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Converging Paths


Written by Chaos Lord

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Prologue - Every story has a beginning.


It was done. The endless loop through time and space was begun anew. In the heart of the artificial woman known as Ifurita an odd duality formed. On one hand she knew that what she had just done was a good thing. By sending the love of her life, her dearest Makoto, across the dimensional expanse he and the others she sent, Nanami, Mr. Fujisawa, and even Jinai, would be able to alter the world of El-Hazard forever. Along the way Makoto would free her, they would fall in love, and the cycle would continue.

On the other hand, she did send Makoto away. For ten thousand years Ifurita had waited to see him again. As she waited she slept to conserve power in order to perform the task that would start everything again. While her body slept Ifurita's newly found subconscious dreamed of her love and the moment, sometime down the road, when they would be reunited. But her dreams were accompanied by messages from the mechanical portion of her psyche. These messages were not happy like her dreams, no, they told of a very bitter reality. Despite the stasis room she built and the deep hibernation that she had placed upon most of her systems Ifurita's immense power reserves were declining. As time elapsed her hopes of surviving past the point of sending Makoto and company became more and more distant.

And so, with the task that she had assigned herself complete, Ifurita decided to use what remaining strength that she possessed to take a walk through the school that figured so predominantly in Makoto's memories. As she walked through the halls of Shininomi High Ifurita was bombarded with images that came from Makoto's memories. Each memory was of something inconsequential, walking down the hall, listening to a teacher drone on about one subject or another, but for Ifurita these scenes were treasures that allowed her a further glimpse into the mind and heart of Makoto. Each step that she took became harder and harder to perform as what little power she had left dwindled away.

As she stumbled towards the area near what she now knew as the basketball courts Ifurita could feel that her end would be soon upon her. Becoming too weak to walk any further she leaned against the fence. Looking out in the direction of the basketball courts Ifurita saw a bright light and knew that this was it. When the image of her beloved Makoto appeared within the white light she summoned what little strength left to and she walked towards it. She knew that it was just her mechanical systems shutting down and her organic systems dying as a part of that shut down but she didn't care for at least she would be with Makoto in spirit if not in actuality. But as she reached the hallucination of her love she didn't pass through or collapse into a dead heap, no she hit warm flesh and soft cloths.

Looking up, Ifurita saw that Makoto had aged several years since she last saw him on the surface of the Eye of God. The boyish good looks that had gained him so many suitors had vanished and in their place was the handsome nobility of the man that he was now. As she became aware that Makoto was not a death-induced hallucination other things began to register in Ifurita's mind. The primary of which being the fact that her power reserves were no longer decreasing. They were in fact rising to her minimal safe operating level. She still did not have enough to perform any of the feats that made so many on El-Hazard fear her, but she had more than enough to keep her organic systems operating safely.

The reason for Ifurita's newfound strength you may ask? Well in his journey from El-Hazard Makoto brought with him Ifurita's power key staff. Once it symbolized Ifurita's slavery to the masters that built her millennia ago but now it was a symbol of the link that the couple shared. For when Ifurita went into the Eye of God in order to save El-Hazard from its wrath she left her staff with Makoto so that he could communicate to her how to stop the creation of ancient El-Hazard. With her staff here it gave her some measure of strength even though she had not been wound.

Not a word was spoken between the newly reunited pair for none was necessary. Unlike most people Makoto has a special gift, with the simplest of touches he can interact with the technology of ancient El-Hazard. It so happens that Ifurita is one of those pieces of technology and it was Makoto's gift that transformed Ifurita from the feared Demon God that she had been bound to be to the woman that she was now. Makoto was using this gift, and the link they shared, to convey all the emotions that he was feeling at that moment. As Ifurita felt all that Makoto was feeling at that moment so was he experiencing her emotions. And so they did not utter a sound for they were both so overcome by emotion that neither could say anything.

After several seconds Makoto and Ifurita withdrew their consciousnesses back into their own bodies yet they still maintained a connection. It was through this connection that Makoto said, "Let's go home." All Ifurita's response comprised of was a joyous smile and a tightening of her embrace. Makoto got the message and accessed the Power Key Staff's symmetry. In an instant the couple was enveloped in swirling white light and Makoto Mizuhara left Earth once more.


Kazuki Yotsuga was at peace and he was happy to get it. In his life peace was in short supply for he had a problem that many a man would give their left arm for, he had many able bodied young women after him. It all started a little over a year ago. One day, on his way home from school Kazuki saw a vision of a great battle between two giant robots, one white and one green. As time passed the visions increased in frequency, each scene one of battle. Though they happened in different places and showed different battles one thing remained the same, the white robot. He became so enthusiastic about the visions that he gave the white robot a name, Hartzenen , and he even began to publish an account of the visions on his personal web site. These stories made him rather famous in his High School, though the fame he received was not exactly to his liking.

