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Converging Paths


Written by Chaos Lord

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Chapter 1 - Mitsuki's Adventure


As she sat in the visitors gallery Mitsuki Sanada could not help but feel a little nervous. Since she was the daughter of Ken Sanada she was not lacking in intelligence, as such Mitsuki made sure to study every single bit of the research on the war machine known as Zinv. Seeing as Kazuki was the pilot of the machine so she was determined to learn as much about it as possible. What Mitsuki learned terrified her, not only was Zinv more powerful than anything had right to be but if Kazuki was to believed then it was also alive. The only thing that kept her from telling Kazuki not to pilot that monstrosity was that he assured her that Zinv would never allow any harm to befall him. So here she sat, with her fears kept silent, her fingers crossed, and hoping to any god that was listening that nothing would go wrong. Unfortunately, the gods that listen to Mitsuki's prayers were on a coffee break and so, instead of a peaceful exercise, alarms began ringing. Looking at the screen Mitsuki saw that the floating form of Zinv was glowing yellow. At the same time she felt a tingling that filled every fiber of her being. This could mean only one thing, she was going to go to another dimension. Before Mitsuki could issue and sort of warning a yellow light enveloped her and she was gone.

When the light receded from her vision Mitsuki found herself in a forested area. The hard uncomfortable surface that she was sitting upon told her that she was on a rock. She stood and took a look around and from to tall buildings that surrounded the area Mitsuki determined that she was not in a forest but just a park. This was good news because it meant that she did not have to walk very far to find out where she was. Though a path out of this area was readily apparent decided to take a few minutes to gather herself, "Ok Mitsuki. You're in another dimension. You've got limited funds and nowhere to stay. Let's see, what needs to be done before Kazuki arrives in a month." She held up a hand and used her fingers to tick off the tasks she needed to accomplish. "First I need to get a place to stay. Then I need a job. With a job and a place to live I need to find the parts to build a transceiver so I can contact Kazuki when he gets here." She looked down at her rather formal attire, "At least I'm dressed well for interviews." Her course set, Mitsuki headed towards the path through the trees. It was not a long one and very quickly the forested canopy gave way to a sprawling technological metropolis. At the park's edge there was a news stand from which Mitsuki promptly bought a paper and a map. Ignoring the headlines and stories for the time being she quickly turned to the classifieds. Finding several possibilities for a place to live Mitsuki set off to the first location.


On this bright and cheery day Lieutenant Seras Victoria stood on a street corner of Tokyo 3 and she was bored out of her mind. She was somewhat upset with her situation. Her family had a long history of police work, it seemed as if every generation of her family found its own reason for being a police officer and Seras was no different. She had been a child during the upheavals of the Second Impact and she paid witness to all the evil that man can do. Her father, a man that loved his job immensely, died protecting her and others during that terrible time. As she stood beside her father's grave Seras vowed that she too would become a police officer so that she could uphold the law and prevent what had happened to her family would not happen to others.

Seras followed through with her vow and became a police officer, a very decorated one at that. Her commendations for valor and meritorious service were numerable and well earned, though they never stopped her from performing her duty. So competent was Seras that she caught the eye of the U.N. and they offered her the "opportunity" to be a member of the police force in Tokyo 3. Since it was the primary defense against the Angel menace it was felt that Tokyo 3 should have a multi-national police and fire-fighting force. That way the world had a hand in defending the defenders.

Of course Seras jumped on the opportunity to do her duty and help protect humanity's protectors. She boarded the first plane to Tokyo 3 and was on her way. When she arrived she found Tokyo 3 far different from the cities in Europe, for starters the place was new. But more importantly the people visibly supported the police. As it was a sprawling new-age metropolis, Tokyo 3 had its fare share of crimes but nothing that could not be handled. All in all Tokyo 3 was a nice place to work and live. That lasted for approximately three weeks. After the first Angel attack the crime rate in Tokyo 3 dropped to virtually zero. It turns out that criminals were smarter than she thought as reports came in from all over Japan that most of the major criminals just up and left. This complete lack of criminal activity made Seras a rather irate woman.

