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"Walking around I hear the sounds… of the earth seeking relief…

I'm trying to find a reason to live…

But the mindless clutter my path.

Oh, these thorns in my side…

Oh, these thorns in my side…

I know I have something free.

I have something so alive.

I think they shoot 'cause they want it…"

Brother Squadron: Chapter 1: New Recruit

Desolate wastelands stretched across the horizon and beyond. The desert winds howled, blowing clouds of ash, dust, and charred flesh like black snowflakes through the toxic air. The foul smell of death and decay lingered on the wind's breath. But despite these horrible breathing conditions, a figure ran across the cracked earth, blinded by panic and chest heaving up and down, sprinting as fast as his legs could carry him. Behind him was a town consumed by flames from the riot that started as an innocent conversation inside a ransacked inn. But once they realized he was a Nintendian, all hell broke loose.

After all, it was the Nintendians who were blamed for starving the land. They came to Earth to compete in their battles for sport. They let Master Hand, Crazy Hand, and their Fighting Wire Frames escape into the world. Now the Hands' rule has destroyed every corner of the world, turning it into nothing but desert badlands in most parts, and the few cities were left to crumble in their giant grasp. It had become a world where bomb shells win over guns and guns win over blades and blades win over hands and hands win over minds.

And now Luigi Mario was paying the ultimate price for being born as the most hated species, second only to the cruel Fighting Wire Frames, underlings of the Hand warlords. The penalty for his crime was execution by guns.

Luigi glanced over his shoulder in fear at his predators. At first glance, they looked like three Humans, two burly males and one tomboyish female, each touting a Timberwolf rifle in their arms. But their unusually smooth yet cruel features proved them to be the Fighting Wire Frames, cloaked by an elaborate disguise. The Hand warlords had designed a way to give their underlings artificial body tissue, blood, bones, and organs. But their minds remained unchanged, ablaze with the joy of torture and slaughter.

Pure terror propelled Luigi on, his cloak meant to cover himself flapping in his tail wind, shredded and ripped, hood flying back like a flag. His combat boots crunched in the dusted, dead ground below. Grey specks of ash blemished his green army jacket and black, cargo pants. His breathing was labored, mixed with dry sobs of frustration. Why he deserved this, he didn't know. But one thing he did know- he wasn't planning on dying now, and not to these freaks.

Reaching the end of the town, Luigi plunged into a muddy swamp, dwarfed by moss-covered rocks and toxic sludge. Desperately, he scooped up some muck and rubbed it all over his face and clothes to provide the best form of camouflage. He leaned with his back to a rocky formation, up to his waist in sludge, and didn't move a single muscle.

"The kid fell down here," the female spoke in a cool, masculine voice. "Don't shoot if you find him. I wanna deal with the Nintendian myself."

Luigi stiffened and held his breath. Sweat dripped from his dark brown bangs and his glossy eyes of crystal blue were wide as he listened to the random shouts and raucous laughter above him. Bullets were fired randomly into the quagmire, making a squishy noise as they hit the mud.

"Hey, quit fucking around!" the female snapped. "I want that Nintendian found, now!"

Luigi naturally gulped and started to softly whimper. It was the same wherever he went. Death lingered like a ghost, always close behind. Whatever town or dirty settlement he visited, it would soon fall ablaze afterwards. Luigi never did anything wrong, but everyone hated his guts, simply because his race's reputation. And because of situations beyond his control, he was a fugitive, running away from all the hatred of the Humans, and the bullets of the Frames.

He felt like screaming in agony, but remembering his situation, he instead snapped his vision up, calculating running through his tired mind. If he could muster up the strength to pick himself up out of the bag, he could sprint back into the town and lose the Frames in the blazing inferno. It was an incredibly insane risk, but it was worth getting away. Better to die in flight than to fall at the hands of the Frames' mortal weapons.

Not looking back, Luigi leaped out of the mud and ran gracefully towards the flames as if the beams of Heaven themselves were calling him. He felt like a bird, running free into the blue skies of long ago, before the toxic pollution forever turned the skies a tint of orange and green.

But then his bravado ended when his tired eyes caught the fountains of earth exploding from the impact of bullets being launched his way. He turned in terror to see the two males shower a rain of bullets upon him with wild abandon.

"GOREBLADE! RUSSAL! I FUCKIN' TOLD YOU NOT TO SHOOT!" the female screeched, and the bullets subsided.

"Duuuhhhhh… But Shrillibia…" a rather dopey voice slurred. "He'll run aways if we dun shoot 'em!"

"Well, you ain't gonna hit a skyscraper the way you're aiming!" She lifted her rifle and got the fleeing Nintendian in her scope. Pulling the trigger, her body rocked back with the force of the explosion from her weapon as a bullet was sent his way.

"Are yous blind?" the other man shouted. "You shot the ground!"

Shrillibia smirked cruelly. "Watch."

Rocketing across the dusty plain, Luigi grunted in pain as a force knocked against the sole of his shoe. The bullet fired purposely at the earth ricocheted and hit the back of his boot with enough force not to pierce the leather, but to knock him clear off his feet. Luigi fell forward to kiss the charred ground.

The Frames whooped and hollered as they watched their prey hit the ground. Before Luigi could get up, Goreblade and Russal pinned him down by the limbs, turning him over so that he faced the blazing sun. A silhouette stood above his sight like a luminous shadow, framed by the sun's goldenrod rays of light. Luigi caught a cruel smile spreading across her face.

