Chapter 11:

Come Back To Me


Mako suddenly felt darkness creep around him, the D-Reaper agent disappearing before him, and his mind go numb as memories started to form again in his mind.

Darkness…loneliness…these will become the humans' ultimate doom.

Mako opened his eyes to see himself in the backyard of his old house. It was sunny out and he was laying under the tree. The wind blew gently giving his body relief from some of the heat. He sat up and looked around, seeing nothing except the puppy sleeping in the doghouse. He then noticed he was wearing different clothes and that he was eight years old again. Standing up, he looked around and then saw someone step out of the sliding door. His breathing stopped and he swore his heart froze.

Stepping out into the backyard was Ai, with Impmon right behind her. Her hair was in long pigtails and she was wearing a blue dress. She looked at Mako with a worried expression.

"You ok, Mako?" she asked.

Mako exhaled and looked at her, smiling. "Yeah, I'm fine."

"That's good. You wanna play tag with me and Impmon?"

"Sure. Why not?"

The red chords started firing energy everywhere at all the digimon. Gallantmon brandished his shield, blocking some of the attacks. However, Beelzemon was more worried about Mako.

"We have to get him!" he yelled.

"I know!" Gallantmon yelled back. "But we have to do something about the D-
Reaper first!"

Beelzemon growled, but knew that they had to defend the city from the D-Reaper. Mako, I swear I'll get you out of there. I won't lose you too.

Mako, eight years old, walked into the family room where Ai was sitting on the couch watching the television. Impmon was being antsy to go defend the city from the huge blob attacking. There were various reports about it and it was finally given a name. D-Reaper.

"What should we do?" Ai asked, her eyes still glued to the news broadcast.

Mako shook his head. "I don't know."

Impmon growled. "I wanna go out there and fight that thing."

Mako looked at his sister and Ai looked at him. "Should we?" she asked.

"I'm…not sure…"

They looked at the news and then at each other. They both nodded, coming to an agreement. Grabbing their coats and D-Arc, they opened the door.

"Let's go."

"This is getting old," MegaGargomon said.

"No kidding. They're not really doing anything," Ryo said in Justimon.

They blasted some chords away and none grew back to replace it, surprisingly. The blob of the D-Reaper just stayed there and didn't grow any other chords or things back.

"Guys!" a voice yelled.

MegaGargomon, Justimon, Suzie and Lopmon turned to see Gallantmon, Beelzemon, and everyone else come towards them.

"What's going on?" Henry asked.

"Mako got captured inside the D-Reaper and we have to go in after him," Gallantmon said.

"Well, I'm up for a little rescue mission," Terriermon said.

"Kenta," Takato said. "How did you get in the first time?"

He looked at everyone. "MarineAngemon just used his Kahuna Waves attack and it basically killed away the outer layer."

"Ok. Do it again."

Kenta nodded and looked at his small digimon partner. "Go ahead MarineAngemon."

"Pi," he answered. He went up to the D-Reaper and sprayed heart bubbles out of his mouth. "Kahuna Waves."

Just like the last time, the D-Reaper peeled away from the attacks and MarineAngemon made an entrance way.

"Great job, buddy," Kenta said.

"Ok. Let's go!" Beelzemon said, running in first.

As they all went in, they de-digivolved into their rookie levels, since the digimon couldn't stay in their mega forms in here. They followed the sidewalk and hoped it would lead to Mako.

Mako, Ai, and Beelzemon were running down the streets of Shinjuku, trying to get to the D-Reaper as soon as they could. They finally spotted a part of the D-Reaper oozing out of an alleyway. On closer inspection, it was starting to eat away at the building. Not only that, but the D-Reaper's agents were all over the place.

"This is going to be interesting," Mako said.

Beelzemon scoffed. "Looks like target practice to me."

"Just be careful," Ai said.

"Don't worry."

He then leaped at the D-Reaper, causing the agents to become alive and fly up into the sky. Beelzemon used his guns and claws to destroy them, but more just kept popping up. Suddenly, a few new agents came. They were big blobs that had huge hooks for hands. One tried to attack Beelzemon, but he caught it and destroyed it.

"This looks bad," Ai said.

"Yeah, but that's because there's so many of them. They actually don't look that hard to beat. It's the big blob that's worrying me," Mako responded.

Ai nodded. "Yeah. I wonder what will happen if it starts attacking."

Beelzemon landed on the ground, panting. He had some scratches on him but was otherwise fine. The two were worried about their partner as he went back to fight them.

"Maybe we should get out of here and figure something else out," Ai said.

"Ok," Mako said. "Beelzemon…!"

Something then caught his eye. It was behind Ai. It was the agent with the hooks for hands. Everything seemed to go into slow motion. He started to move toward her, his eyes wide.

"Ai…" he started to yell.

He watched her see his expression, as he ran toward her. The agent's hooked arm lifted. Ai turned around, saw the agent, but didn't have time to do anything. She couldn't utter a scream as the hook came down on her.

Mako froze, his expression filled with shock. He watched helplessly as his sister's torn and bloody body fell to the ground. He screamed bloody murder that could be heard over the roar of the D-Reaper.

"AAAAIIIIII!" He ran toward her. He didn't care what happened to him. He had to get her out of there.

Beelzemon had heard the scream and his expression was filled with horror when he saw the body of Ai on the cold street. He then saw the agent that did it and saw it go after Mako. Giving out a battle cry, he attacked the agent, deleting it with his claws. He then looked at Mako, who was holding his sister's bloody body, crying.


He looked up at his partner. "She's……dead…."

The dark memory of that day went through Mako's mind. He screamed as he saw his sister's death, screamed for it to stop. He was on his knees, holding his head. The D-Reaper agent Ai watched with a wicked smile on her face. A dark energy surrounded Mako and the agent started to lure it into her hand.

The tamers had heard him scream. They started to run down the sidewalk, hoping that they weren't too late. They finally got to him, on his knees, holding his head, and whimpering.

"Mako!" Impmon ran beside his partner. Not getting a response, he tugged and lightly pushed on Mako. He finally got Mako to look at him. The way Mako looked, though, sent chills up Impmon's spine. "Mako?"

"Impmon…" Tears started to form in his eyes. "I saw her…"

The tamers were confused and Impmon was too at first, but then realized something.

"Who?" He didn't want the answer to be what he thought it was. He regretted the question, but he had to know.

Mako took his hands off of his head and looked at Impmon with a new expression. "I saw her…I saw…….Ai…"

To Be Continued…

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