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Chapter V: Romance

Uchiha Sasuke stood in front of the window, hands pressed against the cold, tinted glass. He gazed at the cityscape below, at the winking lights of the buildings and vehicles, all so tiny and vulnerable in this height. He knew that somewhere, in a small apartment, was Uzumaki Naruto, already in his bed, lying awake during the night. He wouldn't sleep, Sasuke knew. He had made sure of that.

Sasuke smirked at the memory of what happened in the bathroom. No matter how he protested, no matter how hard he struggled, Naruto betrayed himself in a hundred little ways–the way his body arched to Sasuke's slightest touch when his mouth said 'No', the way his fingers tightened their grasp on his shirt and pulled Sasuke closer when Naruto moaned, 'Stop it'. The Uchiha especially liked the way Naruto said those words, sometimes in quick, breathy little whines or long, harsh pants that crested into hoarse moans.

He hadn't planned on taking Naruto so soon after his arrival, but the sight of the blonde drove him wild. The boyish, short blonde boy he had known five years ago grew into a young man, still all smiles and laughter, but taller and more handsome. He knew Naruto had become a well-known, multi-awarded journalist.

The fact that Naruto came with Hyuuga Neji didn't help assuage his obsession. Sasuke never liked the Hyuuga. The white-eyed man was far too interested in Naruto for his comfort, and Naruto was closer to him than he liked. The sight of Neji with his Naruto made him see red. So as soon as Naruto was beyond the Hyuuga's watchful gaze, he made his move and claimed what was and still is, his, marking him on his neck.

"You are mine, Naruto, and I will have you," Sasuke whispered, his breath frosting over the glass, fogging the view of the city below.

"Did you enjoy your night, Sasuke?" Orochimaru rasped from the doorway.

Sasuke glanced over his shoulder, face blank of emotion. Beside Orochimaru was Yakushi Kabuto, the silver-haired assistant of Orochimaru, and, Sasuke suspected from the spiteful looks Kabuto directed at him, his lover as well. "The party went well."

Orochimaru allowed himself an amused smile at Sasuke's answer. "Yes. They came as expected."

"The plan is proceeding well, then?" Kabuto said, casually sidling closer to Orochimaru.

"Perhaps." Sasuke narrowed his eyes. "It's only beginning."

"What are you doing here, Narumi?"

Narumi narrowed her blue eyes, and then she smiled as she watched Naruto toss his jacket on the couch, his face as dark as the shadows that surround him like a mantle. "I just came here to see you." Her voice was honey, sweet and cloying. "As I've just said, we haven't seen each other for a long time. I just thought I should see my dear sweet younger twin brother."

"Fuck you." Naruto's necktie came off with one vicious tug. "I don't need your bullshit. What does that mad old bastard of a fox want with me?"

Narumi rose from her seat, silk skirt rustling as it brushed against the sofa. Naruto eyed her warily. She dusted off some imaginary lint off her clothes, her antique bone and shell bracelet tinkling as she moved. Then turned to Naruto with an amused expression on her face. "Really, Naruto. It's most impolite of you to refer to our maternal grandfather as 'a mad old bastard of a fox'. He just wants to meet you, you know."

"So he could what? I've told you over and over again, I don't want–"

"–any part of 'your stinking family!'" She tilted her head back as she smirked at him, exposing her smooth tanned neck and the ancient ankh necklace that hung about it. "I know, I know. But the meeting isn't about that. It's about Hebi Corporations."

Naruto could not suppress a start of surprise, which was quickly replaced with anger. He should have known the bastard of a fox would be aware of his activities. And he should have known the bastard was canny enough to use the information gathered for his own use. "What about Hebi Corporations?" Naruto would have bitten of his tongue if he could.

Narumi smiled again, the smile of a cat that had cornered her prey. "He didn't say, but I gather it's about their recent activities." She paused. "You are aware of what they've been doing, are you?" When Naruto didn't reply, she said, "So you'll see him?"

"No. Now leave." Naruto stalked off, heading for the kitchen. His chest felt so tight, his head pounding with sudden pain.