Now, as she stood on some random street corner in Tokyo 3 she seethed in anger at the Angels. Did that stop her from being kind and courteous to civilians? Hell no! It wasn't their fault that the Angels were attacking. She was just left with wishing that the Angels would appear as something a little smaller so she could put a bullet between its eyes. It was these thoughts that were interrupted by someone tapping on her shoulder. Turning to see who wanted her attention Seras saw a young Japanese woman who was wearing some sort of uniform. "Yes. Can I help you," she asked, hoping that she would be able to help this obviously lost young woman.

"I was wondering if you could help me find this address?" The young woman held up a paper opened to the classifieds. Her finger was pointed at one of the ads.

Seras took the paper and looked at where the young woman was pointing. She noticed the address in an instant, it was the apartment complex were Shinji Ikari lived. Handing the paper back to its owner Seras said, "Yes I can. It's not far from here. You just have to," she then proceeded to direct the young woman to her destination.

Once Seras was done the young woman bowed to her, "Thank you officer." And with that she was off.


With that helpful officer's instructions in mind it took Mitsuki only a handful of minutes to reach the most promising lead in her search for an apartment. The building was large and looked like it was well protected. She went to the area in the back where the apartment complex's superintendent did business. When she got there Mitsuki found a very nervous looking man between thirty and forty. Other than the nervousness the man was well kempt and seemed to be rather friendly. After watching him for several seconds Mitsuki walked up and bowed. "Hello, my name is Mitsuki Yotsuga. I am looking for residence. I was hoping that I might be able to arrange something."

Hiroshi Diajobi jumped up at the voice. There were so few visitors to his apartment complex that a person arriving was a shock. Seeing that this young woman was following some of the old traditions was a welcome thing and he returned her bow. "Welcome Ms. Yotsuga. I'm Hiroshi Diajobi and I'm sure that we can come to some sort off agreement." He gestured to one of the chairs in his office, "Please, take a seat and tell me what kind of accommodations you require."

"Um, that's Mrs. Yotsuga," she said with a blush. Though she loved Kazuki and would like to marry him one day saying that they were married was rather . . . odd. But it was the only way. On her way to this place she thought long and hard on a convincing story that she hoped would garner her some sympathy. "I've come to Tokyo 3 to find a place for my husband and I to live."

Hiroshi then asked the obvious question, "Don't you think you're awfully young to be married?"

Mitsuki nodded her head, "Yes I do. Our parents married us when we were much younger." She then sat back and started on the story that she had fabricated. "You see, our families were friends who, around the same time, grew suspicious of the government and decided to leave civilization. My husband and I were raised away from everything and we would have stayed that way if our parents had not died."

"Oh I'm sorry," replied Hiroshi.

"Thank you," Mitsuki replied with a tear in her eye. "My parents died a year ago and we stayed with his parents until they died last week. He took his parents death hard but he doesn't want me there to see him go through this. So he sent me out so that I could find a place for us away from the paranoia and that shack in the woods."

Hiroshi's heart went out to the young woman before him. Though he had never heard of something like this personally he did know that something like this happened more than less. There were people who had gone into hiding before the Second Impact, some wanted to escape the oppressive and decadent culture of the time for a more simple life. Others were just kooks who feared the government. Then when the Second Impact happened these people go lost in the system. Every now and then people would appear who had no documentation and they all had a similar story to the one Mrs. Yotsuga just told him. Luckily there were systems to help these people and Hiroshi began to pull out some of the forms. "May I call you Mitsuki?"

Mitsuki nodded, "Of course you can. I prefer it that way."

"Okay, Mitsuki these papers are the standard housing papers. All you have to do is fill them out for both you and your husband. Include what information you can. There are programs in place for people in your situation." Hiroshi leaned foreword and pointed at a check mark. "See here, I've red flagged your application. It will be noticed by the proper authorities and you will be sent all the identification you will need."

Mitsuki looked up from the paperwork before her, "Thank you sir. I appreciate this," she said with a soft smile. "But how much will the apartment cost? We don't have much."

Hiroshi smiled wide, "Well then. You're in luck! The apartment costs nothing. You see after the government was finished building Tokyo 3 a good portion of the city was turned over to private interests in order to cover the cost." He gestured around him, "I was able to buy this building from the U.N. As part of the deal I had to leave a floor available for NERV personnel. Where you come in is that as part of the Tokyo 3 economic stimulus package the U.N. pays for several tenants so that they can attract others to come and live here. You're the first to take advantage of this. That is if you want to stay here."

