Final Fantasy VII prelude:

The rise of shinra

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Chapter 5: Revenge is Sweet

Culser thought for a long time he thought of all the possibilities that came with this power that he had obtained. He thought of what could have possibly happened to make him receive this great knowledge. He thought until he couldn't think anymore. He had sweat rolling down his face. He thought how he had a duty to keep his planet safe from this horrible substance. Then while he was thinking the sweat turned into tears. It wasn't for a particular reason but just because he was emotionally unstable. He started to think about his mother. He thought about how he would never see her again. He thought about his father the one he never knew. He wouldn't ever get to know him. It made him cry harder and harder. He had nothing in life anymore. He had no home, no family, nobody to look after him, and in fact as far as he knew all his friends could be dead too.

By the time he was done cramming all this into his brain he was overloading in emotional pain. He needed something to hate someone to hate. He needed to hate the thing that took away his parents. He pleaded to god but found no answer. He swore revenge on something, anything. He needed to know why he lost everything he cared about in his life. He needed to know who to blame for what had happened. He found himself swearing vengeance but he didn't know who he was swearing it upon. He finally concluded that the only thing to blame could be the planet. Yes the planet made this happen to him. He needed a way to get back at the planet, the earth who had taken away all he loved. He was to the point of bawling by now. He cried for hours on end. He didn't stop crying until he cried himself to sleep.

He woke up early the next morning. He figured it was around 5:00 because the sun was already lighting up the east horizon a little. He had sand scrapes all over his body and head. He had sand stuck in his eyelashes and ears. He smelt a terrible stench of dead fish and body odor. He had a dreadful pain in his stomach because he hadn't eaten in so long. He had a horrible headache from the night before and he was very cold. He remembered what he had cried about for hours but the feeling had passed and he no longer felt the need to cry about it. The one feeling that did stick with him was his feeling of hate.

He hated the earth for what it had done to him and that feeling would stay with him for a long time. He needed a way to harm the earth to take his revenge for what it did to him. He looked down only to what he was laying on top of. It was the papers and notebooks he had found the day before. He had a brilliant but terrible idea. He would use his new found power to take his vengeance upon the planet and all its creatures. He would use the power of Mako energy to suck the life from the planet. He thought about the idea more and more. He loved the idea of actually putting this information to use. He would become rich off the pain of the thing that had hurt him the most. He reminisced over the idea for about an hour until his hunger got to him. He slowly rose up and walked awkwardly to his house. Debris was still everywhere. It looked as if almost no action had been made to clean up the place although a little work had been done. He opened the door to the cellar of his old house where they kept a refrigerator full of food.

The refrigerator's power had been out but the food still looked ok so he took some out to where he had the fire built. He struggled to start another one but this time it was a lot easier because he had a dry place to work and hot coals to start with. He soon had a hot meal to eat. He ate for a while until he couldn't eat anymore. The pain started to go away but was only slowly fading when he started to think about how he could put Mako energy out to the world. He decided to look up a Dr. Bugenhagen in the library records in Costa del Sol which was across the sea. He had been to Costa del Sol twice already in his life and knew how to get there.

He spent the next few hours gathering all he had left in his house and all of the info he found in the capsule taking extra care to put padding around the flask that contained the only Mako energy he or anyone had ever seen. Before the day was through he finished packing built another fire and was trying to go to sleep. He had a long day ahead of him and he needed to be alert for the whole thing. He tossed and turned for hours trying to get as comfortable as he possibly could but to no avail. He thought and thought about the journey and it made him more and more anxious every minute. He did finally get to sleep around 2:00am but that wouldn't help him much, for he had to get up in 6 hours to catch the boat. He fell asleep with the thought of how nice it would feel to finally win a battle. The thought about how he would make the planet suffer for his own good. It made him feel like a piece of him had finally been filled in. He didn't know revenge could be this sweet.