Narumi was already hot on his heels. "Naruto, why do always behave so rudely whenever we meet? It's not like–"

Naruto whirled around so fast Narumi crashed into him and would have fallen if Naruto hadn't grabbed her arms. His grip was like vice, unyielding and cruel, fingers digging into her flesh. His blue eyes burned with anger. "Why can't you just leave me alone? Why can't all of you just leave me alone?"

Narumi didn't flinch. She wrenched from his grip, looking at him with cool blue eyes. "Don't take out your anger on me, little brother." Her eyes narrowed as Naruto glanced away, turning his back to her. "This isn't really about meeting our grandfather and seeing me, is it? Or is it because Uchiha Sa–"

"DON'T SAY IT!" Naruto clenched his fists. What was happening to him? What was he doing? This is Sasuke's fault. Damn you, Sasuke. Why did you have to come back?

His twin's attitude and the bastard of a fox's words brought it all back, that moment in the bathroom with Sasuke. So cool, so arrogant, so fucking forceful of their own wishes, giving little thought of Naruto's own feelings. Both so sure that he, Naruto, would bend to their wishes because they have something Naruto needed and wanted. Why can't you just leave me alone, he had cried out to his twin, but the truth was it was Sasuke whom he wanted to say those words to the most. His twin sister was just conveniently there when the fury of it all came crashing down on him.

He faced his twin, schooling his expression into one of indifference. "I'm sorry. I lost control. It won't happen again."

"I wouldn't make any wagers on that," Narumi said, rubbing her arms to relieve the pain. Then she brushed her fingertips on Naruto's cheek, a sad smile on her lips.

He shied away from her touch. "Don't be like this, Narumi. I had enough manipulation for today."

"Naruto, I really think you should meet our grandfather. I know this is an unpleasant thing for you, but please, just this once I'm begging, meet with him."

Naruto stared at his twin in surprise. She had never begged before, never pleaded to him; she'd always been so…proud. "Why? What's so important about this meeting?"

"It's something about our parents…and about you. He didn't tell me much, but I gathered that Hebi has some connection with our parents and with you."

Naruto was silent for a moment. He only knew little about their parents, just stuff he learned from Jiraiya and Kakashi. And what was their connection with Hebi? "Fine. I'll meet up with him."

Narumi sighed. "Good. Be at the house any time late morning. He'll be expecting you." She smiled at him. "Thank you for agreeing, Naruto."

He looked away. "Whatever. Are you going to be there?" Whenever he met up with the old fox, Narumi was always by his side, to be seen but not to be heard. The old fox was a male chauvinist bastard to the core.

"No. I'll be out of the country then. In fact, I'll be out of the country for the next few months."

"What?" That was a surprise. Narumi never left the old fox's side. "Did the old fox agree on this? Where will you be going? For how long? Whom are you going with?"

Narumi laughed, and Naruto flushed when he realized what he just said. "You sound like you're interviewing me for an article. Or are your brotherly instincts finally kicking in? I'm going to Chile. There's an excavation there on Incan mummies sponsored in part by the university. I'm one of the representatives. And to answer one of your question, no, grandfather didn't agree."

"Oh." He had almost forgotten. Narumi was an archeologist of sorts; Naruto wasn't really sure what her field of expertise was. "The old fox didn't like it? And you're still going?"

"Of course." She caught the look of disbelief on her brother's face. She grinned. "I'm not entirely beholden to the mad whims of a cantankerous old fox. I have my own plans that is not for him to question."

Naruto couldn't help but smile at her. Sometimes, he'd forgotten how strong-willed her twin could be when it came to deciding her own fate. They might have grown apart, but he should have known they were alike in some things. After all, they shared the same blood and womb.

"I should be going. I still have a flight to catch early tomorrow." She then handed him a piece of paper wrapped around what Naruto saw was a key. Sensing his confusion, Narumi explained, "I wrote down my number on the paper. The key is for a safe deposit box in the bank. There's a smaller box with documents there, but don't open them until you've talked to our grandfather. It also contains things that might be useful for you in your…investigation." She gave him a sly look and winked.

Naruto gripped the key and blushed. Damn. He should have known Narumi would bring that up. "Thanks."

"You're welcome. Now that's done, I should go. Escort me to the door, will you?"

