Samantha J. Carter


Jonathan S. O'Neill

Will be United in Marriage

Saturday, October Eighteen,

Two Thousand and Eight

At Two Thirty in the Afternoon.

Academy Chapel

United States Air Force Academy

Colorado Springs, Colorado

The Honor of Your Presence is Requested

At this Joyous Occasion

George Hammond smiled widely as he read the invitation in his hands. The date of the wedding wasn't lost on him either. He was surprised that they had moved so fast, and gotten engaged after what was only a month. But then again, they would be married on their eleven year anniversary of sorts.


IT'S BACK! Are you excited?

So after putting this storyline to rest for awhile, I have become re-inspired and decided to write a sequel to "Disclosure." I started writing this stuff a few days ago, and I don't have much written beyond this, but there is an outline! And I couldn't wait to see what you thought, so I give you this teaser to welcome this storyline back to you all!