A/N: I always wanted to try writing a Teen Titans High School story…first Teen Titans fanfic, creative criticism wanted. Oh and I'm going to base this on my town and school. Lots of fun there.

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Raven Roth was the outcast. She was "Psycho Goth Girl" as the Gotham High School population dubbed her. She had no true friends, she hated makeup and jewelry, she was rumored to practice "magic", she fought to much, she talked back to much, and the list goes on about why students and teachers alike hated her. Raven liked it that way, lots of fighting verbal and fist, and she didn't have to worry about anything except visiting her Mothers grave every Sunday, going to the local bookstore everyday, trying to pass Sophomore year, and dogging her fathers fists. She thought nothing could change.

Dear God she was wrong.

Beep Beep Beep.

Damn alarm clock…no damn the first day of school. Raven Roth thought as she tried to shut off her alarm clock with her eyes still closed. The beeping went on until Raven ripped it out of the wall. She groaned, sat up on her circular bed, and stretched and yawned at the same time. She rubbed her violet half lidded eyes and flipped the switch on her night side lamp. Not that it helped.

It illuminated a very dark and messy room. The walls were covered in Happy Bunny posters and band posters and whenever there was a bit of room you could see her wall was blue. Her nightstand had a single picture of a young woman with a 6 year old Raven. That was before Dad started drinking. She had a desk with a Dell laptop and a printer/scanner. The rest of the desk was littered in homework that was probably due last week and her black notebook filled with her thoughts her poems. She had two dressers filled with black and blue cloth. Her black trench coat with random silver buckles was slung over her desk chair carelessly. Her bookcase was the only thing that was neat in her room, full of poem and horror/fantasy books it was the only thing Raven liked about her room.

She stretched and yawned some more as she walked around her cloth littered floor picking out her clothing for the first day of school. "Oh joy," Raven muttered as she put on Cargo pants with a way to large 'The Punisher' tee-shirt. It was September so Raven would not wear a sweat shirt till it got colder.

She heard a crash downstairs and froze in the middle of slipping on her trench coat. Her eyes widened in horror. She did not move an inch.

Is he awake? Was I to loud? Is he going to hurt me again? Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit…

No other sound was heard except for Raven's ragged breathing, sweat rolled down her face and she still had not moved. She didn't move until she heard her so called father snore again. She relaxed and crept silently down to the fancy kitchen. The only reason its this nice looking is cause of Dad's business friends. As she tried to find some pop tarts and milk she though of her fathers' business, the 'Trigon Outfitting, and 'Tri Corps'. He was the owner of both the clothing store and the "Small-Business-Stealing-Corps" as Raven liked to call it. She looked out the window and saw a tree and the moon starting to yield to the sun. It was 6:00 in the morning. She needed to be at the bus stop at 7.

One hour in my "house" or outside in the dark streets?

Her father snorted in his sleep.

The streets sound perfect to me.

At the bus stop a block away she sat down on the curb and look through her backpack that was covered in 'Beautiful' band patches. She took out a book and lay down on the side walk to read, she didn't care about the dirt, it would go away. About half and hour later she heard a car coming down the street, she put her hand behind her head and kept on reading. The car flew by and the guys in side where listening to rap. The first thing not to do around a cranky Raven was trying to rap or listening to it. The music got louder as a vein pulsed on her neck. The car stopped next to raven and the people inside started to flirt with her, which really set Raven off. Raven had pale skin with black hair and violet eyes, she looked like a person out of a Matrix/Vampire movie, and she was way underweight for a 5'8 girl. She told them to go away in the rudest manner and they threw a beer bottle at her and missed by a mile, they sped away screaming about insolent brats. Raven was pissed.

Those fucking hypocrites.

That was the first thing Raven thought as she walked on the empty bus, as she was the first stop. She walked toward the back of the dying transportation device and sat in the back row all the way toward the window. She put on her sticker littered CD player and listened to the CD mix she made on her computer.

Soon people started trickling in on the bus, mostly in groups, and most of them called out insults to her which she was happy to return in two words her favorite finger gesture and a sick smile. No one sat in her row.

The bus started to make more odd noises and kids were making fun of the half blind driver. Raven took pity on the old man, which was a very rare thing. She hit the pause button on her CD player slipped it in her pocket and stood up.

"Hey Paul at least he can drive better then you don't you remember crashing into that tree? Nick you sick bastard shut the fuck up you can't even tell the difference between the steering wheel and the hubcap!" The insults went on an on, Raven knew she should of stopped but she was still pissed from that morning that she had to vent.

Soon Paul Nawskski snapped. The 250 lb football player got up from the first seat and sprinted toward Raven, everyone started scream random things like "Kill her Paul" and "Guy vs. girl fight? Awesome!" The bus screeched to a halt and the old man stood up yelling at Paul, who threw a punch at Raven and hit her in the cheek, her CD player clattered to the floor and she felt the beginning of a bruise as she fell and then got kicked in the face, she made an odd noise in her throat and felt a sharp stinging across her jaw line. The kids blocked the driver from getting to the fight and Paul open the emergency door and threw Raven effortlessly outside as the annoying everlasting beep echoed in the background.

Like hell I'm going to going down quietly on my first fight of the year! Raven thought angrily as her head hit the pavement. She gasped as blood poured down the right side of her face and the throbbing pain made itself known. She snapped

The group they were so post to pick up while Paul ran to Raven gathered around her as Paul jumped down toward Raven. She rolled to the side and kicked him in the groin as hard as she could while still being on the ground. He stopped and kneeled down whimpering holding his damaged parts. Raven stood up slowly, holding her head which was bleeding from scratches. Her eyes showed nothing, they were emotionless as she stared at Paul crying on the ground, all the people in the vicinity where quiet, Raven looked at Paul's pathetic form. Then without warning she kicked him straight up, his jaw cracked as his head snapped up, then she slammed her foot down to his temple and he fell to the side motionless. Everything was quiet until a friend of Paul roared his defiance at Raven.

Paul's friends, most of the foot ball team, soon tackled her to the ground and started hitting her, someone was screaming and some people were trying to stop the team from killing her. The yelling penetrated her somewhat brain-dead, or dying head, which was being slammed into the ground repeatedly.

"Call 911!"

"Get off her y'all!"

"Piss off Stone!"


"Hurt the fucking Goth slut!"


"RAVEN? Get off her you fucking bastards!"

She knew that last voice…

Garfield Logan? Why is he trying to help me? He hates me and scared of me…Right?

Her head was slammed once again into the pavement and Raven felt, heard, and saw no more.