They were standing on the open doorway when Narumi turned to Naruto and held his hand. He stared at her. "Naruto, whatever you learn, remember that whatever your past, present, and future held or holds, only you truly know what your heart and soul is. Your life belongs to you and to those you chose the share it with." At Naruto's stunned expression, Narumi grinned and said, "What I meant was, if you want to be with Uchiha Sasuke or with that Hyuuga Neji, it's for you to decide."

"You bitch!" Naruto wrenched his hand from her and slammed the door shut. Sisters!

Tsunade glared at Kakashi, wishing she could throttle the man then and there. "You certainly took your own sweet time."

Kakashi's mask twitched in what appeared to be a smile. It was early morning. He should have been here an hour or so ago, just before the employees of the newspaper arrived for work, but he had been late as usual. "I'm very sorry. I ran into a small distraction."

Tsunade glanced at a strand of hair on Kakashi's shoulder, raising one eyebrow. "A redheaded distraction, it would appear. I told you I wanted the report as soon as possible."

"Now, now, my dear Tsunade," Jiraiya said from behind Kakashi, a grin on his face. "There's no need to be upset. You'll get more wrinkles if you–oof!" Jiraiya stumbled back as a thick stack of documents hit him on the face.

"Shut up, you pervert. It's your fault the boy turned out this way. He was decent until you came along with that porn of yours." Tsunade's glare shifted again to Kakashi. "Now, to business. What happened?"

Stifling a laugh, Kakashi began to recount what happened at the dinner and his own insights. Tsunade listened attentively, as well as Jiraiya (who had recovered from the blow). "It seems our suspicions are correct."

"I can't believe Orochimaru would go as far as this for power," Tsunade said, shaking her head.

Jiraiya didn't comment on what she said. Instead, he asked, "Have you found anything that might suggest an alliance between the Akatsuki and Orochimaru?"

Kakashi shook his head. Turning to Tsunade, he said, "Naruto is currently doing investigative work on Hebi. This is under your orders, I believe?"

"I haven't given him my full approval yet," Tsunade said shortly. Naruto had informed him that he did some background checks on Hebi, mostly to find information he could use in Sasuke's interview. "I've only asked him to interview Uchiha Sasuke, not to do a full investigation of Hebi." She ignored the incredulous look Jiraiya gave her at the mention of the Uchiha. She knew what he was thinking. She grunted in disgust. "I'm not comfortable with Naruto being close to the Uchiha again, but Naruto is a grown man and quite capable of making sound judgments and taking care of himself. Besides, my publisher and the newspaper's owner gave me little choice over the matter."

Jiraiya's brows furrowed. Since when was Tsunade concerned about the publisher and the owner of the newspaper? She'd been fighting with them since they bought Konohagakure Times from her. Tsunade often won those battles; they must have had something big to make Tsunade cave in. "I don't doubt Naruto's capability to defend himself, but this is Uchiha Sasuke we're talking about. You know how irrational the brat could be when it comes to the Uchiha. And are you going to allow Naruto to investigate Hebi? With Orochimaru's current unnatural interest in him…"

Tsunade smiled dryly. "If I ordered him to stop investigating Hebi, not only am I betraying everything I've taught to him about journalism, I'm also making him more curious. You of all people should know how determined he could be. If I told him to stop, he'd only see that as a challenge, if not encouragement."

Jiraiya sighed. "I suppose so."

Tsunade turned to Kakashi, who was now slouching against the cork-padded wall. "Thank you for your report, Kakashi. That will be all today. You already know your duties. Now get your ass out of my office before others arrive."

Kakashi sketched a quick salute and left by way of the fire escape.

When Kakashi was gone, Jiraiya asked, "So, are we really back in business?"

Tsunade glanced up from the files she had been reading. "Not quite, but we're getting there. I don't like it, but I like Orochimaru and Akatsuki even less." She resisted the urge to sigh. Five years of peace and quiet, a lifetime's work, only to be destroyed by a handful of men.

"Kakashi has informed the others, hasn't he?"

Tsunade nodded. "But I only told Kakashi to tell them to be cautious. Orochimaru and the Akatsuki are two we can't afford to underestimate. And we can't let them get Naruto." She gave Jiraiya a meaningful look.

Jiraiya groaned. "Babysitting duties again? You're cruel, Tsunade."

"I know."

Naruto wished he never got out of bed.

