Final Fantasy 10-3

disclaimer: I do not own Final Fantasy or any Final Fantasy Charicters used in this story. They are property of Square Enix.

Tidus and Yuna were in a hammock in unknown woods. The hammock rocked as Tidus inserted himself into Yuna rapidly harder and harder. She pulled away and started to lick his right testicle. She gradually worked her way up licking his large erect penis in an upward motion. Then she moved back down and put his dick in her pussy. Yuna was in utter pleasure as the man she loved made love to her in the silence of the woods. Not a care in the world thought Yuna as she moaned loudly. She and Tidus both were having a very pleasurable time as they had the sex of their lives. Tidus then pulled it out and it exploded with cum all over both of them. He moved into position and started to stick his tongue up her pussy. It seemed as if this dream come true would never end.

A sword sliced straight through Tidus cutting him in half. His body instantly disappeared. Yuna looked up and saw a man in a red cloak with armor under it.

"Sir Auron!" screamed Yuna terrified of the man she thought was dead.

"These habits of yours are unhealthy. Put your clothes on." Muttered a slightly embarrassed Auron

"You killed him" cried Yuna still naked

"Yuna get a grip on yourself. Do you really think I would kill Tidus if it mattered" smirked Auron in a playful yet very serious tone. "Do you want your lover alive?" said Auron and at his words Tidus's body Appeared in front of her. "Or dead?", he said as the body fell to the ground and disappeared.

"Why do you ask this" whimpered Yuna still upset about Tidus

"I can give you his life back. All you have to do is go to Zanarkand and find the palace of the great lady Yunalesca. There you will find the potions of the great alchemist Ansem. Look for the most honored of his potions and pour it on your memory of Tidus at the Farplane.

This is the end of my story may the story of an even greater man live on. Good luck now, "Wake up Yuna!"



She awoke with a jolt to find herself in her hut on the isle of Besaid.