It was his stories that brought him to the attention of one Mitsuki Sanada. Mitsuki was not the type that would be interested in his story. She was cool, aloof, and more importantly she was popular. In Kazuki's world popular girls don't just walk up and ask you to come to their house. But ask she did and it turned out to be a turning point in his life. Upon arriving at the Sanada home Kazuki was introduced to the home's patriarch, Ken Sanada. If ever there was a mad scientist it was Ken Sanada and like all true mad scientists Ken studied in a field that was rather obscure, dimensional physics. He had even created a device that would send a person to a parallel dimension. It was this device that Mitsuki accidentally activated and it was that device that sent Kazuki to a world not his own.

This new world, Kazuki soon found out, was the world of his visions. Soon he was the pilot of Hartzenen and along with Mitsuki Sanada became embroiled in a war against a group called the Rara Army. As he tried to find his place in this new world Kazuki came to the attention of several young women; Yayoi Schwael, D, and eventually Mitsuki Rara. Yayoi was Hartzenen's former pilot and after Kazuki saved her during one battle she became hopelessly enamored with him. D was a rather odd young woman, you see her body was not real at all, in fact it was a bioroid shell for D's soul that resided in her left eye. The other Mitsuki was the daughter of the head of the Rara army and the complete opposite of the Mitsuki from his world. Where his Mitsuki was rather abrasive the Mitsuki of this world was kind soft-spoken. Added to these three was Mitsuki Sanada who, despite her protests, cared deeply for Kazuki. Unfortunately several of the girls were somewhat more forward with their affections and Mitsuki was none to pleased with them. Something she stated quite vocally.

After several months in this new world Kazuki gained a new robot, Zinv (A/N For those who don't this is pronounced JeanBoo). Zinv was far superior to Hartzenen and the other Core Robots and for some reason he seemed to respond to Kazuki alone. With the introduction of Zinv a new problem began to arise, the two worlds were going to come together and explode. But during the final battle against the Rara forces the limiters that bound Zinv were released and through his awesome power Zinv was able to safely merge the two worlds, to the betterment of both.

Though it was thought that Zinv was destroyed in the merging, he was not. Professors Sanada and Rara saw the benefit in Zinv and the technology he represented. By utilizing the power of the artifact technology that once threatened the two worlds mankind could travel into the limitless deaths of space.

Today, at a testing facility owned by Rara, Kazuki and Zinv were demonstrating one of the fighting machine's most interesting and terrifying weapons, the ability to create a black hole. During the final battle before the merging of the two worlds Kazuki and Zinv used this weapon to completely eradicate the Rara artifact. Professor Sanada took notes during the event but he had been unable to gather any real data. As such this was the first opportunity to test this remarkable ability under controlled setting since the merging of the worlds.

As he sat in the control chair of Zinv Kazuki waited for word from the fortified bunker where all his friends were. He did not have to wait long. "Kazuki, we're ready on our side. Go as soon as you're ready," said Professor Sanada.

Kazuki took a deep breath and placed his hands on the Sympathy Orbs, "Ready Zinv." Though the robot did not answer it did not need to, he and Kazuki were one and the same. Like everyone else Kazuki had a parallel self but instead of someone who looked the same, Kazuki's other self was Zinv. Kazuki then keyed the mike and began to take Zinv up, "Okay. Starting test. Rising to one thousand feet." Given the damage that was caused during the last time this was done it was felt that Zinv should be taken to a spot far enough away from the ground.

Once he reached mission altitude Kazuki summoned Zinv's Light Hawk Wings. From Zinv's back extended two large "wings" of white light. Once they reached their full length the white light exploded into a multitude of hexagonal flakes. In the white light's place there was a pair of green-blue wings. Kazuki then moved on to the next phase of the operation. From the position of an observer on the outside they would hear a horrible roar that was emitted from the machine. The roar was not one that you would hear being emitted from an animal or even a human, instead it sounded as if some deity had descended to lay its wrath upon the world. This was only amplified by the brightly glowing red eye that was visible through the hole in the left side of the faceplate. As if he were struggling against the very fabric of the universe Zinv moved his arms to in front of his chest. When they his hands got close enough to one another reddish-orange electricity began to arc from the point right between his hands. As he spread his arms a sphere of pure blackness formed in front of the alien creation. Then all hell broke loose.

In the control center Hayase was the first to know that something was amiss. But that knowledge did not come quick enough and soon alarms were sounding though out the room. Using reflexes honed overseeing countless battles during the war Professor Sanada was out of his chair in an instant, "Report!"

Hayase's voice rang out over the squeals of the alarm. "We're detecting dimensional anomalies around Zinv completely out of the ranges we had predicted." Before actually conducting this test Professors Sanada and Rara along with their staff had spent months in simulations. They took all of the observations by eyewitnesses and input the data along with what little was known about what had happened last time into a computer. Using that data they came up with what they felt was an accurate model of what had happened and the energy necessary to allow Zinv to do what it did. With a working model in hand they ran every simulation that they could and only after they were sure that nothing bad would happen they gave the go ahead for this test.

As more data came in from the various sensor installations in the surrounding area Hayase paled considerably, "My God." She then looked back at Professor Sanada. "Professor! There is a localized dimensional tear forming around Zinv. It matches the tear that was present each time Kazuki jumped dimensions!"

