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Chapter 1: Origins (Part I)

To be a kid, those were the days. But to be a kid with fox ears popping out of my blue hair and a furry tail coming out of my backside made my life more complicated than other kids' lives. My yellow fur made everything even worse. It took all my will power as a little scrawny kid to keep my yellow fur from showing and to keep my ears and tail hidden away from the rest of the world. Its not like I wanted to keep my extra body parts hidden, but dad always told me I had to and it was more of a pain than anything else. It was okay to have my tail out while I was at home or at Keishinko's house or Atsuiko's house, but never in public. And I hated it so much.

Sometimes I utterly despised my childhood years. To watch everyone play carefree and prone to injury all the time was painful enough to me. I could get hurt. I could probably take twice the scratches and scrapes my classmates could without crying, but my dad, being as protective as he is, signed some kind of contract that kept me from doing all those fun things. I remember I asked him about it, and he told me he did it to keep me away from fights that other kids would try to start with me.

"When the other kids ask you to play anything that involves physical contact," I remember him saying to me, "don't and sit out until they play something safer." I stared up at him with confusion, "but dad, I don't get hurt easily. Why can't I play all the other games they play?"

Dad pushed his glasses higher on the bridge of the nose and moved his long hair to the side of his ear, "because," he looked straight for a moment at mom standing behind me, "because," he paused again. At that point, I was kind of getting a bit angry with my dad, "you'll understand when you get older Kitsune. But understand that your mother and I made this decision to protect you."

I was about to blow my top right then and there. Not old enough? What was he thinking! "But dad," I groaned, "I'm nine years old now. I'm almost 10 years old. I think I'm old enough to know why." He just looked at me again and smiled as if it was a joke.

"Sure." He laughed in a paternal kind of way, "You may think you're old enough to know, but I'll tell you when I know you're old enough to know." His words confused me so much, but he just ruffled my hair up and took me out for ice cream that day. I didn't get the truth that day, but ice cream was a great consolation prize.

So my whole childhood experience was wasted watching my classmates while I sat out of all the fun, with the rest of the non-athletic kids. Actually, even the non-athletic kids were playing! Mock war, tackle tag, even dodge ball I couldn't play! And all that I missed just because my dad signed some kind of contract that kept me off the action taking place on the field and asphalt and kept me on the world of anti-friendship on the sidelines and bench. Every day was the same thing: class, sit out during recess, then class again, and then straight home. Every day I would ask my dad why. Why can't I play with my classmates? Why can't I have any fun? Why? There wasn't any difference when I asked mom. She would just look at me and say "You'll understand later" and then either walk away or change the subject. I felt like later would never come and I would never, ever find out what I was supposed to "understand." I wanted to understand so badly! Finally one day I did understand, and after that day, I wish I never wanted to understand "it."

It was a hot, sunny Friday afternoon when my life changed forever. Noontime recess just started and as usual I sat on the bench located on the sidelines. I sighed in disappointment as I watched the others play. One of my classmates saw me sitting out on my lonesome self wallowing in my own loner pity and offered me to play. He walked up to me and smirked, "Hey Kitsu," he had the American football in his hands, "you don't want to play?" I looked up at him and shook my head. He went on to ask me why and I went on to answer, "Because my dad won't let me play anything that might cause any harm to me. He even has a contract with the school." I grumbled, "I wish I could play…" He grabbed my arm, "Come on. We're short one player and what your dad doesn't know won't hurt him."

At first I was kind of reluctant to play. My dad signed that thing that kept me from having fun for a reason, but then again, I was a nine year-old kid trying to find friends. Like I said before, I could take probably two times more hits and gashes the others could take, so he was right. What dad didn't know won't hurt him, right? Anyhow, I ran out with my classmate to the field. The other guys made me a receiver to catch the ball since I "looked fast." 'I AM fast.' I thought to myself and smirked. But, I underestimated my powers greatly. Once the ball was snapped, I quickly ran past the defender and found myself at the end of the grass field. That would be great and all, but considering that the end of the grass was more than 75 yards away, and I ran it in less than two seconds, it made me a bit surprised.

