Stargate SG1: Jump to Warp

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Summary: This story takes place three months after Jack becomes CO of SGC. It also happens two years before the U.S.S. Voyager and her crew, return home.

Sorry if there is more speech then info about what everyone is doing.

Chapter 1: The Gate

"Mr. Paris, evasive maneuvers," ordered the woman in the middle seat of the bridge.

"Yes ma'am!" replied Tom Paris, the amazing pilot of Voyager. It was 10 minutes ago that a Borg cube jumped out of warped and tried to attack the ship.

"We are the borg. Resistance is futile. Your technological and biological fuctions will be added to our collective," called the Borg as they were firing on Voyager.

"Ma'am we got hull breaches on multiple decks," Harry Kim told the captain, "Emergency forcefields are in place."

"Good," said the captain, "Seven, any ideas?" as she looked at the woman who WAS a Borg, but was detached from the Collective 1 year ago.

"One," replied the Ex-Borg, "Fire multi-frequency phasers at its weapons arrays. It may be the only chance that we may survive."

"Tuvok, fire at will!" Ordered the captain.

"Firing phasers!" Tuvok replied.

The cube had lost two of its phaser arrays, and was trying to rebuild them as soon as possible. A minute later it had started to retreat.

"Target their engines, make sure they can escape," said Captain Janeway.

"Captain, maybe we should try and find somewhere to land, to repair," asked Commander Chakotay.

"Do it," said Janeway as she walked into her ready room, "Tuvok, you have the bridge."

Chakotay walked to astrometics where he found Echep looking at some star clusters near his home planet. He looked back and saw the commander looking at the stars.

"Echep, run a long-range scan for any M-Class planets. We need to land so we can repiar the damage." The commander told Echep.

"Sir, I believe I've found one, two light years away," replied Echep.

"Tom, set a course for these coordinates," ordered Commander Chakotay.

"Yes sir," replied Tom.

10 hours later Voyager arrived on the planet. It was not lived on by any people, as far as Harry Kim's scans revealed. Since there was no one within a light year of the planet, everyone was given some time off. But Only a few people had to work.

"Captain, are you sure I should stay behind?" asked Tuvok as the captain, commander, Tom Paris, and Neelix stepped under the transport stand.

"Tuvok, you are the ranking officer, and we need someone watching the ship," replied the captain.

"Lieutenant, energize," Said the commander.

The bodies of the captain, commander, Tom, and Neelix were dematerialized from the ship and then rematerialized on the planet's surface. Immediatley they took out their tri-corders and scanned the area.

"Something is giving of a good source of energy Captain," said Neelix, "about one kilometre that way." Neelix was pointing towards a small ruin in the distance.

After a nice walk, the away team found what looked what was a big ring and a control panel a few metres away.

"What do you think it is Tom?" asked Chakotay.

Looking at his tri-corder he said "Looks like this is what's giving of the energy."

Neelix went over to the device and started pushing the buttons.

Soon they were looking at a great circle of blue energy. The tri-corders were going of the charts. It was giving so much energy the scanners would do no use.

Back on Earth…

"Unscheduled off-world activation," said the sergeant who manned the computer.

"Chevron 2 encoded," said the sergeant.

The Stagate continue spinning and it touched the third chevron

"Chevron 3 encoded," said the sergeant.

Soon the seventh chevron was encoded.

"Chevron 8 encode," said the sergeant, "This is unbeleivable, but a ninth chevron has been encoded."

General O'Neill walked into the command centre of the SGC, wondering what was going on.

"Carter, what's going on?" asked Jack.

She looked at him and gave him a look he knew meant I'm not sure.

"We are not receiving an IDC," the sergeant told Carter and Jack.

"Close the iris," ordered Jack, "NOW!"

Back on the planet with the away team…

"Where do you think it leads?" asked Tom.

"My guess, somewhere where we can find civilization," answered Captain Janeway.

After a minute the away team tried to send a transmission through the gate using their tri-corders and comm-badges.

Back on Earth…

"We are receiving a transmission from the planet," said Carter.

"Put it through," replied Jack.

"Greetings. I am Captain Kathyrn Janeway of the USS Voyager. We mean you no harm," spoke the captain.

"Open the iris, let them come through," ordered Gen. O'Neill, "Captain, you can come through."

And with that four individuals stepped through the gate wearing military type uniforms, except for the alien who was wearing a bright multi-coloured shirt.

"I'm General Jack O'Neill of Stargate Command," said Jack, " Welcome to Earth."

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