Final Fantasy VII prelude:
The rise of shinra

Disclaimer: I do not own final fantasy or any of the final fantasy characters.

Chapter 1: troubled waters

"RUN FOR YOU'RE YOUR FUCKING LIVES!" screamed someone as fire erupted from the base of the reactor that sunk deep under the plant, which was built on the ocean.

"SHE'S BECOMING UNSTABLE!" yelled the man in the blood stained control tower.

People were running every way to try and get into one of the escape pods but the whole plant including the pods' detachment rod ran on electricity and the power had been cut off. It was all in vain that these people tried to escape, even the doors were electric. Then all of the sudden the control tower's base exploded, sending the tower and its occupants to their doom. Blood covered the walls and made puddles on the floor. Corpses lay sprawled on the floor with their stomachs blown open. Hearts stuck to the walls and the ground, some still beating. Intestines and other human remains were splattered all over the plant. Death was upon them all and resistance was futile.

"SHEEEEEEEEE'S GUNA FUCKING BL…"but the man in the white lab coat's words were cut short. The reactor exploded at that very moment, and the ocean below was propelled in every way. It could be seen on radars for miles. Nevertheless, not a soul new where the blast came from. The power held in the concealed reactor had created a blast so great, that it had started a hurricane. Within an hour it was recognized as one of the most powerful hurricanes ever to be verified. It headed in every direction. Any city close to shore would be destroyed. Meanwhile inhabitants of those cities prepared…