He was awakened this morning from his fitful sleep by a call from the garage, saying that his beloved car had to stay a few more days there because they found a problem or so. Naruto had been too sleepy to argue, but he had a sneaking suspicion that the mechanic was milking him for all his worth.

When he went to the mirror, he saw dark circles underneath his eyes, and then he noticed a small mark on his neck–a hickey. The sight of it brought back everything that happened in the bathroom, forcing Naruto to take another cold shower, damning Sasuke to hell all the while. Then he donned an orange turtleneck sweater, cursed Sasuke again, and prayed no one would notice it.

Since he didn't have his car, that meant hailing a cab, again, to take him to the Konohagakure Times office, which cost him a lot of money. Said cab overcharged him, and Naruto ended up arguing with the driver for several minutes.

Then, when he finally went inside, the first person he saw was Hyuuga Neji, whose pale eyes radiated with such impatience and fury that Naruto would like nothing better than to hide in some dark hole for the rest of his days. Of course, Neji would hunt him down if he did that, and flay him when he found him.

So he just smiled at Neji, who scowled at him, and grabbed him by the arm, and said in his calm, deadly voice, "We need to talk."

"I need to go to the old ha–I mean, Tsunade, first," he protested feebly.

Neji began dragging him towards the door, waving aside his protests. "Tsunade already knows what you've been up to. Kakashi has already informed her. As for your work, I'm sure Inuzuka would survive a day without you."

"Kakashi was here?" Naruto blinked as he took in the news. Of course. That was why the silver-haired pervert appeared. Tsunade must have given him orders to watch over them or something.

Neji hauled him into his car, a snazzy black BMW that flew across the road with frightening speed. Naruto clung to his seat, wondering if this was a prelude to his imminent death in the Hyuuga's hand. Well, the Hyuuga should think twice before dealing with him. Naruto would fight back, if need be. He wasn't about to go down without a fight.

Finally, Neji slowed down and parked in front of a small café, which Naruto immediately recognized. He glanced sharply at Neji. "Why here?" he asked with wide eyes.

Neji slid out of the car, but not before giving him a look. Naruto followed him inside, and immediately saw the reason why Neji brought him here.

"Yo! Hinata!"

Hyuuga Hinata quickly looked up from the cashier at the familiar voice. Lips tugging into a small, shy smile, Hinata found herself face to face with a grinning Uzumaki Naruto, his spiky blonde hair mussed up, dark circles underneath his eyes, leaning over the counter and waving at her. "Good morning, Naruto. How are you today?" she said in a voice with laced with just a hint of worry.

He laughed. "Ah, I'm okay. I didn't get much sleep last night, and work's been hell, but as soon as I get a taste of your delicious strawberry cheesecake I'll be much better!"

Hinata allowed herself a small laugh, but she sensed that something was wrong with Naruto. The blond was usually at work during this time, and Naruto didn't skip work unless he had a valid reason. Moreover, he asked for strawberry cheesecake, and though Naruto claimed it was his favorite, Hinata noted he only ate it when he was depressed, lonely, or stressed out. Glancing over Naruto's shoulder, she saw Neji walking rapidly towards them, a grim look on his face.

A hand grasped Hinata's heart, squeezing tight. She hadn't seen that look in Neji's face for many years, the last time was years and years ago, when he tried to kill her and her family to avenge the death of his father. Naruto barely managed to save her in time, and then literally knocked some sense into Neji.

Since then, slowly but surely, Neji had become less of an obsessed avenger and more of an overprotective older brother of sorts to her.

So it came as a complete surprise to Hinata that even after all these years, the look still had the power to make her fear for her life.

Neji must have seen the fear in her eyes, because the grim look to changed to one of polite inquiry and he said, "Hinata. Good morning."

Hinata smiled, fighting to keep herself from stuttering like she did years ago before she grew more confident. "Good morning, Neji. What can I do for the two of you?"

"Plain black coffee for me. Just send it over to the table beside the window," Neji said, glancing sideways at Naruto. Naruto squirmed for a moment, then asked for strawberry cheesecake. Flashing Hinata an apologetic smile and gently touching her hand, he followed Neji as he purposefully went to the table.