There I stood, about 75 yards away from my own peers, as in awe as the rest of my classmates. I had a sick feeling in my stomach, one that you would never want. I looked down at my feet to see that, yes, they were human feet. And then I checked for the one thing my dad first told me never; ever to do in public, show my ears and tail. I slowly reached for my head to check if my furry ears suddenly showed. No, they stayed hidden. That's one sign of relief. I reached behind me, slowly, hoping it just didn't stick out, and…no, it wasn't there. A second sigh of relief. I breathed easier, but then as I turned around to see if my classmates were still there or if they ran off in fear. I saw the worst thing I would ever see in my life.

They were standing there, staring in awe.

Okay, maybe it wasn't that bad, but at the time; I really didn't know what to do, so I started to walk back slowly. Slowly, one step at a time I returned back to reality and to my classmates. And when I finally got there, I was greeted with something very unexpected. Cheers and praises met my human ears, and I couldn't help but smile. Why would my dad want to keep me away from this? Having friends and using my powers to have fun? At the time I didn't understand, and at that moment, I really didn't care about my dad's decision. I wasn't hurt, so technically I didn't break that contract. I was finally getting attention, I was finally off the sidelines, I was finally accepted and part of the others. I was finally happy.

Or was I?

I went on for weeks without telling my dad about that incident. The day, in which I found out why I couldn't play with the others, was kept a secret to the rest of the world. What happened that day would stay on that field, never to be spoken to a teacher, other students, or even their own parents or friends. I even made everyone on that field promise that they would never say anything, no matter what. In return, I could play with them as much as they wanted. No one knew about those powers except for those 10 or so guys. Not even my own father knew that I used them that day. I didn't want anyone else to make me feel different. Ten kids out of a world of billions of people were the only ones who treated me differently, "special" as many would say. And I wanted to keep it that way. But THAT incident happened, THAT incident that revealed my powers to the rest of the school and even to the teachers.

It was another day on the school playground. Of course, the ten or so of us were on the field ready to draft and play more football. But there was a new person in the drafting circle. I leaned over to my classmate, "what is Koi doing here? He hates playing sports, and I don't think he likes me either." I whispered. "Relax, Kitsu," He assured me, "just show him that you shouldn't be messed with. You got that speed of yours…" That feeling in my stomach I first felt when I used my powers returned, the one that I never wanted to feel again. I stood straight up and looked over to the new guy. He looked back at me and gave me a glance that could only mean one thing: he wanted to get me. He wanted to throw me down and then laugh at me. He hated me for whatever reason. Maybe because I was more popular than him now, I really didn't know. So everyone was drafted and the game began.

I was in my sprinting position ready for that snap. Koi ran in front of me and whispered to me as we were head to head, "Kitsune Lee, you're going down." He growled at me. All I could do is smirk at his empty threat. 'I could burn this guy easily,' I smirked, 'who does he think he's talking to.' Then, the ball was snapped. Just before I was about to leave him in my dust, he ran up to me and gave me a clothesline. Although I could have dodged it easily, I took the hit and crashed against the ground. I got up quickly and he stood there laughing. So I did what any ten-year-old-kid-who-was-just-knocked-down-by-a-classmate-who-hates-you would do, I punched him. It was a punch that sent him reeling back, and now the fight was under way. Kids circled around us and started to chant, "Fight! Fight! Fight!" Koi got looked at me and growled again. He ran up to me and punched me so hard I went to the ground again. My eye was hurting and by now I was on the ground groaning to stop. I kept my eyes shut because of the pain. Koi tried to pull me up to beat me more and I tried to stop it by thrusting my palm up, begging for mercy (I hate to admit).

And then it happened, the thing that set me apart from the rest of the world. It all happened so fast. "Stop!" I yelled after I threw my palm up. By this time everyone was dead silent, and I thought its because I gave up, but I opened my eyes slightly and saw one of the most horrific things I would ever see as a kid. There stood big Koi, with bright shards of ice sticking into his arms, body, and even one or two on his face. He reeled back slowly the same time I began to stand up. I looked at him with fear in my eyes, fear of myself. "I…" I stuttered. What was I supposed to do? All the kids on the playground saw it happen. There he stood, with ice stabbing into his body, and all the kids saw it. "I…" I said again.