That peaked Mitsuki's interest, usually if someone could get an apartment for free then they jump on the chance. "Why wouldn't I?"

Hiroshi winced, "The Angel attacks have driven most new people away." He knew that this was probably the time that the young woman would get up and walked away.

Mitsuki knew what it was like to live in an area that was embroiled in a war. Since she had to stay in this area to contact Kazuki, Mitsuki had little option to be choosy. "Well I'm not most people," with that she looked down at the papers and continued to fill them out.


As was its nature the paperwork took a great deal of time but once she was finished Mitsuki was once again walking the streets of Tokyo 3. Now that she had gotten a place to stay for herself and Makoto Mitsuki had another task to complete. The apartment that she had just gotten was free but food and transmitter parts costs money and to get that money she needed a job. Luckily those Angel things had been attacking the city and thus people had left it in droves. This has freed up a lot of space in the city and along with that space went jobs. As such, jobs were in great abundance and the classifieds were chocked full jobs for a young woman. But at the same time a job at the Quickie Mart would not be helpful to her ultimate goals. What she needed to find was a job that would make her lots of money and maybe even give her employee discounts on the goods that she really needed. That in mind Mitsuki headed to the first of the job locations that she had circled ion her paper.

Radiomart was a small shop on the edge of town. The store was but one branch of a large chain of stores that have popped up all over the world. Before the Second Impact it was a small series of stores in the United States. Afterward, the small company was able to capitalize on the world's weakness and snapped up several other companies to form one of the largest monetary powers on the planet. In this new age of technological wonder everyone needed electronics and therefore every village, town, and city had a Radiomart. This was the place that Mitsuki decided would be perfect to carry out her goals of money and tech.

Inside Tokyo 3's Radiomart the owner, one Abe Wayne, was in a state of serious despair. Several minutes ago his last employee quit on him. It seems that the young man's parents did not want to stay in a city that was the site of a major and ongoing war. Now Abe had a serious problem. When he had first moved from North America and opened his shop business had been good. People where moving into the city by the thousands and money was pouring into his business like a waterfall. But then the Angels began their attacks. Instead of flocking to Tokyo 3, the people were migrating away at an extraordinary pace. Unfortunately, while there were still enough people to warrant staying and collecting a profit, Abe's key labor force, teenagers and twenty somethings, were part of the group that were leaving.

As if in answer to Abe's prayers Mitsuki Sanada entered the Tokyo 3 Radiomart. Once the store door closed Mitsuki sighed in relief, it was damn hot out there. In her home dimension Japan got hot in the summer but according to the date at the top of the paper it was in the midst of winter. While she was recovering fromm the heat a tall, lanky man came walking up to her with a smile on his face. Before he could speak Mitsuki introduced herself with a bow, "Hello. I'm Mitsuki Yotsuga. I'm looking for the manager about this job," she said as she pointed to the classified section of the paper.

The smile on Abe's face grew huge at that piece of information. Not only was this young lady attractive, a definite plus, but she was courteous and looking for a job. "Well you're in luck young lady. I just so happen to have several key positions open. What exactly can you do?"

"Well I can use a computer, so any work on that I should be able to do. And my father was a real electronics wiz. I guess I could do anything you need me to do," she finished with a smile.

Abe clapped his hands together in joy. "Excellent! Let's see about getting you a job."


Several hours later Mitsuki left the Radiomart with a smile on her face and money in her purse. You see, in an effort to keep Mitsuki working for him as long as possible, Abe had made some concessions. Mitsuki would work six hours a day and at the end of her shift she would get a check for the days wages, which were exceedingly high. Along with that she would receive a thirty percent employee discount on whatever she wanted in the store. A good thing, as it had all the parts she would need to build the transceiver to contact Kazuki upon his arrival.

After a quick stop at the local food mart for supplies Mitsuki made her way to the place she would call home in this new dimension. As she made her way to her apartment Mitsuki saw that a piece of paper was tapped to her front door. Upon further inspection she saw that it was a note, addressed to her.

Hello Mr. and Mrs. Yotsuga,

My name is Misato Katsuragi and I'd like to welcome you to your new home. If you'd like some company come up to the apartment right above you for a party celebrating your arrival. The party is from 7 till ?.

Hope to see you there,

Misato Katsuragi.

