Jonas: Hey Lana where Is Lu at!

Lana: She's working mighty mouse. What you doing running up in here like that?

Jonas: Just want to see her!

Lu: Hey there Jonas!

Lana: Lu you better attend to this Jonas he acts like he has a turtle nipping as his but!

Lu: Okay Ill deal with him Lana!

(Jonas and Lu walked into her office)

Jonas: Oh Lu.. I havent seen you going on a week!

Lu: Yeah I know I have been busy and so have you.. Im so glad to see you can stop by.

Jonas: Yeah I wasn't doing anything so I wanted to come over here.

Lu: You going to be home tonight?

Jonas: No Im leaving to Rio for about 4 days but I will be back right after that I promise you!

Lu: Okay that's fine. Im going to get back to work Jonas. I love you and I will call you when I get the chance.

Jonas: Okay.

(Jonas and Lu kiss each other and Jonas leaves.)

( A couple hours later when Randolph Kilnor woke up from being unconscious from the crash he was surprised to find him self still alive)

Kilnor: What the hell is this?

Nurse: What do you mean what is this Dr. Kilnor?

Kilnor: Why am I at Rittenhouse hospital?

Nurse: You were in a car crash...

Kilnor: I need to get out of here right now!

( Randolph tried to leave quickly before the police came. But that when two officers then entered the hospital room where Randolph Kilnor was staying.)

Officer 1: Dr. Kilnor we want you to come with us.

Kilnor: What the hell is the problem NOW officers!

Officer 2: You are under arrest for the rape of Dr. Campbell and the rape of Dr. Luisa Delgado.

Kilnor: WHAT! You have no proof!

Officer 1: Oh we have enough proof... we have so much proof you might be in jail for the rest of your dam screwed up LIFE!

Kilnor: That's bull shit!

Officer 2: Save it for the judge!

Officer 1: Is he ready to be released nurse?

Nurse: Yes, he is.

Officer 1: Okay, your coming with us Kilnor...


Officer 2: Oh shut up you sick bastard!

( The two officers arrested Dr. Kilnor. And later on that day the two officers approached Dr. Campbell and Dr. Delgado.)

Officer 1: Hello where is Dr. Campbell and Dr. Delgado?

Lana: I don't know with patients Im assuming. What are they in some kind of trouble officers?

Officer 2: Not exactly.

Lana: Oh okay good well take a seat Im gonna go see if I can find them.

Officer 2: Okay thank you.

(Lana went around the hospital trying to find Lu and Andy. Finally she ran into them and told them that there was officers downstairs asking for them two. Andy and Lu then hustled downstairs to find out what was up.)

Lu: Hey officer Caldwell and officer Jimson what's going on?

Officer 2: Were just here to inform you that Dr. Kilnor...

Lu: What.. What now? You cant find him or what is it his lawyer bailed him out huh? Huh? What is it now!

Dr. Campbell: Lu, Lu relax let him finish.

Officer 1: Dr. Kilnor is in jail. With out no bail.

Lu: Are you... are you really serious? Oh my god... Andy I think just might be the best day of my life!

(Andy with tears of joy in her eyes then reached over to hug Lu. They both stood there for a long time hugging one another. Thinking about all the pain they both experienced and now it is finally over.)

Lu: Im going to go home now Andy I will see you tomorrow!

Andy: Okay...hey Lu I might be over tonight stop by to drop off the disk with the information you need on your patient Dona.

Lu: Okay I will be home. Bye.

(Lu went home that night and lied down in bed relieved.)

Knock, Knock, Knock

Lu: That must be Andy.

(Lu then ran up to the door quickly to let Andy in. She opened up the door and it wasnt Andy it was Dr. Kilnor he escaped from the jail cell.)

Kilnor: I told you it wouldn't be over you bitch! Your going to suffer till the day I die and that is not going to be anytime soon!

Lu: Get off of me! Get off!

Kilnor: Shut up!

( Dr.Kilnor told Lu to shut up and continually tried to push her down on the bed to rape her.)

Lu: Get off please! Please get off of me! PLEASE!

( Lu begged for him to get off but he didn't listen.)


Dr. Kilnor then held onto his side and fell to the floor. Andy had shot him.)

Lu: Andy! Andy thank goodness you're here! You saved my life!

Andy: I know its alright that bastard is dead!

(The police and the paramedics then entered the room and carried Dr. Kilnor's body out. He's dead. Good work Dr. Campbell you handled our dirty work.)

Andy: No problem.

( The police left and Andy glimpsed over at Lu who was in tons of tears.)

Andy: What's wrong why are you crying?

Lu: Its like he's dead, but It will never change what he did to me. It feels like he got out of it easily and now Im going to suffer with the post traumatic stress of the rape. Don't you feel that way too?

Andy: Yeah, yeah I do but you know what Delgado? We don't have to deal with it anymore. He is gone DEAD no more Dr. Kilnor he wont be able to hurt anyone else EVER!

(Lu wiped her tears and stood up and starred at Andy. )

Lu: If it weren't for you... I don't know what I would do!

(Andy and Lu both hugged one another and sat by the window and looked down at the streets of Philadelphia...

(It was the next day at work for Lu and Andy but Lu ran into a shocking surprise)

Lana: Lu? Your needed in the ER now!

Lu: Okay Im on my way!

(Lu runs down to the ER)

Lu: Let me hear it!

EMT: young girl, approximately 14 years old, gun shot victim in South Philly.

Lu: Alright on my count 1, 2, and 3.

Nurse: Wow, she looks bad! Her pulse is dropping Dr. Delgado. Im going to start her on full life support.

( Lu looks down to see Samantha her biological daughter lying on the stretcher.)

Lu: Its Samantha...

EMT: You know this young girl?

Lu: Yeah she's my biological daughter!

EMT: Wow... well it doesn't look like she will be holding on for much longer. Im sorry Dr. Delgado.

Lu: Don't say that! She will be fine Im sure she will get through this.

(Tears filled Lu's eyes and she felt like she was losing a piece of her.)

Nurse: Dr. Delgado she's on full life support... there is no way she will be able to breathe on her own.

Lu: No... no don't tell me that!

Nurse: Im sorry Dr. Delgado. We need to let her go after we talk to her aunt the guardian over her...

Lu: Okay, okay. Just give me a minute!

( Samantha's aunt then runs in to the ER)

Wendy: MY NIECE!

Nurse: Miss you will have to wait over there... Im sorry but it doesn't look like your daughter will make it... Im so sorry!

Wendy: NOOOO! All I did was let her play outside and... and someone just shot her!

(Wendy gets escorted to the side so they can try to save her but they couldn't. Lu was still in shock so Dr. Campbell went to talk to Wendy the aunt of Samantha.)

Andy: Im sorry but she's not going to make it she's on full life support the machines are breathing for her. Once we take them off she's gone. Do you want to do that?

Wendy: NO!

Andy: Wendy, there is nothing left of Samantha. She is gone..

Wendy: gone? Oh my god my little niece she's gone! Okay, the last thing I would want her to do is suffer okay go... take her off life support...

Lu: Wait! Give me a little longer!

(Wendy was in millions of tears and so was Lu.)

Lu: Oh Samantha. Im so sorry I didn't get to come visit you! You are a wonderful kid and I love you so much... Im sorry I didn't get to spend more time with you as your mommy!

(Lu slowly walked away as they took her off life support)


Lu: She's gone...