Chapter 17: Capabilities

Alec jumped into the air, "Take this!" He pulled out a blue bow strapped onto his back and quickly loaded it with a blue arrow, "Ice Arrow!" He drew the string back and quickly released to the opposite being and quickly flipped. With his body upside-down, he took a deep breath, "Water Breath!" He shot a high-pressured geyser of water at the being he was charging. The two attacks hit the mysterious enigmas as Alec landed.

"Impressive." Another voice, similar to the first two, spoke. Alec turned to his right to see another being similar to the first two, almost a perfect duplicate. "Lets see how you handle my brothers."

'Who the hell are these people?' Alec breathed hard as he looked around, alert to anything that may happen. "Alright, I'm ready for whoever you are!" Gunshots went off in near proximity, causing several pellets of energy to go flying towards Alec. Quick maneuvering caused the attack to barely avoid the blue-skinned teen. A metallic arm went flying through the trees like a heat-seeking missile, but was avoided by the quick twist of Alec's body. He grabbed the metallic, clawed arm and yanked it as hard as he could, but it seemed to only extend farther. 'Damn it!' he thought as he landed, only to be met by more gunfire.

Alec quickly turned to the opposite direction from which the arm came from and ran, but was quickly cut off by a group of what seemed to be a girl with a wide-brimmed hat. "You still have the chance to surrender." She offered, "You don't have to put up with my brothers."

"I don't want to become a slave or a test subject for a human," Alec said with confidence, although fatigue could be heard in his voice. He pulled out his blue bow and ice arrows, ready for more, "I'll keep fighting until you leave my home." He raised the arrow and pointed it at the girl, but before he could release the arrow, something slammed into the back of his head. Alec staggered and fell backwards. His vision blurred, but for the first time, he saw the faces of his enemies. One was muscular and had long ears and long green hair, another looked almost like a normal teen with the exception of what Alec made out to be a red eye, and finally the third one walked up to him slowly and looked down at him. Her eyes were the only distinction of her face, for a mask covered the lower half. "It didn't have to be this way…" she said as Alec's sight faded out, losing consciousness.


Takato sighed as he put up the "Closed" sign on the Bakery door. The events of that morning bothered the adult Matsuda so much that he really could not run the store that day. 'I can't believe it's gone.' He sighed and took a seat on the store counter.

"Takato," Guilmon walked into the kitchen, "I'm sorry the gift is gone. I don't think I did a good job protecting it."

Takato smiled, "don't worry about it Guilmon. We'll find it." He patted the red dinosaur's head. The Tamer yawned and stretched, "seeing how I didn't get any sleep, I think I'll crash for a few hours." He stood up again, but before he retired to the bedroom above the bakery, Ruki came down the stairs.

"Where did you two go?" Ruki asked, ready to go to her own career, "I heard the door open early this morning."

"We went to check something." Takato kept the actions broad, avoiding details, "don't worry about it."

"Let me guess," Ruki grabbed bread off of the cart, "you went to check on the 'gift?'" Takato nodding slowly, with sweat rolling down his forehead.

"But it's gone." Guilmon chirped in, "we tried to find it, but we saw bad guys…" Now the redheaded Tamer's interest was piqued.

"Hold on for a moment," Ruki stopped in her tracks, "its gone? How could you lose it? You know how important that is!" She turned to Takato and began scolding her husband. Takato began to plead his case, "It wasn't my fault!" Takato laughed nervously, intimidated by his wife, "it was gone before we got there." Ruki began with more scolding, and Takato simply let the scolding take place. Guilmon watched as the events happened, but noticed something outside. He quickly turned his head, "Takato, Ruki-san, enemies…" he began to growl.

"Where?" Ruki turned her head. Takato soon followed. The brown-haired Tamer saw the "enemies" and to his surprise, it was the same three from the park, "its them!"

"The ones like Kitsune." Guilmon stated, ready to attack although the glass was in front of them, "but they have another one with them, he's not moving."

"More hybrids," the former Makino said, "quick, get under the counter! We can't be seen or they'll attack!"

"Wha…?" Takato stuttered, surprised by his wife quick decision. To Takato and Guilmon's surprise, they quickly followed the female under the counter and watched the three hybrids walk by. "I thought you would be the one to send poor Guilmon into battle." Matsuda quipped.

"Now's not the time," Ruki glared at Takato. They continued to watch what the hybrids would do. A blue-skinned boy was draped over the shoulder of the largest hybrid. Ruki and Takato watched closely, "I never seen that hybrid before," Takato began, "you don't think…"

"We have to call Jen." Ruki said as she took out her cell phone and began to dial Lee's cell phone number.


Karen and Devidramon finally found a place to land in the forest, but they realized it was too late, "He's gone," Devidramon said as Karen walked the path of the forest. "We're too late," the brown-haired female Tamer sighed, "he was taken."