Mitsuki stared at the note for a few seconds before she tore it down and put it in one of her bags. As she pulled the note down she saw that Mr. Diajobi had already placed a nameplate with her name next to the door. "Well that explains how this Misato knew our name. But I wonder why she was so quick in inviting me?" She shrugged her shoulders and used her key card to open the door. "At least I don't have to cook tonight."

Upon entering her apartment Mitsuki found it to be fully furnished, something that shocked her greatly. As she walked past the dinner table Mitsuki found a second note addressed to her.

Dear Mitsuki,

As you've probably noticed your apartment comes fully furnished. I forgot to inform you of this at our meeting and I am sorry. Do not worry there is no extra charge for the furniture. I only ask that you tell others about this place, especially if they are in the market. The more tenants living here the better.

Respectfully yours,

Hiroshi Diajobi

"That's perfect. Now I don't have to worry about buying all that stuff." Placing the letter back on the table, Mitsuki continued on into the kitchen to put her food away. The task took several minutes and when she was finished she saw that it was five minutes till seven. If she was going to the party she would have to go now in order to be on time. After a quick side trip to the bathroom, Mitsuki was out the door and heading for the elevator. As she waited for the piece of machinery to reach her floor Mitsuki inspected her clothing. Her dress, the same one that she had been wearing all day, was still in good condition despite all the walking and working and was in perfect condition for a party. At the same time though, Mitsuki made a mental note to wake up early tomorrow so she could buy some cloths for herself. The dress was comfortable and all but she couldn't wear it the whole time she was going to be in this world. However long that was going to be.

As the clock hands turned seven Mitsuki knocked on the Katsuragi door. Several seconds later the door opened to reveal a young man, his dark blue eyes were filled with sadness. This startled Mitsuki, as she had never seen such a look on one so young. It was if he had the weight of the entire world on his shoulders and at the same time had to bear that burden alone.

While Mitsuki was shocked so was the young man before her, as his wide eyes attested to. "Um. May I help you?"

"Yes you may. I'm Mitsuki Yotsuga," she replied with a bow. "I received a letter from a Miss Misato Katsuragi inviting me to a party. Is this the right place?" At that Mitsuki produced the note she had taken from her door and handed it to the young man.

He looked at it for several seconds before shaking his head. "I wish she would have told me about this," he muttered. Looking up from the letter the young man did his best to smile. "Um you've come to the right place." He then returned Mitsuki's bow with one of her own. "My name is Shinji Ikari. Pleased to meet you." Shinji took a step back and to the side. With an outstretched arm he gestured for Mitsuki to enter. "Please, come in."

Mitsuki smiled at the young man, "Thank you." With that she walked into the apartment and was immediately struck with how clean it was. Never in all her years of caring for her father had she gotten her home as clean as this place was. "Wow. It's so clean."

Shinji walked up beside her with his head bowed. "Uh thank you ma'm."

"Please don't call me that. You make me sound like an old maid," Mitsuki said with a smile. That was what had to do with these types. The instant Shinji began talking Mitsuki knew what kind of person she was dealing with. In her life she had met one or two people like Shinji and she knew how to deal with them. For starters you had to make them as comfortable as possible and then you needed to show them that you could be a friend, for that was something that people like Shinji had in short supply. Thus all the smiling. Something had happened to this boy, something that had created in him a sadness deeper than any ocean. She knew without a doubt that this young boy could not go on like this and she added his well being to the list of things that she needed to do while she was in this world. "Just call me Mitsuki. Okay?"

Seeing her friendly attitude caused Shinji to return her smile with one of his own, though it was a small one. "Um, would you like to have a seat? I'm afraid that Misato left about ten minutes ago. She said something about snacks and beer. Since that's what she usually eats I had no idea about any party."

"It isn't a problem. I just arrived here and I really didn't want to cook."

"You moved to here? Why," Shinji asked in shock. "Don't you know about the attacks?" The way that people have been leaving the city it was a surprise to hear about someone actually wanting to live in Tokyo 3.

Mitsuki waived off his concern, she had talked to Abe about these attacks and it seemed similar to the ones made by the Rara Army. The only difference here was that there was little to no warning in the event of an attack. But warning or no she had a mission and she would carry it out, come hell or high water. "Don't you worry about me. I've had my share of chaos." Wanting to change the topic Mitsuki leaned towards Shinji and gave Shinji an evil grin. "Soo Shinji. Tell me something. You and Misato must be pretty close. After all those are a pair of panties right next to you."