Ken Sanada knew what that meant and before he could say or do anything the inevitable happened. Zinv began to glow yellow and then with one last defiant roar both he and Kazuki disappeared from the testing area. As he stood there with his hands upon the console before him Ken Sanada felt a gaping maw form in his soul. He had just seen, in startling clarity, the young man he had come to love as a son vanish. Unlike Kazuki's other jumps, which had occurred under controlled conditions, Ken had no clue as to where to look for the wayward young man. Then he realized something truly terrifying. Like a man on the way to his own funeral Ken slowly turned his head toward the back of the room. As he looked upon the visitor's gallery Ken saw that his worst fear had come true. In a row sat all of the young ladies that vied for Kazuki's attention. Between D and Yayoi there was an empty seat. This seat had once been occupied by his daughter, Mitsuki, and from the expressions of those to either side of the seat it was apparent that, like Kazuki, she too had disappeared.

All Ken could do was stand there in complete numbness. When his wife Akane ran into arms Ken held her tightly yet he still did not know what to feel. Now normally Akane was not overly emotional, but right now she was bawling her eyes out. Her children were gone.

"What do we do now," she sobbed?

"We have faith. Faith that they will find a way back. Until then we do all in our power to find them," he said grimly.


It was another one of those days for the men and worked for the agency known as NERV. High above, the fortress-city, Tokyo 3, prepared for combat. As the massive buildings that made up the core of the city retracted deep into their protective enclosures others that contained the city's vast armament were being checked and readied. It was said that the defenses of Tokyo 3 could repel any terrestrial aggressor. But the invaders that attack this place are far from terrestrial. As such all the defenses could hope to do was delay any threat that should attack.

Tokyo 3's true defenders were deep below the fortress-city. At the bottom of the massive bowl that Tokyo 3 covered was NERV's Japanese branch HQ. The massive black pyramid looked out over the forested area of the Geofront like some ancient evil. Within and under the structure technicians scrambled to get mankind's saviors ready to face this next aggressor.

For mankind's enemy was not man itself but creatures who have come to Earth in order to bring about the apocalypse. These creatures were given a name by man, Angels. It was written in the Dead Sea Scrolls that there would be seventeen such beings that would descend upon man and see if it was worthy. Each Angel was given a name out of the apocryphal texts. The first was Adam and though it is not widely known it was this creature that brought about a catastrophe known to man as the Second Impact. It was this Second Impact that shifted the Earth's axis and in the process killed over half of her population. Of the Second Angel, Lilith, little is known and it seems as if she is content with staying out of the affairs of man. Fifteen years after the Second Impact the Angel's began their test with the arrival of the Third Angel, Sachiel. After a long battle it was vanquished by man though the victory was not without its share of casualties. Only three weeks later the Fourth Angel, Shamashel, arrived but it too was defeated. Now the fifth messenger, Ramiel, is on its way to test mankind

What you may ask is powerful enough to do battle against these creatures? Only one force in the world is capable of fighting the Angels, mankind's ultimate achievement, the artificial life form Evangelion. At roughly one hundred meters tall these colossal beasts are mankind's only hope. Not only does their size afford them a great deal of strength but the Evangelions also posses the A.T. Field. This energy barrier, also possessed by the angels, protects against any attack and allows the Evas to destroy the Angels.

There is only one drawback to the Evangelions, they require a certain type of pilot. Now with such fantastic weapons one would expect these pilots to be men and women of exceptional talent, people who have been trained rigorously to perform their task. But alas that is not how it is, instead mankind's fate is in the hands of children who have had little training and are woefully ill-equipped to handle life let alone the defense of humanity.

Lack of training and maturity aside these children do their duty. As one of these children, one Shinji Ikari, readies himself for battle others are reading his war machine Evangelion Unit 01. This purple monstrosity was, for the moment, mankind's only hope. His machine ready Shinji reluctantly entered the Eva's entry plug. This was quickly inserted into the Eva's back and filled with a fluid known as LCL. As Unit 01 was moved onto a launch catapult Shinji was briefed on what little the MAGI, NERV's three supercomputers, had been able to gleam about the target.

In NERV HQ's command center, known as Central Dogma, there was an ordered chaos. This was the third angel attack that the crew had gone through and by now everyone had the routine down pat. In the center of this chaos stood Dr. Ritsuko Akagi and Captain Misato Katsuragi. As personnel passed them by the duo barked out orders to their respective subordinates. Just as Misato, in her capacity as operations director, was going to issue the order to launch Unit 01 to the surface, alarms began to ring.

From the darkness of the upper command dais came the steely voice of Gendo Ikari. "Report." If there ever was a man who had despised by his subordinates it was he. It is as if when his wife, Yui, died all those years ago every shred of good that was in him died with her. Now he is a man of dark dealings, concocting a scheme that not even his closest confidantes were not completely aware of.

On the command deck below only one person spoke, Lieutenant Maya Ibuki whose voice rang out over the screaming alarms. "There is a high energy reaction coming from a spot one kilometer above Tokyo 3!" Without any prompting Maya brought up a view of the area in question on the main monitor. To those in Central Dogma it looked like the sky in the area in question was being pushed and twisted. Maya continued to access the MAGI for information, "The MAGI say with two for and one abstaining that the phenomenon is a warp in space."

