feathers. Rika pulled out her D-Arc and scanned the bird.

"Thunderbirdmon. An armor digimon, ultimate level. His attacks are Thunderstorm and Spark Wing. He shouldn't be too tough."

"You guys ready?" said Takato.

They all nodded as they took out a digivolution card and swiped it.

"Digi-Modify! Matrix Digivolution Activate!"


"Guilmon matrix digivolve to…WarGrowlmon!"

"Terriermon matrix digivolve to…Rapidmon!"

"Renamon matrix digivolve to…Taomon!"

"Monodramon matrix digivolve to…Cyberdramon!"

Leomon didn't digivolve, unlike the rest of them, and stepped up in fighting stance with the others. They all attacked the bird at the same time.

"Atomic Blasters!" said WarGrowlmon.

"Rapid Fire!" shouted Rapidmon.

"Talisman of Light!" said Taomon.

"Desolation Claw!" Cyberdramon said.

"Fist of the Beast King!" Leomon said.

Thunderbirdmon watched as the attacks came at him and he dodged each one with ease. They kept attacking but the digimon would keep dodging them. Then Thunderbirdmon attacked.

"Spark Wing!" he said as the tips of his wings shot electricity out at the digimon and attacked them.

The digimon tried to dodge it but the lightning would figure out their movements and attack them there. The tamers nervously watched as their digimon were getting pounded by the ultimate.

"Maybe we should go to mega level," Ryo said.

"You think so?" Jeri asked.

Takato looked at her and said, "Ryo's right. We won't win unless we digivolve to mega."

Before any of them could get out their D-Arcs to bioemerge, another voice appeared.

"Double Impact!" shouted a gruff voice.

Thunderbirdmon screeched as the bullets made impact. Out of the shadows came a tall biker digimon. He had a purple helmet on that covered half of his face; short, blonde, spiky hair; a black shirt and pants with a leather jacket on and two holsters: one on his back and one on his leg. His spiky boots, long metallic-looking tail, claws, and three red eyes completed his appearance.

"Who is that guy?" Takato asked.

Henry pulled out his D-Arc and said, "Beelzemon. A virus type digimon. Mega level. This demon lord's Double Impact and Darkness Claw attacks are almost always lethal."

"A mega digimon?" said Takato in surprise.

"From the looks of this guy, he doesn't look like the type of digimon you want to piss off," said Ryo.

"Yeah. He could take care of you with those guns or claws," Rika said.

"Well I'm not scared of him," Rapidmon said boldly.

Taomon looked at them and said, "We're not even sure if he's on our side or not."

"Ok. No one attack. Let's see what happens," Takato said.

The two digimon looked at each other and then Thunderbirdmon attacked the mega digimon.

"Spark Wing!"

Beelzemon smirked as he let the attack hit him full force. The tamers watched as the dust started to settle but were surprised when the mega was still standing there.

"Thunderbirdmon didn't even phase him," said Leomon.

Beelzemon smiled and said, "If that's all you got, then I'm wasting my time." He put his gun back in the holster and jumped into the air. He went over Thunderbirdmon and then his claws glowed purple as he said, "Darkness Claw!"

The claws went through him as Thunderbirdmon screeched in pain and then was instantly deleted. Instead of loading the data, though, Beelzemon watched as it floated in the air. The tamers were surprised at this stranger's power. The digimon went back to their rookie forms, except for Leomon, and looked at the digimon.

"Who are you?" Rika asked.

Beelzemon turned and looked at them but another voice appeared.

"I could ask you the same question, but then that would be a waste of time."

A boy around 12 years old emerged from the shadows and the tamers looked at him. He had short auburn brown hair, brown eyes, and he wore a white shirt with a light blue shirt over it, light blue pants, black shoes, and a silver cross necklace. They looked at each other before he spoke again.

"You are the tamers, right?"

"Yeah. What do you want?" asked Takato.

"Nothing. Just so happens we crossed paths. I remember four years ago they were talking about you. Saved the world and such. Beelzemon and I tried to help too but we didn't want to get involved with you guys."

"So you're a tamer too, huh?" said Rika.

"Indeed," he said as he pulled out his black D-Arc.

"Well all right! I'm Takato. It's nice to meet you," he said as he held out his hand.

The boy ignored it as he looked at him. "Who are the others?"

Takato took away his hand and said, "Oh. That's Guilmon, my partner. There's Henry and Terriermon, Rika and Renamon, Ryo and Monodramon, and Jeri and Leomon. There's a few more of us but I'm sure you'll meet them soon."

He shrugged and said, "Maybe, maybe not."

"What do you mean? If you're a tamer, then you can be on our team."

"Just because we're tamers, doesn't automatically make us friends," he said coldly.

"We're just trying to be nice," Jeri said.

"Well you don't have to worry about us much. We pull our own weight. Let's go, Beelzemon."

They turned and walked away until Takato called out to them.

"Hey! You never told us your name!"

The boy stopped and looked at him. Takato wasn't sure why but he felt like something was surrounding the boy.

"Just call me the Dark Tamer," he said.

Before they could say anything else, the boy and his partner were gone as if they were never there in the first place.