Shinji looked to his right and sure enough there was a pair of Misato's underwear. As he did all the laundry he knew that it was one of her more expensive pairs that she saved for special occasions. But he really couldn't really think of a time recently that she would have needed them. Without thinking he quickly tucked the silky piece of material into his pocket. "Um I guess we are," he replied with a mild blush.

Seeing the blush made Mitsuki's smile turn all that more evil. She smelled blood in the water and went in for the kill. "Is she your sister?"

At that Shinji felt a surge of wrongness, as if he couldn't think of his roommate as a sister. "No, she's my roommate."

The loss of color in Shinji's cheeks coupled with the look of mild disgust confirmed what Mitsuki suspected, this kid liked Misato. "So you live with a beautiful woman. You must be real popular at school."

"Yeah I guess," said Shinji with a sigh. It was true. As soon as his classmates found out that he lived with a beauty like Misato all the guys spoke of their envy for him, and begged him for all the information about the purple-haired Captain. Some of what they had asked was rather personal and though he knew the answer to some he did not answer. "But she's only letting me live with her because we work together," he added. For Shinji, no one really wanted to be with him, those that did just wanted something from him.

""Damn he's got it bad,"" Mitsuki thought to herself. When she had first met Kazuki he had a similar out look on life as the young man before her. The visions of the other world had gained him a measure of notoriety. At the same time though people used his eagerness to discuss his visions to ridicule him. So, he tried to keep to himself and wrote of what he saw. Over time though Kazuki learned differently, that there were people that wanted to know him for who he was. Once that happened he became an unstoppable hero. Now, as Mitsuki remembered the moment when she had first looked into Shinji's blue orbs she saw the thing that Kazuki had, only buried deeper. "I think that you are wrong."

This gave Shinji pause. "What do you mean," he asked as he looked at Mitsuki.

"Shinji, a woman just doesn't leave her underwear around for every man to see. If Misato is doing it then that means that she wants you around." With a sigh Mitsuki moved closer to the young man and placed her hand on his shoulder. "Let me tell you something about the man I'm married to. When I first met Kazuki he was a lot like you. But while everyone else laughed at him something about Kazuki just drew him to me. He seemed to sense that I was different than all the rest and because of that I was able to see a side of him that few even knew was there. As I got to know him more he was faced with many trials but at every step he overcame them and got stronger. Do you know what the difference is between you and him are?"

Shinji shook his head in wide-eyed amazement. To think, someone like himself was happy and able to get a woman as beautiful as Mitsuki to love him.

"You don't have someone to believe in you. Maybe Misato could be that person," Mitsuki finished with a smile. She saw that Shinji was thinking over her words and in her welled a sense of accomplishment. The seeds had been planted now all she had to do was give them water from time to time.

As Shinji sat motionless on the couch his mind was ablaze with thought. When he had first met Misato he had considered the possibility that Mitsuki had proposed but he soon dismissed it. After all, who would want him? He didn't have much time to think though as the sound of the apartment door opening heralded the arrival of Misato.

"Shinji," the woman yelled. "I'm back! Come help me with the supplies for the party!"

When the woman that she guessed to be Misato walked into view Mitsuki saw the look of displeasure cross her face. Thinking about what she and Shinji probably looked like Mitsuki removed her hand from Shinji's shoulder and backed away. Mitsuki had seen that look all to often on Yayoi's face and she knew that it had appeared on her own face on multiple occasions. It was the look of a woman who saw their man being poached on by another woman. Luckily it seemed as if her removing herself from Shinji was the right move for the look on Misato's face changed to a more greeting one.

"Well hello. I guess you are MRS. Yotsuga," the emphasis on the Mrs. was quite clear. "You're here early."

Shinji got up to help Misato with the bags she was carrying. "Actually she got here on time Misato," he said softly.

Turning to look at the wall clock she saw that she was indeed late and grimaced in embarasment. "Sorry. I remembered the note about three minutes before the party."

Mitsuki shook her head. "Don't worry about it. It just gave me the opportunity to get to know Shinji."

As Misato watched Shinji approach she caught a glimpse of her panties in his right pocket. When he got close enough to hear her whisper Misato said, "You know if you wanted my panties then you've could have asked."