"So, Nintendian," she spat, and Luigi gurgled as she planted a steel-toed boot on his abdomen. "Though you could get away this time, eh? Well, you caught me in a bad mood, so I hope you ain't thinkin' you're gonna die nice n' quick!"

Luigi's eyes widened as she brought out a sharp bayonet and began to hook it up to her rifle…

A few yards away, a cautious hunter lay atop a roll in the endless hills, jade eyes analyzing the scene before him.

"What's up?" a crisp, male voice spoke through the static discharge from his headset.

Placing a finger to his headset, he answered quietly, "We've got three Fighting Wire Frames and a human, I think."

"Pick 'em all off. We don't want another damn human on our case."

But the hunter was thinking otherwise. "Wait a tick…" He flipped the telescope lens down from his headset and took a closer look at the lone being. The large nose and ears and the thick mustache didn't even look close to human. Realizing this, the hunter's flint-like eyes widened into small ovals. "Oh my God, it's a Nintendian!"

"Are you fucking serious?" The voice sounded just as shocked.

"I swear to God, the kid's a Nintendian!"

"Don't shoot him then," The voice calmed down, but an obvious hint of excitement was detected behind it. "If he survives, we'll need him."

"What about the Frames? I've got one in my sights."

"Then shoot the cocksucker."

The hunter didn't have to be told twice. He locked onto the female that held the Nintendian at gunpoint with his rifle, not having the least bit of sympathy for the opposite gender. Swiftly, he pulled the trigger…

Luigi began to visibly shake as he stared down the barrel of Shrillibia's gun, the point of the bayonet centimeters away from the bridge between his eyes. She drew back her weapon with a cruel smirk, but before she could stick her prey, a gunshot echoed across the prairie. Before she could even so much as turn, an explosion of grey and pink matter erupted as a bullet tore her cranium apart. Luigi squealed in horror as the headless body collapsed over him, body fluids draining from its neck.

"Wut da fuck? Her head 'sploded!" the dopey one exclaimed, then with a watery gurgle, collapsed with a bullet to the gullet.

Panicked, the other male looked to where the shots came from, but by the time he saw the assailant, it was too late. Two shots were fired: one shattered his kneecap, and the other pierced his heart as he fell to the ground with a sickly thud.

Luigi shuddered, mouth gaped open and eyes bulging at the dead corpses in front of him. He was in such a state of shock, he didn't acknowledge the sandy footsteps approaching him. That is, until a gloved hand lightly grasped his shoulder and a silky voice that pierced through the bitterness greeted him.

"You alright, kid?"

Shivering and tears glistening in his eyes, Luigi glanced upwards at this new being. It was a red fox, sandalwood fur speckled by dust and ash. His snout lifted with a reassuring grin, as if letting Luigi know he meant no harm. Two slanted orbs of emerald green stared back, seemingly entrancing him. A black leather headband was tied loosely around his head, loose ties flapping in the desert breeze. Settled around his large ears was a headset of some sort, as of means of communication. He wore all black, sans his green cargo pants and white muscle shirt. Dog tags dangled from his neck, clinking at the slightest movement. The rifle in his other hand clearly showed that this was the gunman who had just saved his miserable life. For the sake of first impression, Luigi hastily wiped the moisture from his eyes.

"First Nintendian I've seen in a while outside the squadron," he chuckled. "The name's Fox McCloud. We were lookin' for a place to stock up on supplies…" He recognized the burning city a few yards away. "But I think we're a little too late."

"Luigi. Mine's Luigi." He flinched as he turned his head toward the inferno. "Yeah, that's… kinda my fault…"

"Really? You don't look like one who'd start a fire." But as the youth turned back to look at him, Fox grew serious. "Oh, I get it. They caught you."

Luigi nodded weakly, knowing what that meant. Nintendians were used to living as outcasts, nomading across the wastelands, and Luigi was no exception. As reparations, the Humans destroyed any forms of this poor, innocent race's way of getting home, and so they were forced to wonder, getting mobbed at any chance the humans got. They say there was one portal left in the world, and Nintendians have been searching for it for years. It has never been found yet.

Fox's thoughtful gaze turned into a comforting one. "Don't worry, I'm sure it ain't your fault, kid. Those humans will look for any excuse to start a fight."

Luigi sighed miserably. He doubted he'd ever understand why Humans had to hate so much. Sure, their land was destroyed and it was natural human instincts to lay blame upon others, but still.

"Anyways, it's best if you join us." Fox began to turn away. "You'll die out here in the Badlands alone."

Luigi nodded and was about to question the "us" part, but then he remembered there was still a female Frame body lying in his lap. He looked down at it, and feeling repulsed, began to retch a little.

Fox turned back when he noticed he wasn't being followed. "Hey, you alright, kid?"

With a sickly motion, the corpse rolled out of his lap. Luigi then reeled over and puked helplessly onto the caked earth.

Fox watched in somewhat amusement as the voice called out to him through the headset. "How'd it go?"

Fox grinned inwardly. "We've got ourselves a new recruit."

"I feel forces all around me,

Come out raise your head.

Those who hide behind the shadows

Live with all that's dead.

Look at me…Look at me…

At least look at me when you shoot a bullet

Through my head…" -Bullets, Creed

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