"Kitsune!" Mr. Sato yelled as he ran towards the circle of children, "Koi…!"

But it was too late; I was long gone, running as far away from the school as I could in fear. I'm not sure if it was the fear of being in trouble, or if it was because of what I just did. Maybe it was a bit of both. But I just kept running, at regular speed at this point, and suddenly I ran into something. Tears were streaming down my face and I sniffled, as I stood there stopped dead in my tracks, "Sorry," I muttered as my glance slowly crawled up from the floor. It was my mom. "Mom?" I stuttered again, "what are you doing out here?"

"I saw what happened," she said. And we stood there quiet again. Mom was never one to talk much. She was really straight to the point without changing the subject, sometimes even hurting other people's feelings.

"Sorry," I said again as I wiped my nose with my arm. "It…just happened." I sniffed hard, "I couldn't control it." Mom slowly closed her narrow eyes. I couldn't tell what she was going to do next. We stood there for another minute or two in silence until Mom opened her eyes again.

"We need to get your father," she said plainly. "Come on." She grabbed my arm and jumped into the nearest tree. I felt like I was just being dragged around like someone's baggage, but going as fast as Mom did made me feel different, like I was the real me, but not really. It's really hard to explain.

So we kept our high speed up until we got home, where Dad was doing some work. We stopped in front of the door into the apartment. "Go." Mom said, "talk to your father. I'll be there in a minute." I nodded as I wiped the tears away and walked into the apartment building and to the third floor, where we lived. I knocked on our door and waited for Dad to answer.

Dad finally answered the door. He moved his long hair out of his face and pushed up his glasses, "Can I…" He looked down at me, "Kitsune? What are you doing home? You should be at school." I stood there sniffling staring at him. Mom appeared right behind me. Dad looked at Mom, and Mom just looked back, "Ohh," Dad finally realized what happened that day. "It's alright," he comforted me as I collapsed into his arms and started to cry again, "it's okay." All three of us went inside our apartment, and the rest I really couldn't remember.

I do remember waking up in my room about two hours after I got home. My ears and tail were now showing completely, but it really didn't matter since I was at home. I walked out to the hall and to the living room, where Mom and Dad were waiting for me. "Kitsune," my dad stood up, "your mother and I think its time we have a talk." I nodded and sat down across from both of them.

"Kitsune," Mom said, "you already know you're not any other normal boy. You're a Digimon hybrid. You have your father's blue hair, my eyes, ears, tail…" she smirked, "and fighting ability." I sat there completely confused by what she just said. Fighting ability? The ability to shoot razor sharp shards of ice from my palm? That's not a fighting ability, I thought, that's a curse! "Look," Dad stepped in, "we understand this may be kind of overwhelming, but it's better to find out now." Mom nodded.

"So," I said quietly, "the ears, tail, speed, ice…" I looked at both of them with my blue eyes, "all because I'm half-Digimon?" Dad nodded, but Mom just stood there silently. The tension in that room was extremely taut, and I was afraid the slightest movement would break it, so all of us sat there quietly. Sitting quietly (except for mom), waiting, and nothing from either of us. Finally, the phone rang, and broke the tension. "Hello?" Dad answered the phone, "yes, I understand. He's right here, but he does not feel well….Yes…okay…I'm sorry for everything. Yes, it will be taken care of. Goodbye." He hung up the phone. "Well," he sighed, "that was the school. Kitsune, why did you get into a fight?" I went through the whole story about Koi and the threats and all of that. He looked at me, and then Mom, "Kitsune, its time you start learning to control your powers. I know what just happened was a mistake, so I won't punish you, but don't do it again, understand?" I nodded. Dad smiled, "good."

And from that point on, I knew I was different, a hybrid. I wasn't like normal kids, nor will I ever be, so I lived like this: completely different from everyone else, well except for Keishinko and Atsuiko.

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