To say that Dr. Akagi was shocked would be an understatement. The amount of energy needed to cause such a visible warp in space was astronomical. "Is the angel causing the warp?"

One of the other techs with standard access to the MAGI, Shieru Aoba, answered since he had been monitoring the angel the entire time. "Unknown. All data from the Angel stopped the moment the disturbance began. Either the Angel is causing it or it is as in the dark as we are."

On the main screen every one watched as the warp intensified until it exploded in a shower of yellow light. In the space that warp had occupied there was now something floating there. It looked like a giant suit of armor and though scanners said that it was only twenty-five meters tall it seemed to radiate a certain power.


While those in NERV had been occupied by the disturbance in space and the subsequent visitor a second, more gentle, warp went unnoticed by all. In the evacuated streets of Tokyo 3 no one was there to bare witness to the swirling white light that formed. As the light dissipated it revealed a man holding an oddly shaped staff in one hand and a rather beautiful woman in the other.

As the light faded Makoto Mizuhara realized that he and Ifurita had not been transported to El-Hazard like he had intended. From the look of the architecture around him he knew that he wasn't still on his home world either though the fact that all the signs were in Japanese brought him some measure of comfort. That's when he noticed the large object shaped like a diamond and smaller armored creation that hovered overhead. "What the hell are they?"

Ifurita, who had busy taking in the scenery with a kind of wonder, looked up at what her love was talking about. Though she needed to be wound, now that she was near her Power Key staff Ifurita had enough power to do a scan of the area. "Both objects are shielded and with my minimal power reserves I can not pierce their shielding. But the small object is not from this world."

Makoto looked down at the love of his life, "How do you know? I thought you couldn't scan them."

"I can't, but the abilities I gained form the Eye of God allow me to see dimensional signatures. The smaller one has a rather odd signature that is distinctly different from everything around it."

Makoto looked back up at the armored figure. "So that means it might have been brought here along with us."

"That is a distinct possibility," Ifurita replied. Before she could say anything else her whole body went rigid. For the first time since the Holy Wars of years ago certain defenses had been activated within her.

Feeling his love go stiff Makoto looked down at Ifurita. Seeing the blank look in her unblinking eyes he grew worried. Makoto shook her, "Ifurita! What's wrong?"

It took Ifurita several seconds to register that Makoto had spoke to her. Once she had she saw that Makoto was distraught. She reached up and placed her hand on his cheek, "What is wrong?"

"That is what I asked you. You went all stiff and spaced out." Now he really was concerned. Though he hadn't known her long Makoto felt that Ifurita was not the type of person to miss someone talking to her.

"My astral sensors detected an attempted intrusion into what you would call my soul. Some of my dormant subsystems came online to combat the threat. They then detected an intrusion into you and acted accordingly," she stated as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened.

Makoto though was a little more concerned. It wasn't every day that his soul was under attack. "Astral sensors?"

"Yes. During the Holy Wars there were a select few on both sides that were gifted with devices like the lanterns that the Priestesses of Mt. Muldoon now use. Unlike the lanterns, which manipulate the elements, these devices could allow the user to wage war on a person's soul. It was soon discovered that the devices were effective on the early Demon Gods and the subsequent models were created with sensors and shielding to prevent a Demon God from being compromised."

"Well that explains you but why was I protected?"

"Along with the shielding and sensors the newer models of Demon God, such as myself, were created with a Power Key staff. When the master of the staff wound their Demon God the staff would link master and slave. The master/slave relationship had been in place before but it was determined that the master would be the weak link should an astral attack be launched. With the introduction of the staff it was hoped that the master would be much safer."

"But your obedience circuit was destroyed. You shouldn't have a master." He should know he was the one that destroyed it. With the obedience circuit gone Ifurita was her own woman able to make decisions for herself.

"I don't, but the love that I feel for you is so great that the subprograms regarding defense felt that you are my master," she said with a shy smile and a blush on her cheeks.

Though he was several years older than when he had been first transported to El-Hazard, Makoto got a silly grin at Ifurita's words. He was glad that she had said out loud what had been said so often in their minds but he still remained on track. "I wonder who would attack us like that."


Deep beneath NERV HQ is a room so huge that it makes the massive Evangelions appear tiny by comparison. In the room there was a large pool of what, on closer inspection, turned out to be LCL. At the center of the pool there rose a giant red cross. Nailed to this cross was a massive creature. From the rudimentary breasts upon her pale white chest one could tell that this creature was female. What her face looked like was anyone's guess as she wore a mask with seven eyes arranged in a triangle. This was NERV's most secret of secrets, this was the Angel Lilith.

On this day Lilith felt the presence of three new souls. Like she had done since first arriving she reached out and tried to incorporate these souls into her matrix. As she reached out for the first two, a man and a woman, she was surprised that they were not children like so many others that she had made a part of her. Upon making contact she was rebuffed, something that had only happened once before. Since she had encountered such a phenomenon before Lilith spent little time pondering its meaning. Instead she went on to the third soul that had just arrived.

