I'm just experimenting given that Gretchen fics aren't done that much so. This is just something I thought of reading the few fics featuring Gretchen in some form.

I do not own anything from Recess except for maybe one character.

The Journal of the Smartest and Loneliest Woman


After grade school I Gretchen Grundler thought middle school would be a piece of cake but that wasn't the case at all. Before my first day began I was hanging with my friends as usual over the summer. We all still went to Kelso's for a cool treat which mind you I still look at the calories. I began to notice T. J and Spinelli getting closer I've somewhat took note of this after the fourth grade. Vince was still his athletic self always being the top gun in kickball running and other sports .Gus being cautious and still loyal friend. Mikey is still the creative performer and poet. I well still doing experiments on how to use gravity other than to fall or get smashed into one of the Ashley's long and painful story.

T.J asked "Gretch what's on your mind?"

"Huh oh nothing Teej just wondering what middle school will be like."

Vince put a caring arm around me and says "Aw you have nothing to worry about Gretch with your smarts you should get by no problem."

I just smile and suddenly I noticed Gus not being too happy about the subject. He just sighs in a dreading way which means either someone had hurt him or his dad said something.

"Gus is something wrong you've barely touched your favorite shake."

Gus just sighed while saying, "I just wish I could stay here for another few years."

T.J suddenly stopped drinking his shake, Vince's mouth dropped and looks at Gus, Spinelli also looks up with choked up eyes. I also look at him with caring and choked eyes. He laid his head down and groaned in a dispirited manner. Kelso over heard Gus's confession to us and says" Gus don't look at it as a problem but an adventure."

Gus sighed while saying "But I'll miss you Kelso and all of my friends."

Mikey replied "We'll miss you too Gus but I know we'll always been friends no matter what."

T.J smiled saying "Mikey is right Gus and we'll find a way to keep in contact somehow."

I usually interrupt with some statistical facts but I wanted to help Gus feel better. So I kept my calculations to myself. Spinelli smiled while saying, "Hey you'll always be my favorite target and loyal friend."

Gus finally smiled and says, "Aw thanks guys."

We all smiled and drank our shakes carefree as the summer drifted on. We spend a lot of time together but unaware what trouble is in store for each of us.

This is my first Recess fic. It probably isn't any good but hey it's just an experiment I've been writing in another section.