Hearing that Shinji blushed a deep crimson and looked down to his pocket and saw a bit a pink poking out. He quickly pushed the garment deeper into his pants and took the bags from Misato.

With Shinji out of the room Mitsuki walked over to Misato and whispered, "You don't have to worry. I'm happy with what I have."

Misato was not one to embarrass easily but that got a blush from her. But at the same time she held out her hand to Mitsuki as she felt that the young woman was telling the truth. "Hi. I'm Misato." She then remembered that Mitsuki was married so that was probably why she claimed to be no threat. The thought that wives do cheat on their spouses was in her mind though so Misato vowed to keep an eye on her. After all she didn't want Shinji to get hurt.

Mitsuki took the outstretched hand and shook it. "I figured as much," she replied wryly. "Mitsuki Yotsuga."

As she remembered that Mitsuki was married Misato looked for the young woman's husband. Not seeing him she asked, "Where's your husband?"

"Kazuki," Mitsuki asked. "He's taking care of some our affairs. He should be here in a month. I just went ahead to set things up."

"Must be hard to be in a new city by yourself," commented Misato.

"Actually I'm getting used to it," Mitsuki replied cryptically. "It gives me the opportunity for some me time."

"Well that's always a good thing," Misato answered knowingly. That was one of the good things about having Shinji as a roommate, he really didn't intrude much. Having enough of the small talk Misato wanted to get this party started. Besides, something told her that Mitsuki was hiding something and she knew that some alcohol might loosen the young woman's tongue "Shinji! What's taking you so long! We've got a party to start," she yelled with a smile.

Though Misato was smiling, Mitsuki was starting to feel unsure of herself. The alibi that she had created for herself and Kazuki had no real proof and if she got too inebriated she might end up spilling the beans.


It seems as if luck had been on Mitsuki's side that night as nothing about her true life was revealed. Several times during the night she thanked Yayoi for the parties that she had held. While they weren't often, and usually an excuse to get her mitts on Kazuki, it helped Mitsuki build up a tolerance to alcohol. Not much of one though, for the next day she awoke to the dubious honor of a hangover.

Despite the hang over, Mitsuki knew that there was work to be done so after a light breakfast she headed out to continue her preparations for Kazuki's arrival. The first stop on her list was a nearby clothing store where she purchased some relatively inexpensive, yet functional, clothes. Nothing high fashion, she didn't have the funds, but it would do for now. Next, she headed to a local bank, where she opened an account and placed what was left of her earnings into it. Once again it seemed as if there was someone watching out for her, as she was able to get an account with a rather high interest rate, a publicity stunt by the bank to attract more customers. By the time she was done it was off to Radiomart where she worked for the next six hours and sold something to nearly every customer who came in. As she headed home Mitsuki carried a bag from Radiomart that was filled with various tools that you would find on some workbench, her first step in building a transmitter. Later she made dinner for herself and her neighbors from upstairs. During which she was able to talk to Shinji more and continue on her quest to get the boy to open up more.

The next month was spent in much the same way; only the main chore that Mitsuki had to perform was the actual building of the transmitter. It helped that she was a very clean person and she only ate dinner in the apartment every other day. When she didn't eat at her new home she was upstairs with her friends Shinji and Misato. On that front work was progressing, albeit slowly. By the end of the month Shinji could talk to most people without looking at the ground and he seemed a bit more comfortable in his existence. All in all the month in the new universe was rather uneventful. In fact the only real problem that she had was finding a place big enough to hide Zinv when it arrived. For the entire month Mitsuki looked everywhere for a place to store the robot, but alas she found nothing.

Then, three days before Kazuki was to arrive the gods of luck smiled on Mitsuki once more. At the edge of Tokyo 3 a millionaire was selling his private warehouse. Apparently he had thought that the city would be an excellent investment, and then the Angels came. Now, with everyone and their brother getting out of dodge the profit really didn't warrant the liability of having any assets in the area. So he had been slowly selling off all his Tokyo 3 property. When Mitsuki came to look the place over the man had been rather generous and agreed to give her the deed now if she paid him his asking price gradually until it was completely paid off. Mitsuki quickly agreed as the place was perfect for storing Zinv. The building was actually an indoor helicopter landing pad. The roof of the building was able to open and close, so now they could hide Zinv and no one would be the wiser.