The duo continued deeper into the forest until they came upon the battle area. Broken twigs and half destroyed trees littered the normally peaceful forest's floor. Karen picked up a half burnt tree limb, "if those three had the power to cause this much destruction in one single area, there's no telling what else they can do, especially with that blue hybrid." Karen turned, but was suddenly cut off by a fireball. To her surprise and horror, she what seemed to be a flaming man, "a Meramon? Why here?" She muttered under her breath.

Before Karen could do anything else, Devidramon immediately attacked as an impulse. "Crimson Nail!" He cried as red nails went flying towards the Meramon. It was a direct hit, deleting the digimon. "Karen, are you okay?" Devidramon asked his Tamer. She nodded, "lets go Devidramon before anything else happens." Magsay said as she got onto his back and they flew into the sky back home. 'Was there a Digital field just now? I didn't see one form, but that Meramon…' She thought as she looked back at the forest one more time.


"Mouh mihn thai!" A voice panicked right outside the door, "whoa, Jen slow down! The door's right there!"

Jenrya Lee burst into the computer-filled office. Reiko, Blake, and Kaju stared at the boss perplexed by the sudden intrusion, never seeing the elder Lee act in such a way. He panted and desperately tried to regain his breath, "More hybrids…" he finally gasped out, "why…didn't anyone tell…me?" He still breathed hard.

"What? When?" Reiko got up from his chair, as did the other two, "we were here the whole time and didn't pick up a single thing." He looked over to the second generation Babel, "Blake, check the reports from the past three hours," he then turned to the second generation Curly, "Kaju, do the same." The young Yamaki turned back to his boss, "I swear, we never picked up any signals or alerts that. Or at least none that I am aware of."

"Those other kids must be really sneaky." Terriermon chirped in.

Jenrya finally caught his breath and sat down. He pushed his long hair behind his ears and took off his glasses and polished them, "It's alright Reiko-kun. Terriermon has a point," Lee sighed, "how could something like this get past the scanners? We can pick up digimon, but why not hybrids?"

"Maybe it's the same reason as when you and the others tried to fight a last time," Reiko sat down again, "different data."

"I assume that's probably the reason," Lee looked around the building, "we seriously need to find these hybrids. It can only mean trouble." Reiko nodded and got back to work. Jenrya turned his chair to see his own computer screen, "better tell Ryo to keep a lookout for hybrids." He closed his eyes, 'I don't think it was that one from Serenity Forest—he never leaves. These hybrids, however, can be trouble for Keishinko, Atsuiko, and Kitsune. And seeing what happened yesterday, I don't think this is a coincidence.' He sat in his chair for a few more moments and realized something, 'Wait, that hybrid Renamon told me about the other night,' the elder Lee thought for a few more moments and then stood up.

"Reiko," Jenrya began, "put out a data stream search for Terriermon's data."

"Uh Jen," Terriermon waved his little paw in front of his Tamer's face, "I'm right here." Jenrya ignored his partner for a moment, waiting for the large screen to show what he has been hoping for. After a few more moments, two green points brightly flashed on the screen: one was in their exact position and the other was moving through the city.

"But looks like your hybrid imposter isn't." Jenrya smirked.

"What?" Terriermon exclaimed, "How dare they clone me, especially when I don't even know! Wait, HOW did they use my data? And he better be good-looking…"

"Terriermon!" Jenrya said to his partner quickly quieting the small digimon. "We're about to find out now," Jenrya assured his digimon, "we must find those hybrids."

"Lee-san," Reiko got up from his seat as the search began, "I talked to my father today." Lee's attention was focused, but his main concern was still the rogue hybrids, "he said that the problems we have had over the past couple of days may be caused by some programmers opening portals between our world and the Digital World. Or worse, Digimon opening portals between the Digital World and Earth." Jen placed his hand on his chin in thought.

"Sounds like what us Tamers dealt with several years ago," Jen responded, "but when we left the Digital World, we were on good terms with the Digimon Sovereigns. We helped them save their world and they helped us save ours. I don't think they would rip open a portal into our world unless a serious situation was taking place such as the D-Reaper."

"Do you think it's the return of the D-Reaper?" Reiko asked.

Jenrya shook his head, "That program was downgraded to almost nothing. I doubt it would be strong enough to be a threat to both worlds again. I seriously doubt that it is the work of the Digimon at this point. There's no reason for them to do such a thing, if they did, I know that the Sovereigns would have given some sort of message."

"That would mean its someone in this world that's the cause of the holes between the worlds?" Reiko hypothesized.

"I believe so," Jenrya agreed, "however, who would have the ability to rip holes between worlds? Your father and Hypnos tried, and albeit they were somewhat successful, it was ultimately a failure. It takes someone who is essentially a genius to harness the power of the data streams to just get into the world." Jenrya sat in his chair silent for a moment, "We will make this our concern when the time comes. However, our number one concern at this point is these hybrids. We must find them."