As she neared the young man known as Kazuki Yotsuga her way was bared. Unlike the others, whose souls were shielded against her probes, he had a guardian. On this plane of existence form was unnecessary and sometimes got in the way. But for human beings form was critical in how they dealt with one another. As such, whenever Lilith approached a new soul she came in the form of a young woman. This would prove to be her undoing. As she neared Kazuki's soul the young man disappeared. This had never happened before so Lilith "stood" in shock. Kazuki was then replaced by a huge suit of armor. So quick was its movement that before she could react he had her in his metal gauntlet and had Lilith in front of his huge faceplate. Normally this would not be a problem, her realm of interest was the spiritual and in combat here she knew no equal, but as she soon discovered all her skill was for naught. The armor's grip did not loosen the slightest bit instead it increased in response to Lilith's struggling.

Then from all around Lilith came a voice so booming and filled with hate that it made the angel wince. "LITTLE INSECT! HOW DARE YOU COME HERE AND TRY TO STEAL WHAT IS MINE!" From within the armor's faceplate an angry red eye shone out. "COUNT THE DAYS UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN. FOR WHEN WE DO I SHALL CRUSH YOU LIKE THE BUG THAT YOU ARE." Then the armor pulled back the arm that was holding Lilith and hurled her back into her body.

As her soul reentered her body it did so most painfully. So great was her pain and fear that for the first time since she came to this world she screamed out as her mask cracked. High above Lilith's chamber Rei Ayanami was watching what was happening in the real world along with the others in Central Dogma. Out of no where she was bombarded by feelings of intense fear and an all-consuming pain. So overwhelmed was she that Rei fell to the ground screaming. One other felt Lilith's pain and that was Evangelion Unit 01. Just as Rei felt everything Lilith did so did it. And like Rei Unit 01 cried out in pain though it sounded more like a roar. Luckily for the people of NERV Unit 01 did not decide to thrash about for if it had it would have taken the catapults with it.


Countless eons ago in a place far removed from the Earth that Kazuki knew there was a world at war with itself. During the course of the war many fantastic weapons of death were created but as each side created something new the other would create a counter. They had reached a stalemate. So one side decided to create the ultimate war machine, they succeeded. On paper its capabilities were astounding but when they actually got around to building it there were some unforeseen complications. As with all their creations they created this newest engine of death with a soul. Instead of messing with all the timely programming that a robot needs these people created souls and by giving a machine a soul it allowed the pilot to interact directly with it. In this way the pilot actually became the machine. Normally when creating a soul a female one would be created, it was felt that though men were aggressive the female soul in the machine would blunt some of this unnecessary aggression. When they created a soul for this newest weapon of war there was an accident and the soul generated within was male.

When the test pilot, who was a male, brought the machine online for the first time all on the development team were terrified at their creation's power. So scared were they at the power that a male could produce with one of their machines that both sides came to the decision to take men out of the equation. No longer did they use men to pilot their machines. As for the prototype? Well the data on it was placed under deepest security and the machine itself was tucked away. Though they feared it, the prototype's builders knew that it might be needed sometime in the future so it was decided that they couldn't destroy it. And so Project Zinv was sealed and hopefully forgotten.

For nearly two hundred years Zinv slept, confined away, until a little girl changed the course of its destiny. Though Project Zinv had been closed the war was far from over. As time passed more and more engines of death were created and the war began to affect more people. Prior to one particular attack a young woman and her friends were in a city having a good time. While they were they there the opposing side launched a sneak attack on the city. In the ensuing chaos the young woman and her friends got separated. Later she learned that her friends had entered a building to seek shelter and when the building collapsed on top of them they were killed.

The young woman, now a victim of the war like so many others, decided to bring a stop to the war. Not by gaining revenge on those that had killed her friends but by stopping both sides. Though many had tried to stop the war they were not in the unique position that she was. This resourceful young woman was a military researcher and she used all of her resources to find a way to bring a stop to the madness. After a rather exhaustive search through the archives she found what she had searched for. She found Project Zinv.

It was a rather harrowing ordeal and the adventure was not without its share of pitfalls but the young woman had been able to reach the installation where Project Zinv had been locked away. As light once more gleamed off the metallic surface of their ultimate achievement the young woman felt somewhat afraid, after-all there was a good reason why this machine had been locked away for eternity. She did not let this fear stop her and entered Project Zinv's cockpit. This was the part that truly worried the young woman. Would Project Zinv accept her and her quest or would it reject her for being a woman like those that locked it away. To the young woman's delight Project Zinv accepted her and her quest and so the young woman who would be known as D stole Zinv.

After a long trip D and Zinv landed upon a world far removed form their own, unfortunately they had been followed. By the time everyone arrived on this new world hunter and prey were in less than stellar shape. As such D sealed Zinv away once more and she placed herself into hibernation in order to survive her injuries. Both slept for untold years until Professor Ken Sanada found D and made for her a new body. Zinv wasn't reawakened until a young man named Kazuki Yotsuga came to its tomb. Kazuki and Zinv shared a certain characteristic, they both had the same soul. As such Zinv claimed Kazuki as his own and nothing, even the destruction of his body and the merging of two worlds, would keep him from what was his.