Hinata followed them with worried eyes, wondering what had happened. Sighing, she went to fetch their order, hoping nothing untoward would happen why her back was turned.

"So, Neji, what do you want to know?" Naruto asked as soon as Hinata placed their orders on the table and left. Naruto had flashed her a reassuring smile before she left, but she still had the worried frown on her face. Nobody touched his or her food.

Neji studied the blond in front of him. Naruto looked tired, and the weary tone in his voice told him he certainly was. He also noted the turtleneck, and the red bruises on the neck it barely hid from his view. The marks of Uchiha. "When?"

"When what? When will the interview with Sasuke take place?" At Neji's curt nod, Naruto said, "It's on Thursday." Naruto leaned over. "Look, I don't want to interview him, but I have to, okay? This is just a job. He's just news, and it's our job to report news."

"This is an interview with Uchiha Sasuke. It will never be just a job." Neji's eyes bore into Naruto's. "And he's not simply just news. He's the man who tried to kill you, the man who betrayed you."

Neji kept his voice low, so as not to alarm Hinata, who was hovering on the counter, watchful of their actions, but he was angry at Naruto's casual words.

As far as Neji could remember, Naruto and Sasuke had been best friends, rivals, and partners, and later, much later, Neji had found out one rainy night when he stepped outside and saw them kissing, lovers as well. Months later, Sasuke broke away from the group to join Orochimaru, nearly killing Naruto who had tried to stop Sasuke from leaving. It had been Neji and Kakashi who found Naruto bleeding and broken, Sasuke nowhere to be found.

Naruto and Neji had been somewhat friendly before the blonde's deadly confrontation with Sasuke, but after the Uchiha left, they became much closer, best of friends, in fact, and he helped Naruto recover from his depression. So it didn't really sit well with Neji that Sasuke would come back and wreck Naruto's life again. And he wasn't about to sit still while Naruto, in his usual naiveté, allowed Sasuke to do as he please. Because whether Naruto admitted it or not, he is allowing Sasuke far too many liberties for his own good.

Naruto turned away, looking outside the window, looking past the cars parked outside. "Don't you think I don't know that? Dammit, Neji, I'd get out of this interview if I could. But I can't, dammit!"

"Why can't you? Tsunade–" Neji stopped at the sight of the bitter smile on Naruto's lips. Realization dawned on him.

"Let's just say Tsunade's walking over hot water right now, and I'm the plank she's walking on. If I wobble, she might fall." Naruto stared at his hands. "I owe Tsunade a lot, you know. I can't let her down."

Neji was silent. He should have expected something like this. Naruto was anything but loyal, and he would so anything for people he cared about.

Naruto gave Neji a small smile. "Look, I'm sorry I haven't told you about it earlier. And don't worry about me. I can still kick ass. I kicked his before; I can still kick it again. Besides, we really need to know more about Hebi and what the hell they're up to."

Hebi. Neji hadn't forgotten about that. The dinner last night unnerved him more than he showed. Why was Orochimaru interested in Naruto when he'd only been interested in Uchiha Sasuke before?

Neji knew Uchiha Sasuke had come to their group after his parents and relatives, businessmen who owned pharmaceutical companies around the world, were murdered. Sasuke had been the only survivor.

Uchiha Pharmaceuticals had been on the verge of discovering some miraculous cure before their massacre. Neji thought Orochimaru was interested in Sasuke because of that, as rumor has it that Orochimaru was forever in search of a way to preserve his youth and stop his ageing.

So what was the connection with Naruto, other than the obvious one with Sasuke?

Naruto was glancing at his watch. Then he looked at Neji. "Neji, don't worry. I'll be careful; I'm not stupid, okay? I know getting involved with Sasuke again is likely to cause me to lose my life and sanity." He rose from his seat and patted Neji on the back. "And I have to go. I need to…talk to someone."

What could Neji say? Neji nodded curtly, but didn't believe a word Naruto said. The blonde was never rational when the Uchiha was involved. He would have to take steps to insure Naruto's safety. "Whom are you meeting with?"

Naruto hesitated for a moment, and then he said, "My maternal grandfather, the Kyuubi."

He was an old man, but Naruto knew better than to underestimate him. As soon as he stepped foot into the palatial mansion where his maternal grandfather lived, all his senses were on alert. One does not take chances in dealing with the Kyuubi.