Kitsune was slowly falling asleep during the middle of class as the lecture took place. Every few seconds, his eyes would close but would be interrupted by Keishinko and her constant bombardment of small pieces of crumpled scrap paper. 'Damn it Keishinko,' Kitsune thought to himself as he looked over to his long-time friend. He saw the cat-girl hybrid laugh silently at her pranks and he would just glare.

To keep himself from falling asleep, he kept adjusting his glasses and thought about subjects other than school. 'Those hybrids,' the teenage Lee's thoughts drifted as he pivoted his head toward the window, 'they can be major trouble. If that crazy Higura lady is serious, then I don't think it'll be the last we see of them.' He sighed quietly as he listened nonchalantly to his Math teacher talking about a slope-intercept whatever and three-variable stuff. 'And that other hybrid from the Forest, Alec, and his plan to rebel against the human race.' The teenage hybrid visualized the first meeting again and then shook his head, 'I can't believe his…' He looked out the window again and saw what he thought were the same three hybrids from yesterday and one of them was carrying what looked to be a body. He leaned over a bit more and…

"Mr. Lee," the teacher in the front singled him out, "thank you for volunteering to solve this very complex problem." He pointed to three separate equations each containing X, Y, and Z in each one. Kitsune sweat dropped as he walked up to the board and took the chalk, "and don't forget to show all your work." The teacher added. The class, especially Keishinko, snickered at Kitsune's misfortune.


The bell signifying the end of the school day rang, and Kitsune quickly got out of the classroom and waited for Keishinko and Atsuiko outside. 'I swear that those three were them,' Kitsune thought as he rushed down the school hallways and down the flights of stairs, 'and they had some kind of body or something. This is bad.' He finally found his way out of the school and into the sunshine. The Leomon hybrid and Dobermon hybrid were not far behind.

"What's up with the rush?" Keishinko asked.

"Those three hybrids, I saw them during class," Kitsune said as he pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose, "and it looked like they had a body or something." The three hybrids looked around at each other, trying to absorb the newly acquired data. Atsuiko heard Kitsune's observations and images of the hybrid she saw yesterday flashed through her mind again, 'W…why am I thinking about him?' Keishinko was quick to interrupt her thoughts.

"Are you implying we go after them?" Keishinko asked.

"Well, no…" Kitsune scratched his head, remembering what happened yesterday. He didn't want to endanger his friends like his mom helped him realize yesterday. Like she said, they were mysterious and they had no idea what kind of power they posses. Kitsune pondered the risks he would put himself as well as his best friends in, although he really wanted to pursue.

"Why not? I want a piece of that witch-hybrid chick," Keishinko exclaimed, "what are we waiting for, lets get those bastards!" Keishinko began to walk to the school's entrance to begin the hunt. Kitsune was about to follow, but noticed Atsuiko standing there idly in deep thought, "Atsuiko?"

The Dobermon hybrid shook off her daydreaming and looked at Kitsune. She smiled, "I'm sorry Kitsu-kun," she said in her trademark soft voice, "I guess I was thinking too hard again."

"If you don't want to go after them, I understand," Kitsune offered, "I know you really don't like fighting and all. I don't really like fighting myself." He thought about what he was saying, "not that we're going to fight but…"

"Its okay Kitsu-kun, I'll go," Atsuiko said as she began to walk slowly with her bag in front of her. Kitsune scratched his head,. She never did act this strange, but once they met those three other hybrids, she's been phasing out a lot more often. He shook off the feeling, thinking it was classic shy Atsuiko fashion. He smiled and nodded and they both went to catch up with their fiery comrade.


Ariyama, Johnson, and Kisho were gathered in the conference room once again for an announcement from Higura. They sat patiently as they waited for their boss. "The three have been going on several missions lately." Kisho questioned, "I wonder what Higura-sama is planning on doing."

"I assume Ms. Higura has plans regarding those other hybrids, the organics," Johnson entertained the questions, "I believe that Terry, Genesis, and Seira are ready for battle myself, but I suppose we shall find out when Ms. Higura arrives."

"I'm a bit concerned if they do go into battle though," Ariyama spoke, "we know the limits of Terry, Seira, and Genesis, but we really don't know what the organics are truly capable of."

"That's what the scouting missions were for." Johnson turned to Ariyama.

"And how many times during those scouts were the organics actually battling?" Ariyama retaliated. Johnson thought for a moment, "we only observed one battle with the organics and those were against Digimon, not other hybrids. Who knows what their capabilities are." Before the conversation could get any further, Higura entered the room. The female executive walked to the head of the table and took a seat, looking at all three of the scientists.

"Terry, Seira, and Genesis as you know have gone on a mission today." Higura announced, "From the information I have gotten back from the three adoring children, I believe that it was successful." A smile grew upon her face, "ladies and gentlemen, we have a new subject."