Going Home

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Chapter 1

Flooding Memories

Hannibal King pulled over to the side of the road, double-checking the address in his hands with the house number. This is it, he thought. There was the number, painted on the small house, staring back at him. He stopped the engine placing his head on the steering wheel to calm his frazzled nerves.


"Its time," Abi had said. "I did the hard work. Here is the information that you need," she said simply, knowing he knew what she was talking about. She handed him the sealed manila envelope.

"But," he said. "It has been, so long, too damn long. I can't do this to her, not again."

"Danica is gone, the whole Talos clan is gone, and hell, as far as we know, all the vampires are gone. It is safe to contact her now, without risking harm to her."

"I don't know if I…" he started.

"Yes you can," Abigail said. "You told me when we first met about this moment and how you longed so long for it. Besides, she deserves an explanation."

Hannibal nodded with a low sigh. She was right. Abigail Whistler was always right, but at the moment, she was especially right.

"And besides, you have no clue if she has moved on. Perhaps you still have a chance with her," she smiled. Hannibal was her best friend, her only living friend. Since Drake had slain her crew, Hannibal was the only living person that she knew. She wanted to see him happy. He had never quite been happy, even after being freed and cured. He had talked too many nights about going home again. "So," she smiled, "hurry and get yourself cleaned up. You have been working out all day, and I know that she wont want to see you when you look and smell like…."

"Hey now," he smiled at her. "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't… you know the rest," he winked. "Thanks, Miss Abigail," he said kissing her forehead.


Hannibal closed the car door behind him as he straightened his shirt walking up the sidewalk. He smiled as he looked around at the garden. She had always loved flowers.

He walked up the steps standing idly at the door. His finger reached for the doorbell, before pulling nervously back. He braced himself against the brick exterior of the house as he caught himself from doubling over. He had never been this nervous in his life, but she had a way of making him nervous.

He stood there for a moment thinking. How would he explain where he had been for the past 8 years? He couldn't just come out and say, "well, I was a vampire for 5 of them and the other 3 were to protect you from vampires."

That night kept running through his head.

FLASHBACK (8 years earlier)

Hannibal sat at the bar, their bar. He was nervous. He had arrived early to make sure that they would have the same seats they sat in when they first met. He sat there anxiously nursing a beer looking for her through the bar window. His hand fumbling through his pocket feeling the black velvet box that was vibrating along with his nervous leg.

An icy hand rested itself upon his shaky leg instantly calming the anxiety running through him. He looked up to see an unfamiliar face. "I'm Danica… and you are cute," she said.

"I am Hannibal King, thanks for the compliment, but I am taken," he smiled.

Danica looked into his eyes. Hannibal shuddered. Danica instantly mesmerized him. It was as if she had cast some sort of spell over him. No words were spoken. He rose from the chair taking her hand as she led him towards the back of the bar. All the while, his mind telling him to fight the urge, but something uncontrollable was running through him. He had never felt such an insane desire for something that he did not even know. The back door opened and he walked in following Danica. He looked out to see Samaira walk into the bar in search of him. The door closed, and that was the last time that he had seen her.

End Flashback

"And that was that," Hannibal said to himself. "8 fucking years of my life wasted without her, because of Danica. He felt the ring that he still carried in his pocket. Danica kept it on a chain around her neck for the 5 years that he was imprisoned. He ripped it from her neck when he was freed, carrying it until the day that he was able to place it on Samaira's finger, if that day should ever come.

He had never forgotten that instant, that final moment, he saw her through the closing door of the back exit in Mulligan's.

"Its now or never," he said out loud as he sighed ringing the door bell. He waited nervously ready at any instant to turn and run away, not out of fear, but out of pure anxiety. He was afraid to hurt her. It had been so long; just maybe she was over him. Just maybe, she had moved on. And just maybe, his coming back would upset her and her world in so many ways. But no, he had to let her know. He had to let her know that he had not for any moment thought to abandon her. He was taken prisoner; it was something that he could not control. Danica had placed him under her hypnosis. He left, not at will, but because his mind had been mystified, fooled into following that bitch.

He froze; his body, mind and soul froze, as the door slowly opened. He didn't remember how beautiful she had been. Her small 5'0 frame had been what had attracted him to her in the first place. He had a thing for short chicks. Hell, he had thing for all chicks, but she changed that part of him. She was short, blonde and a dancer. He remembered falling in lust instantly over that part of her. But slowly, over time, he fell more and more in love with every part of Samaira.

"Samaira," he said softly almost inaudibly. It was not meant to escape his lips, but she was there in front of him. He could not believe his eyes. He had to say the name to see if she was real, see if she would respond.

"Yes?" she said, "can I help you?" she asked. Then, it was her turn to freeze. She recognized that face, even behind the new facial hair. "King," she said softly, dropping the glass in her hand. It shattered everywhere.