The Kyuubi. The name still evoked fear in the hearts of many in Konohagakure, the title of the biggest and most powerful…businessman in the country. He was said to be as sharp, as cunning, and as merciless as his namesake, and was involved in countless illegal operations, until the Yondaime put a stop to it years ago.

And Naruto, award-winning journalist, upholder of truth and of the rights of men, was his grandson.

Naruto often wondered what the others would think when they found out. Until Neji, he had never told anyone else, not even Sasuke.

Of course, the Kyuubi also killed his father, who was the Yondaime.

Most of what Naruto knew about the Kyuubi came from hearsay, Kakashi, or Jiraiya. Naruto's father had married the Kyuubi's daughter, much to the fox's fury. Somehow, the Kyuubi managed to separate them, and Naruto's mother ended up giving birth to them in the Kyuubi's house. She died when they were born. Naruto was sent to an orphanage, while he kept Narumi.

Naruto didn't know about his relation to the Kyuubi until he was sixteen, when he met him and his twin for the first time. Since then, the Kyuubi hadn't stopped trying to convince him (more like force him) to be his heir. Despite his efforts, Naruto always refused. He was truly his father's son.

As he passed through the gleaming marble floors, past the row of bodyguards that stood like steel sentinels against the wall, he thought of what the Kyuubi knew about Hebi. He damn better have something relevant about Hebi, Naruto thought darkly, suddenly irritated. He hated going to this place. Or I'll give him a taste of my fist.

Naruto strode purposefully into the Kyuubi's study, slammed the door shut, and found him sitting behind his oak desk, watching him with his pale, amber-yellow eyes that glowed red in certain lights. His expression didn't change when Naruto barged into the room. "I'm here. What the fuck do you want, old fox?" he demanded, wanting to end this meeting as soon as possible.

The Kyuubi continued to stare at him. He was in his fifties, of lean built, with dark skin and reddish hair that aged into iron gray over the years. "Such impudence," he finally said, speaking in a quiet, deep voice. He looked at Naruto from head to foot. "It never ceases to amaze me how much you look like your father." His eyes narrowed. "He was as defiant and as arrogant as you are, even in my presence."

"And you killed him for it." Naruto was tired of this game. He always said stuff like this when he came over. "I only came here because my twin asked; I'd rather be in hell than be in a room with you."

The Kyuubi ignored him. "I thought your sister was different, but she was as willful as her father and her mother. Ungrateful as well. I raised her, fed her, and where is she now?"

"My twin has the right to do as she pleases, with or without your consent" Naruto said shortly. "I don't have time to waste with your ranting, old man. What do you want with me?"

At this the Kyuubi smiled, an enigmatic smile that suddenly made Naruto wish his twin were here to interpret it. "You are truly a brat. You will never amount to anything with that attitude of yours. Too impatient." His smile widened to a feral grin at the sight of the outraged expression on Naruto's face. "But I will not waste my time. You are investigating Hebi Corporations, aren't you? The one Orochimaru now owns?"

"Yeah, so what? If you're going to ask me to stop, I'd tell you to shove it up your–"

The blow came so fast Naruto barely had time to dodge it. It knocked over a lampshade instead, shattering as it fell on the floor. "Silence, brat. Didn't anyone tell you it's impolite to interrupt your elders?" The Kyuubi glared at Naruto, who lapsed into grim silence. "You should do well to heed my words. Be wary of Hebi and of Orochimaru, for," he paused, eyes narrowing gain, "it was Orochimaru who killed your parents."

Orochimaru killed my parents.

Naruto couldn't tell how long his stood in the Kyuubi's study, or how he left his house. He'd been too stunned to think coherently. When he came into the Kyuubi's house, he thought he knew just about everything, when he came out, what he knew turned out to be nothing at all.

"The key is for a safe deposit box in the bank. There's a smaller box with documents there, but don't open them until you've talked to our grandfather."

The key in his pant's pocket suddenly felt heavy. He should go to the bank immediately, and look into those documents.

"Naruto, whatever you learn, remember that whatever your past, present, and future held or holds, only you truly know what your heart and soul is. Your life belongs to you and to those you chose the share it with."

