The Journal of the Smartest and Loneliest Woman

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'How am I going to tell Diana and Dan that I have to come back here to restart. WAIT I'M STILL IN VINCES HOUSE!'

I sleep still with a lot rolling through my mind. My mom hasn't contacted me again she probably is trying to sooth dad. A lot has happened ever since I came back. Somehow I think T.J was meant to find me and bring me back here to the place I had given up on for years. I hear someone say, "She is so peaceful the first time she's been for a long time."

"Really well I see that you've been taking care of her." A familiar masculine voice says.

Another familiar voice says, "Well I was beginning to think she had no comfort places to go but I'm glad to see her finally at peace with the sketchy details of her past. It was interfering with her work anyway, so I was right she wasn't meant to look at dead bodies and figure out crimes even though she's good at it."

'Wha is that Dan and Diane?' I open my eyes and see my other two dear friends. Dan asks, "So you were a professional player in baseball, and basketball. Now you're a chief at a restraint. Uh Vincent was it?"

He laughs and says, "Well since you both are friends of Gretch please just call me Vince."

I sit up and ask, "What are you two doing here? I was going to call you this morning."

Diane chuckles and says, "It's a little late to be calling it morning. We both read there was a car wreck here so we thought we'd come by to make sure you're alright. By the way you're fried Gretchen!"

My jaw drops and I feel tears come to my eyes. She pats me on my shoulder saying, "Don't cry Dan and I are going to resign once we get back to New York. This is such a nice place it's not at all how horrible you described it. I'm glad you decided to give this place another chance." Diane and Dan are sitting extra close to other with a loving look in their eyes.

I smile and ask, "Are you two going to get married?"

Dan snaps his fingers playfully and asks, "How did you guess? Darn I wanted to spill the news to you but no you just have to be your super smart self."

Diane scolds, "DAN BEHAVE! You know we wouldn't want our Gretchen any other way."

Dan laughs and I smile at this happy scene. I ask, "Do you have a date set yet? I was wondering how long it would be until you two tied the knot."

Diane shakes her head and says, "He proposed to me when you left us. I had a feeling you'd change your mind so we planned to come here and find you. Luckily your friend here Vince helped us out he must of found the number we gave you."

Dan says, "Hey I'm in no rush and Diane was thinkin' we should move here. Both of us always wanted a community like this one to live in. The city can be fun but really boring however we'll have to straighten things out when we go back to New York."

Diane nudges his shoulder and Dan winces a little. Diane says, "We better get back to the Inn we're leaving tomorrow afternoon. Don't worry we'll be back once everything is settled we've even paid for a place already."

I hug them both and say, "Thank you for not making good-bye hard on me. Until you come back here oh and could you tell the landlord where I live that he can have people move in. Also bring my clothes I left and my books please."

Diane laughs and says, "Sure we'll bring back all the stuff you left and tell the landlord bye Gretch."

They leave and for once I feel so happy about how my life is panning out. I feel Vince's hand on mine and I look at him with a curious look in my eyes. I notice him blushing just a little. I ask, "What is it Vince?"

He sighs and says, "Gretch you and I have been through a lot of crazy schemes even helped T.J in gaining his confidence back. I…I…"

I smile and say, "Yes we have been through a lot together and I'm glad we're going to stay good friends."

Vince says, "I want more than just your friendship Gretch. I love you…I always have but you left before I could say anything. It was your success that led me into cooking."

I look at Vince flabbergasted, true I've always been fond of him. I never expected him to love me but I don't feel upset about it because deep down I've felt the same way. I hug Vince and say; "I'm surprised but not upset. I would return the feeling Vince but I need time to allow my feelings to return. All these years I've avoided any memories of this place which has always been my home. Will you stick with me though? I know that you love me and I care for you just as much."

Vince kisses me lightly on the lips and says, "Yes Gretchen I can wait I've been wanting you to come back for so long. I've gotten to know your dad in hopes to knowing what you were up to in the grand city of New York. Been there a couple times when I was in sports nothing major had a little fun. I'm just really happy to have you back."

I smile and say, "Thanks Vince that means a lot to me." He puts his chief skills to work with a wide smile on his face. I hear him calling almost everyone in town and says, "GRETCH IS BACK FOR GOOD!"

I could've sworn I hear a loud cheer all the way through town. I smile and realize I didn't need mom to console me anymore I've started over again like she wanted me to. 'Thanks mom, for sending T.J to make me restart living. You've saved me from a life that I would've dreaded. I hope you console my poor dad. Thanks for loving and believing in me.'

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