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Chapter 16 – Jealousy, it couldn't be


Sitting around Tyson's table in front of his TV, all the boys were discussing the dance, which was in exactly 4 hours.

"Pass the chips Rei." said Tyson, who had a Twinkie sticking out of his mouth.

"You're disgusting dude, you know there will be food at the dance," Rei responded.

"At least you guys are going, yet again I have failed to get a girl to go with me." sighed chief.

"I bet Hilary is free, I don't know anyone who would go with her." Tyson stated with a smirk.

"Why not? Hilary is pretty cute, I think. I wouldn't go with her though because we're to good of friends," said Max

"Hil's pretty good looking; she has a nice body I say…"

Kai's eyebrow twitched.

"…but like Max said, she's to good a friend." finished Rei.

"Yeah, yeah sure she's hott, but she's too…controlling" Tyson concluded.

"Yup, she defiantly has a strong attitude," Max agreed.

"Where is she anyways? She hasn't been around here in about three days," questioned Rei.

"Kai, do you know anything about where she's been?" said Tyson with a smirk.

"Why would I know something like that," Kai stated not taking his eye off the view from the window.

"We should be training." He said.

"Come on Kai; be excited, the dance is tonight. You probably have a million girls dieing to go with you if you'd only call them, though I don't know why." Said a jealous Tyson

"I'll see you guys later." Kai walked out and left without another word.

"When he says 'he'll see us later' does he mean he's coming, he's going to call one of those girls?" questioned Tyson with great anticipation.

"Maybe, you think so?" said Rei with great curiosity.

"Yeah, you know what guys; I think he's going to call one of those girls. Kai may like humans!" Max said as Hilary entered.

"Kai? What about him and humans?" Hilary asked when she entered on a rather confusing moment.

"Hey Hil, long time no see! Anyways, we got the feeling Kai is going to call a girl from school and ask her to the dance!" said an excited Max.

"A girl, from school…to tonight's school dance?" Hilary said, extremely confused and kind of worried.

"Yeah is that a problem with you Hilary?" teased Tyson.

"…" Hilary was flustered.

"Wait, do you have a crush on Kai, Hilary? Oh Kami you do!" Tyson said while watching a blush brush across her face.

"N-no! No I don't…not at all. I'm just really surprised about Kai going out...with umm girls." Hilary stumbled.

All four boys looked at her suspiciously. It was obvious she was lying.

"Now, if you'd excuse me." And Hilary walked out of the Dojo.


She stared at the deep red dress which lay out on her bed. She fell in love with it the moment she saw it in the dress store on the manikin. The dress was a deep red, had two thick straps and it cut off right above knee. The last touch to the simple yet astounding dress was a black rose on the right strap. Her eyes went watery just staring at it.

Could Kai have forgotten about her? He promised to go with her.

Her eyes went from the dress to the phone, does she dare call him?

Yes, she would, she was head strong Hilary, not some girl who would wait for the boy to call and cancel at the last minute and leave her heart broken.

She picked up the phone, dialed then hung the phone up. Took a breath then again pick the phone up, dialed this time she didn't hang up.

"Hello," the other end said.

"Kai…it's me-"

"Hilary? Hi."

"Hi, Kai, sorry if I'm bugging- actual no. I'm not sorry, why would you do that to me?"

"What do you mean,"

"I mean why you would ask me to the dance, then call up another girl-"

"I didn't call up another girl."

"You- you didn't? But they said…"

"You should know not to listen to the boys,"

"I was just worried that you…"

"I wouldn't do that, I told you what I thought about those other girls before."

"I'm sorry Kai,-"

Surprisingly, Kai gave a little chuckle.

"So, I'll come to your place around 7:45; will get there by 8:00."

"Good, ok. Thank you for not, umm…"

"No problem…Hilary."

Hilary hung up the phone with grin, from ear to ear. She turned to look at her clock, 7:07.


Half an hour later Hilary stood in front of her full body mirror looking like a Goddess.

The dress fit her body like a glove on a hand. Her hair was lightly curled at the ends, her face was flawless. She had face shimmer on her cheeks, mascara and a clear lip gloss on her lips. The deep red in her dress made her body look seductive and her sweet face made her look like an angel. She looked her self over in the mirror once more, picked up the sequenced deep red mask off her night table and placed it over her eyes; now you could only see from the middle of her nose and down.

Ding dong,

One more deep breath and she went down to the front door and opened it.

There he stood the image of perfection.

His scruffy hair brushed across his forehead, the moonlight gleamed in his eye. He wore a pair of black pants and a blue blouse which had the first couple of buttons undone, on top he also wore a clean black blazer.

They both stared at each other in awe,

Kai then did the unexpected; he leaned his face into hers and lightly kissed her cheek. Keeping his face beside hers he took her wrist in his hands put a corsage around it, a deep red corsage, perfect with her dress.

He pulled his face away and then she finally gathered enough courage to say something.

"Kai, you look…really good."

"You too…Hilary, shall we." Kai said holding his arm out towards her.

"Lets" she smiled back.

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