As he saw the bolt coming at him he dodged but wasn't quick enough and was hurt badly. He had a bad slice right through his right leg. As he noticed this he saw the other team swim out of the north door and lock it behind them.

"What the hell is happenin ya?" asked Wakka to Dax

"It's time Wakka." Said Dax confidently

"Time for what?" asked Wakka now feeling nervous

"Time for your journey to end" Said Dax and as he did that he and the other two fill-ins tore off there auroch gear revealing Al Bhed clothing.

"I trusted you ya? And now you're gunna go behind my back and do this to me?"

"I am sorry my friend but my leaders pay me more money." Said Dax now with a terrible smirk on his face. Then the three Al Bhed turned and swam toward the exit.

"SWIM AFTER THEM!" screamed Wakka as loud as he could. The rest of the team swam after the three Al Bhed feverously. Keepa who was the closest to the door got hold of Dax's leg and pulled as hard as he could but as that occurred, the other two pulled out machina pistols and shot Keepa three times in the chest and back. Keepa's dead corpse slowly floated to the top of the sphere pool and as Wakka watched this in awe the three betrayers escaped from the south door. Wakka had no time to dwell on this as the Al Bhed machina was destroying the stadium killing thousands. Wakka swam towards the south door and upon getting there he pulled with all his might. The door wouldn't budge. He was loosing a lot blood from his cut now and he was feeling a bit light headed. He needed to get out of the sphere pool fast. As he thought it could get no worse a huge Machina was brought overhead by an airship. It was big, yellow and had two large rods coming from the end of it. Before he could use his imagination to think of what it could do the tips lit up with electrical charge. Wakka was wondering what they would do with that when he realized that water conducted electricity. If those rods came near the water he would be electrocuted! He had to get out now. He had an idea. He swam to the goal, took off the net and then untied it. When he had a long enough rope he tied it to his blitzball. He figured if he threw it and got it caught in the stands he could pull himself out of the pool. He spun as fast as he could and threw the ball way out of the sphere. It got caught in between two seats.

"Yes" yelled Wakka. As he started to pull the Machina started to lower itself down towards the pool. He pulled harder. The water almost looked red now. He could smell and taste the blood in the water around him. He was feeling very light headed and was not about his wits. He kept pulling. Hand over hand over and over he pulled until he was almost there at that moment the rope snapped. He had lost all hope of ever getting out of the sphere pool. He had decided that his life was over he might as well face it. He started to think of all the good times he had in the past. He thought of his journey as a guardian for Yuna. He thought of all the laughs he had and all of the adventures they went on. He thought of all the tough situations they had been through and all of the times they pulled through. He thought of his brother Chappu and why he had to die, why he out of all the crusaders had to be the one to die, why he had not taken the sword that Wakka had offered him. Lastly he thought of himself and all the people he might have hurt with his prejudice, all the people he had known in his lifetime and all the ones he could still know. He didn't want to die. He wanted his life to continue and his story to go on. He started to pray to Yevon his old religion and thought maybe Yevon was real and it was just the measters that were not righteous. Just when he thought nobody was there and no god existed, and just as the machina was about to touch the water he looked up and saw a single glimmer of light above him. Almost like a star shining in the night except right now it was the middle of the day. It shown brighter than anything he had ever seen. The only thing was that he felt a strange relation as if he had seen the light somewhere before. Then everything went blurry, he heard an explosion and then all was black.