Title: One Moment in Time

Author: Summing up the Stars

Genre: Drama

Rating: PG-13

Warning(s): Axess, Stream spoilers,

Pairing(s): One-sided(?) Blues/Enzan

Chapter(s): 1 of 1

Disclaimer: Once upon a time, there was someone who owned these characters. They grew to be rich and famous. It wasn't me. The end.

Authors Notes: Makes a bit more sense if you have seen episode 49 of axess. ; Had to write another Blues/Enzan, there are no where near enough.

Blues sighed.

It had been a little over a month since his, Rockman's, and Searchman's, operators had discovered that by using there will and the power of the Crest of Duo, they were able to bring their NAVI's to the real world. Cross fusion, however, was still necessary, because of the power boost that came with it. So now, he spent a lot of time out of his PET, and with his operator.

Not that he didn't enjoy the time with Enzan, it was just the little fact that he was finding it harder and harder to keep his hands off of him.

Blues thought back to when he first appeared in the real world. Enzan had reached towards hesitantly, stopping just before his fingers brushed Blues chest, almost as if he was afraid Blues would disappear. Blues had to reach out and place the hesitant hand over his NAVI symbol before Enzan was able to snap out of it. Enzan had then proceeded to launch himself into a startled Blues arms, burying his face in Blues neck.

Blues smiled at the memory, before turning his shielded gaze to the object of his thoughts.

Enzan was currently curled in his arms, his head resting on Blues chest.

Nightmares had been plaguing Enzan for awhile now, and he seemed unable to let go of the guilt he felt towards the whole Dark Loid incident, no matter how many times Blues forgave him.

Blues pulled him a bit closer, and Enzan stirred, opening one tired blue eye, but otherwise never moving.

"Blues?" Enzan asked softly.

"Yes, Enzan-sama?" Blues replied, never loosening his hold.

"Will you always be with me(1)?"

Blues closed his eyes and rested his head on top of Enzan's'.

"Always, Enzan-sama."

A small smile graced Enzan's face, as he tucked his head into Blues neck.

Blues sighed contently. Yes, he was having a hard time keeping his hands off his operator, but because of times like these, it was all worth it.



(1)- It a take on the 'memory' that Enzan and Dark Soul Blues saw while in the Dark aura.