The memory of his twin's words burned into his mind. What had Narumi meant? At first, he thought his twin was kidding, but after his meeting with the Kyuubi–

A loud beeping and a sudden screeching sound shattered his reverie. Swearing, he found himself jumping back to avoid being hit by a fancy car–a limousine, he saw. The car stopped just a few feet away from him. "Watch where you're going!" he shouted, ignoring the fact it was his entire fault. "You nearly hit me!"

A dark window rolled down, and to Naruto's shock, he found Uchiha Sasuke smirking at him. "It was your fault, you moron. You've been walking like dazed idiot."

"I wasn't walking like a dazed idiot," Naruto snapped back. Why was Sasuke in this part of town? The Kyuubi's home was nestled amidst a dingy, run down neighborhood. "What the hell are you doing here?"

Sasuke raised an eyebrow. "It's a free city. I go where I please. What are you doing here?"

"None of your business. Now fuck off." He glared at Sasuke. I will not think about what happened last night, dammit! He turned his back to Sasuke and started walking away.

"Are you walking all the way to town?" Sasuke asked casually. Naruto didn't turn back. "Would you like a ride?"

Naruto abruptly stopped and glanced over his shoulder. Sasuke had opened the door, and had stepped out. Naruto saw he wore a dark, form-fitting business suit, his long hair tied back into a low ponytail. He was about to say no when Sasuke asked, "Does my presence you uncomfortable, Naruto? That doesn't really bode well for our interview."

"I'm not uncomfortable," Naruto hissed out. "I loathe your presence." He was about to walk away again when Sasuke grabbed his shoulder and before Naruto could so as even move, he hauled him up and threw him into the car.

Naruto landed roughly into the car's floor, knocking the wind out of his lungs. He found himself staring at Sasuke's dark eyes, flashing with and anger and–

All thoughts in his mind stopped when Sasuke grabbed his collar, and kissed him. Wrenching his mouth away, Naruto screamed, "What the hell are you doing, you bastard! Let me up!"

Sasuke ignored him and pinned him harder into the cramped floor. "So you loathe my presence? So you find the Hyuuga's company much pleasurable than mine?"

Naruto gave him a confused look, then his eyes widened when realization dawned on him. "You followed me all day!" Dammit, why hadn't he sensed it! He must have been too preoccupied to notice!

Sasuke smirked. "I always watch over what's mine," he said, yanking down the turtleneck collar to reveal the small red marks on Naruto's neck. His smirk widened. "And you are mine, no matter how much you try to hide it." Without another word, he bent over, and fastened his lips on Naruto's neck.


Author's note: Wahahaha! I hope you enjoyed it! I had lots of fun writing this! Not much lime, but next chapter would be a lemon! And a little glimpse on how Naruto feels having Sasuke back into his life.

If you're wondering why Naruto got mad at Narumi, it's because the whole encounter with her reminded Naruto so much of 'the bathroom' incident' with Sasuke. XD and yeah, told you Sasuke's fast. XD

Oh, I'm sorry if it seems like I'm dawdling. All would be explained in the proper time.

Kyuubi: Kinda like the Mafia, ne? But not really. He's a mix of the Mafia/Yakuza/Gangster. And he is very nasty when he wants to be. So what role does he play? You'll find out soon enough. XD

Narumi: Yeah. I hope I didn't overdo her. Well, you won't be seeing her for a long while. And if you get the impression she's a manipulative little bitch, that's because she is. She lived with the Kyuubi, after all. In an odd way, she is what Naruto would be if Kyuubi raised him. If you feel she's coming on too strong, that's really the way I wrote her to be. Strong, stubborn, manipulative, and annoying as hell. XD If you find anything wrong about her, do tell me and I'll gladly fix her up…

Neji, Naruto, and Hinata: Hinata's not stuttering anymore; she's all grown up. And she ISN'T a member of the vigilante group! Oh, and if you're wondering why Neji decided to take Naruto to Hinata's shop, it's because he'll be more able to control himself in Hinata's presence. And he knows Naruto would do the same so as not to alarm Hinata.

Next chapter: Finally! A full-blown lemon next chapter! A trip to the past, back on the night they met Orochimaru for the first time. Because running away is not an option, especially when you're dealing with your past, and your ex-lover. It's a necessity.