Now both he and Kazuki were on a new world. And what should happen upon arriving? Some entity from this world tried to claim his other half and this infuriated Zinv to no end. Tough he did not know where the interloper who tried to steal from him was at, he could tell that the creature before him carried within it the same blood as she who wronged him. And so Zinv's soul cried out for vengeance against this thing that was like the thief.


As he sat within Zinv's cockpit Kazuki tried to figure out what was going on. All of his readings told him that this was the same place as where the test was at and yet the large city that was below him stood as a silent testament that this was not his world. As this was something that had happened more than once in his life Kazuki was better prepared than others at dealing with the fact that he was on a world not his own. What really boggled Kazuki's mind was the large reflective diamond that hung right outside Zinv. Though something primal within him said that maybe he should be leaving the area where the diamond was Kazuki figured that as long as it was not making any threatening gestures he was all right.

Then out of no where he felt extremely angry. As he looked at the diamond before him Kazuki felt and intense urge to crush it and consign it to the same ether that he sent the artifact to. Since these feelings just appeared out of the blue Kazuki knew their source, Zinv. It was one of the prices you had to pay when you were bonded with something, you felt everything it felt. Though he didn't know why Zinv was so upset, Kazuki did his best to ignore the feeling.

At that moment a sub screen opened up. At the top of the screen there were the words, "Sanada, M. Audio only." After a burst of static Kazuki heard Mitsuki's voice calling out to him, "Kazuki. Kazuki, can you hear me?"

Indeed he did and it made him happy to know that there was someone familiar with him in this new world. "Mitsuki? I hear you. Where are you?"

"Don't worry about that now! You've got to destroy that giant diamond."

Normally he would have asked why he needed to destroy something but this time it seems as if life was going to take the choice out of his hands. Along the edge of the cube Kazuki saw that there was a line of glowing energy forming along the diamond's side. Kazuki had just enough time to bring up Zinv's shields. In an instant the diamond shot out a beam of energy that Zinv's sensors said could destroy him. Luckily Zinv's shield was inactuality a localized warping of space and the beam was forced around the mecha. Seeing that his target was hostile Kazuki gave in to Zinv and channeled his desires into action.


In Central Dogma everyone watched as this newcomer to the war against the Angels was fired upon. Within moments data was being processed and it was determined that the beam that had been deflected against the unknown element's shield was powerful enough to pierce Evangelion armor. After the Angel's attack the armor reared back and gave off a roar. This roar was accompanied by a large purple pillar of energy that was created around the newcomer and that extended both to the ground and far into the sky above. As they observed the display everyone in the room felt a measure of fear, as it was evident that the audio pickup was not on yet they still heard its roar. In that instant many vowed to make sure that they never got this new guy angry.

Ritsuko rushed over to Maya's station, "Are we recording this?!"

"Yes ma'am. All recorders are on and active." Then another light activated in Maya's console. As she accessed the information she paled. "There is a high gravity field forming between the angel and the new arrival. Gravity field at 50g's and rising rapidly."

While Ritsuko was looking at Maya's display Misato was watching the main screen. Now it appeared as if the newcomer was glaring at the Angel as its arms were extended. Between the two was an ominous black ball that had orange electricity arching about it. As her wide eyes took in everything her left hand unconsciously reached up to squeeze the cross that hung around her neck. Then the truly terrifying happened. Before her eyes the Angel, a symbol of power and terror, began to shake violently. "Look," she called out. Hoping against hope that the images that she was bearing witness to were not real. But this was as real as it got and every soul in Central Dogma was now watching. The Angel's shaking grew more and more violent until, to the shock of all, pieces of it began to break off. As the outer shell of the Angel was sucked into the black sphere the main body began to compress violently. The Angel put up a valiant effort but it was far too late for it. After several seconds of struggle the Angel could take no more and it compressed in a shower of blood. Not a drop of the oddly colored liquid hit the ground as it was promptly sucked into the black ball along with the Angel itself.

The scene that everyone witnessed was so terrifying and out of their sphere of experience that it even shook up the commanders. Standing at his post as Gendo Ikari's right hand man, Subcommander Kouzou Fuyutsuki's only response was a whispered, "Mother of God."

Gendo, though fearful of this newest arrival, was also somewhat angry at it. Everything that had happened up to this point had been predicted and accounted for. But this new arrival was not in any of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Since they had not included this when they had mentioned everything else a small kernel of doubt began to form in his mind to the scroll's accuracy.


Inside Zinv's cockpit Kazuki felt a measure of satisfaction. He knew that this originated from Zinv himself and he wondered what the now dead diamond did to anger Zinv so. He had little time to ponder this as Mitsuki's voice rang out once more.

"Kazuki. Kazuki! Stop daydreaming and activate Zinv's stealth mode."

