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Ch.2- Reunited

It was a long and boring trip from wherever he had been. So long and so boring, that Johnny had actually forgotten where they had left from. He was resting right now, which is what he had done for the entirety of the trip.

Mrs. Sille, who was the mother of the family that she was traveling with, had made him rest in order for his hand to heal properly. Apparently, she had received strict orders from Dr. Warren to have Johnny avoid stressing his hand whenever possible. For Mrs. Sille, stressing his hand meant getting up to get a drink of water when they were stopped at a nearby stream. So she had sent her young daughter, Perdita, Dita for short, over to the stream to fetch him a ladle full of water.

It wasn't that he minded, far from it, it's just that it wasn't him. Usually he was the one helping people with things and he wasn't used to the opposite. Dita was only six years old and she had befriended Johnny within thirty minutes of the ride after he had woke up from his first dreamless sleep in a long time.

To Johnny, Dita was a tomboy. All she wanted to do was the same things that Johnny did. She wanted to hold his musket, she wanted to fight the redcoats. She loved, looked up to, and admired Johnny much like a younger sibling would an older sibling. It was going to be hard going separate ways once they got back to Boston.

At this time Johnny was thinking about Cilla.

'I wonder if she's doing okay. I don't know what she's been up to since the Lyte's left, I hope Mrs. Bessie is taking care of her. And I really hope she's truly gotten over Isannah. Isannah was such a cry baby who always got what she wanted, that's why she always cried. It always worked with anybody except him.

Out of nowhere, something landed on Johnny's stomach that knocked the wind out of him.

"Oooff! What the..oh hey there Dita. What are you doing jumping on top of me huh?" he asked in a playfully angry voice.

"Oh I'm so sorry Johnny, I was flying through the air and saw your stomach and thought 'Oh look! There's Johnny's stomach! I'm gonna land on it and see what happens!'" she responded sarcastically. For a six year old girl, she had a surprising sarcastic intellect.

"Well it would be nice if you would get off my stomach if you don't mind." Johnny said.

"I'll only get off if you tell me a story!" demanded Dita bouncing up and down on his stomach as she said this.

"Alright, alright. Well let's see, which one should I tell?" he asked more to himself than to Dita, who answered anyway.

"Oh! Tell the one about when you fell in love!" she squealed with delight.

"Okay. Here it goes." he stopped to clear his throat in an effort to stall for time. Truth be told he remembered every detail, but he was still embarrassed to talk about it. It wasn't Dita that made him feel like this, it was her mother.

Truth be told, the wagon wasn't exactly big. It was a wonder he hadn't rolled out of it yet. He did have a rather clear voice that could be heard from a good distance away, and about ten feet wasn't really a comfortable distance. He sighed and started anyway.

"When I fell in love I was just ten years old. I fell in love with an angel. And the angel's name is Cilla."

"Is Cilla?" questioned Dita curiously. "Last time it was 'the angel's name was Cilla."

"Did I say was last time? Well I meant is, she's still in Boston." Johnny continued.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Sille was trying to concentrate on driving the wagon, while trying to tune out Johnny's story. It was fine if he wanted to tell the story to Dita, she was a child who didn't fully grasp the concept of love. But Mrs. Sille had a funny feeling that Johnny didn't want her to eavesdrop. However, it is human instinct to ignore all thoughts of the mind, and soon Mrs. Sille was soon engulfed in the story of Johnny's love life.

Cilla had just returned from an errand to the market for Mrs. Bessie when she saw the wagon.

It was just pulling in, and she had thought nothing of it until the redcoats had asked the occupants to exit it as it was checked over. There was a slightly pudgy woman who stepped out first, followed by a young man, with short blonde hair and blue eyes carrying a little girl with light brown hair.

She knew it was him. She knew it was Johnny. However she resisted the urge to run to him and throw herself on him and hug him senseless. She had to or she would make one heck of a scene.

Slowly, and with practiced restraint, Cilla followed Johnny and the now retreating family to wherever they were going. She assumed to the family's house to unpack their clothes and other possessions. Almost like a specter, Cilla followed silently.

When they finally got to the house it was a tedious thirty more minutes until Johnny took his leave, telling the family that he would come by to visit often.

As he closed the door, Cilla couldn't take it anymore. All restraint forgotten, she ran towards Johnny with tears flowing down her face.

Needless to say, Johnny was shocked to see a figure flying at him down the dimly lit street on which the Sille family lived. On closer inspection, that is to say three seconds before he was bowled over, Johnny recognized the figure.

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Light blonde hair, similar to his own, beautiful face that, to him at least, looked heavenly. He couldn't see her eyes because they were closed as she ran towards him. Johnny, now fully recovered from the successful operation on his hand, was still unable to avoid the collision.

As the two hit the floor, Cilla opened her teary gray-green eyes and found herself staring into Johnny's loving crystal blue ones.

"Johnny! Johnny you're back! You're back, you're back!" was all she managed to get out as she wrapped her arms around his muscular frame tightly as if afraid that if she let go, he would leave her again.

Then she completely broke down.

"Oh Johnny, I've missed you so much! I was so worried about you! I was scared you were going to die!" she sobbed into his chest.

"Sshh, shh, it's alright Cil, it's alright I'm here." cooed Johnny into her ear softly as he rubbed her back soothingly. "Everything's alright now, I'm her for you."

"Oh Johnny, I thought you had left me, I thought you weren't going to come back!" she whimpered.

Gently and slowly, so as not to startle her, Johnny lifted her chin and made her stare into his eyes.

"Now you listen here Cilla," he said wiping away the tears on her face, "there is nothing in the world that would make me leave you, and regardless of what you may think I would never leave you. Do you know why?" he asked.

Cilla shook her head sniffling slightly.

"It's because I love you Cilla. Do you hear me? I love you Pricilla Lamphan and I'll never leave you, never." whispered Johnny as he wiped away the last of the tears with his once crippled hand.

Cilla looked at him, "Do you r-really love m-me?" she asked almost afraid that he was going to say no.

But he didn't. He nodded his head.

"I love you Pricilla Lamphan, with all my heart and that's never going to change, ever."

Cilla smiled, truly smiled for the first time since Johnny had left. Then she spoke.

"Good. Because I love you Jonathan Lyte Tremain, and I don't care who knows it!" with that she leaned in towards Johnny.

Almost instantaneously, Johnny responded, he leaned toward Cilla until there was hardly any space between them. Then as they were about to close the gap, both spoke in unison,

"I Love You."

And with that they kissed.

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