It was then that Kazuki realized the situation that he was in. "Oh yeah." With a mere thought Kazuki activated Zinv's "cloaking field" and the twenty-five meter tall war machine vanished with a ripple. As Professors Sanada and Rara studied more about Zinv they learned some more of the machine's tricks. One was to make a localized fold in space to hide in. Essentially Zinv could make a giant pocket in space to hide in. It seems as if Zinv's designers had thought of everything, for this pocket was undetectable by the most advanced sensors the team had been able to devise. The truly amazing thing about the pocket was that once created it was completely self-sustaining. The main problem with using such a pocket was that while certain things could enter, such as certain specially modulated radio waves which the pocket was designed to let in, Zinv could not communicate or interact with the outside world.

Once Zinv was safely tucked away in its protective pocket Kazuki received another transmission from Mitsuki. "Great! Now I'm sending you a map of the area, it will tell you where I'm at." The line went silent for a moment. "Oh and Kazuki. Welcome to Tokyo 3," she said softly. In an instant her normal tone returned, "Now hurry up! It's not polite to keep a lady waiting."


On the streets of Tokyo 3 Makoto and Ifurita stood speechless at the scene they had just witnessed. Never in their lives had they seen such a display, and Ifurita fought in a world wide war. When the victor in the battle disappeared Makoto looked to Ifurita. Already the woman was scanning the area for any trace of the armor. It took every scanner in her arsenal but finally Ifurita found it on her dimensional sensors. Apparently while the warping used the space that was of this universe the energy used to warp it was not. She pointed to the spot in the air where she saw the energy signature, "There." She then noticed that the signature was now in motion. "It is now moving away."

Though he wanted nothing to do with whatever it was Makoto knew that it might shed some light on why they were all there. "Can you track it?"

"Indeed I can." She then looked a little embarrassed. "But my power reserves are too low to walk any distance."

"But why are you embarrassed? I don't mind winding you. I know you are different but I'll still love you," Makoto assured. He thought that she did not want him to wind her since it make her appear less like a woman and more like some clockwork toy.

In reality that was defiantly not what Ifurita was thinking. "That is not my problem. When you wind me I might start acting aroused."

That made Makoto's eyebrows shoot up so far they ended up on his back. "W-what?!"

"When the ancients of El-Hazard built Demon Gods the first time a new master activated one of us we would feel an intense desire to engage in intercourse with them. It was felt that in doing this the organic components of the Demon God's makeup would be made more subservient. This practice was also done since several Demon Gods acted as consorts and body guards. The more normal one acted the less likely an assassin would take notice." As she spoke Ifurita looked down at the ground in shame. In her long lifetime she had several masters and her programming forced her to service her master's needs. It was the curse of having a mechanically augmented memory, you remembered everything.

Though he was shocked at the notion that the Demon Gods had been used for sex as well as for destruction. The realization that Ifurita had been with other men in the past was a daunting one. Not because he felt she cheated on him but because he did not know if he would be able to compete. This knowledge had also answered a question that had been lurking in the back of Makoto's mind for years, "Could Ifurita and he make love?"

As he looked at his one true love he could see that she was ashamed of herself. His heart broke at seeing her in such a state and he reached out to cup her soft chin in his hands. Makoto lifted Ifurita's head until her tear-filled eyes were looking into his own. "Ifurita listen to me. Let what is in the past stay there. You have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of, you were a slave and your body was used against you. So dry your eyes and be happy," he said with a smile. "And don't be embarrassed about getting aroused, because I had hoped we would do that eventually anyway," as he said this Makoto's face grew red.

Ifurita moved one of Makoto's hands from her cheek to her mouth where she kissed it, "Thank you."

"You're more than welcome." Makoto then removed his hands from Ifurita's silken skin and hefted her Power Key staff. "Ready?"

Ifurita gave a slight nod and turned around so her back was to Makoto. As she stood on unsteady she felt Makoto lift the back of her outfit to reveal the one piece of evidence to her mechanical systems, the slot for her Power Key staff. When he inserted the staff into its home her whole body went rigid. As Makoto began to turn her key she felt her bodies' energy reserves increasing. Unfortunately she also felt something else increasing, her arousal. She had had others do the same thing to her in the past and the need had never been as powerful or necessary it was this time. The power of these feelings actually scared her.

When he had turned Ifurita's Power Key staff Makoto felt something impeding any further turning and removed the staff. Holding the staff at his side Makoto noticed that Ifurita's frame was shaking badly. He reached out and placed his hand on Ifurita's shoulder, "Ifurita. Are you okay?"

As Makoto pulled the staff from her Ifurita tried to gain control of her surging hormones. So out of it was she that Makoto's hand drew no response from her, but his voice did. Her head turned slowly to face the source of the voice, as her wide eyes took in the sight of her love something snapped within her. In an instant her sensors were feeding her data about the surrounding area. She quickly found something that met her needs, a thickly forested park. Her destination found Ifurita sauntered up to Makoto, "Makoto dear, I am afraid I have a problem."

Makoto's innate fight or flight instincts were screaming at him to take cover but for some reason his stupid legs were unwilling to move. He was able to work his mouth though, "W w w what seems to be the problem?"

In the time it took him to say that Ifurita had managed to press her body against Makoto's. "You know those urges I talked about?"

"Y yes," he squeaked.

Ifurita's hands traveled up Makoto's body until they reached the area over his chest where they griped the fabric tightly. "I couldn't control them," she deadpanned. With that she flew towards the park while carrying Makoto.


Getting out of his entry plug Shinji Ikari threw up LCL into the receptacle there to receive the oxygenated fluid. As he stood up he was shocked to see that Misato was standing on the catwalk with a towel in hand. Never in all the times he had exited his Eva had Misato been there. "Misato, why are you here," he asked as he took the offered towel.

"Well I just wanted to make sure that you were all right. What after Unit 01 roaring and all that." That was only a partial truth. Yes she was concerned about Shinji in the wake of Unit 01's unusual behavior. Ritsuko's instruments said that Shinji was fine, but that was the body, Misato was concerned with Shinji himself. Part of this concern was the fact that had the diminutive savior not shown up when it did Shinji might have been the one on the receiving end of the Angel's powerful particle beam. But her true motivations, the real reason that she was standing on the catwalk with Shinji, were completely unknown to her. It just felt right, more right than Misato had felt in many a year.

"So what happened with the Angel," he asked as they began walking away form the Eva cages. All he had been told was that the Angel had been neutralized and that they were returning his Eva to its cage. How it had happened without an Evangelion deployed was beyond him.

At thinking about the images that she witnessed not long ago Misato gave a small shudder. She was a soldier and as such had seen her share of things but not one of them prepared her for the raw power and brutality of what had happened to the Angel. She looked at the young man beside her, "Get changed and then I will show you. It will be better for you to see for yourself."

Shinji did not know what to say about that but he could tell that Misato was shaken by whatever she had seen. Still he did as he said and parted from her so that he could enter the pilot's locker room.

As Shinji walked away Misato found herself in a rather odd situation. For some strange reason she was unable to tear her eyes away from Shinji's plug-suit encased rear.

It was a recently-showered and changed Shinji that found Misato standing outside the pilot's locker room. Her presence there brought the young man short as he had expected her to be in the briefing room. Misato was standing there with a wide-eyed and vacant expression and if his guess was correct she had not moved since she left her. Walking up to Misato he lightly touched her arm.

That little bit of sensory input was enough to pull Misato's mind out of the confused daze that she was in. When she saw that it was Shinji before her she felt her cheeks burn with embarrassment. It was then that she noticed that Shinji was out of his plug suit and in his regular clothes. "Geeze that was fast Shinji," she stated in amazement. She had just seen him walk into the pilot's locker room and now he was in a completely different outfit.

Shinji looked down at his clothes and then back up at Misato. "Um Misato, I was in there for twenty minutes." It usually did not take him that long to take a shower but he always had to scrub harder and longer after being in his Eva. The smell of blood that came with piloting an Eva was always a bitch to get out.

Though she was shocked at Shinji's revelation Misato hid it well. "Well I decided to wait here and escort you to the briefing room." "I couldn't have been standing there the whole time," she said to herself, "could I?" While she was thinking the pair headed off to the briefing room.

The briefing room was nothing special, just a room with many chairs while the front of the room was taken up by the large screen used to inform pilots of their missions. Shinji took one of the chairs in the front row while Misato walked over to the panel next to the screen that was there for access to the MAGI. After calling up the information she desired Misato sat down next to Shinji. As the room darkened and the screen lit up, Misato paid little mind to the disturbing images that were being displayed but to Shinji's reactions to them.

As he paid witness to the video footage Shinji was amazed that something so small could be so destructive and yet keep the land around intact. While the lights came back up he slowly turned to look at Misato. "That wasn't one of ours was it?"

Misato shook her head, "I doubt it. The way Rit-chan was talking I don't think that anyone on Earth knows how to make anything that can do what it did." Which worried the purple-haired Captain to no end. At least if someone knew something about making ANYTHING like what they saw then there might be a way to combat it should it prove hostile.

"Do you think that it is here to destroy us," Shinji asked with a small amount of fear in his voice. It was just what he needed to fight both the Angels and something that could create a black hole.

"I don't think so. If it was I think it would have done so once it destroyed the Angel." She then plopped back in her seat and laid her arm along the back of the chairs where she ruffled Shinji's hair. "All I can say is that I doubt we've seen the last of it."


Author's Notes: Well here it is, the first chapter in a new story that I have created. A you may have noticed I have taken three series and put them together. After this chapter I will not be jumping dimensions until the very end. The rest of the story will be taking place in the Eva-verse but as you can see things are already changing. Whether these changes will be for better or for worse will be solely at my discretion.

The part with Shinji getting out of Unit 01 addresses my biggest technical problem with Eva, the LCL. In the series they make it out to be as easy as breathing air but it shouldn't be that way. Any liquid, no matter the Oxygen content is still going to be harder to breath than air. And after someone who is "breathing" a liquid is finished they still have to expel that liquid like in The Abyss.

Fans of Evangelion should know this now though, I have seen EOE and I was not impressed. In fact I think that it was absolutely the best way to screw over an entire series. For me Eva had such potential and that potential was not lived up to. Luckily the creators of Tenchi Muyo realized this potential with Dual and in the process created Zinv.

This is my second work of fiction on the net. If you want to read more by me check out my story The Light Hawk War.

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