Finally the day came when Kazuki would arrive. On that day Mitsuki made her way over to the warehouse and hooked up the power to the transmitter. As it neared the time for him to appear Mitsuki made her way up to the building's roof so that she could know exactly when Kazuki showed up. Unfortunately, at the same time as she was making the final preparations an alarm sounded. All around the bottom of the building Mitsuki could see that people were fleeing. "It must be an Angel attack," she reasoned. "It's a good thing that Kazuki is coming. I doubt that anything can beat Zinv." As she sat in her lawn chair Mitsuki waited for both her angel and The Angel to arrive. The Angel was the first and it was huge. Yes the core robots had been large and Zinv even larger than that but his thing was larger that the dreaded Himiko, though this monstrosity didn't have the flair of that horror.

From her spot on the roof, Mitsuki watched as the weapons of man were hurled at the creature only to be stopped by a hexagonal shield. It seemed as if nothing could stop the diamond shaped beast while it flew slowly to a point near the city center. With the binoculars that she had purchased to find Kazuki, Mitsuki saw a great drill extend out from the bottom-most point of the Angel. Finally, as the drill began to chew up the asphalt beneath the Angel, the air began to distort and Mitsuki could feel her being twist with reality. She had experienced this before, each time that Kazuki would arrive she would feel odd. It was as if something was warning her that Kazuki was about to appear. And sure enough, the instant the feeling vanished Zinv winked into existence.

Like some war god of ancient legend Zinv floated mightily over the fortress-city of Tokyo 3. For several seconds Mitsuki just sat in her chair, her eyes watering at the sight of her Kazuki's great chariot. Soon though, she remembered the radio and picked it up. "Kazuki," she called into the microphone. "Kazuki, can you hear me?"

From the small piece of plastic and circuitry came the most welcome voice of Kazuki Yotsuga. "Mitsuki? I hear you. Where are you?"

Hearing that sweet voice almost caused Mitsuki to break down in tears, but she was able to hold herself together. There were lives at stake and she knew without a doubt that Kazuki and Zinv would be able to vanquish this beast. "Don't worry about that now! You've got to destroy that giant diamond." Once this most recent foe was bested there would be time for words, now though it was time for action.

As if it had heard her Mitsuki's words and knew that danger was near, the edge of the Angel began to glow. Once its glow reached its brightest, a beam of energy lanced out towards Zinv. But the machine was not to be defeated so easily and it protected itself with a shield of warped space. It seemed as if the Angels actions had angered Zinv for it gave a mighty roar as it parted the heavens in a burst of purple fire. Then it began to do something that brought terror to every fiber of Mitsuki's being. Zinv was a master of gravity and today, on this field of battle; he showed that mastery as he performed the same attack that had completely destroyed the artifact ship. In a shower of blood and gore the Angel was destroyed, only to be pulled into the void that Zinv formed between his hands.

Once Zinv had finished its work it just floated above the city, not moving, not roaring, it did nothing but float. This inactivity brought a spark of anger to Mitsuki's mind. It was just like Kazuki to sit around and daydream after killing such a creature. "Kazuki. Kazuki! Stop daydreaming and activate Zinv's stealth mode." After such a display Kazuki needed to hide Zinv, the authorities of this world would surely want to get their hands on the machine and the man whom piloted it. As with the other times that Zinv's cloak was activated the machine's form wavered and then faded. But to Mitsuki's eyes Zinv was merely faded, not invisible. Had she not heard from others that when this happened the machine completely vanished Mitsuki might have thought something was wrong. Now, as with those other times, she simply pondered why she could see it where other could not.

With Zinv hidden from those who would seek it out, the time had come for Kazuki to be reunited with Mitsuki. Now her long finger flew across the computer terminal as Mitsuki entered the coordinates for the warehouse into its memory banks. "Great! Now I'm sending you a map of the area, it will tell you where I'm at." At that she pressed the enter key and sent the data to Kazuki so he would know where to go. Then some of the joy that she felt caused her to speak out, "Oh and Kazuki. Welcome to Tokyo 3." It was then the part of her that was not ready to fully reveal what she felt for him made her add, "Now hurry up! It's not polite to keep a lady waiting."

Mitsuki did not have to wait for Kazuki long, for a minute after she sent the coordinate the air above her was disturbed by Zinv's flight. As soon as it was above her Mitsuki opened the door to the warehouse and the machine entered to slumber once more. Once Zinv was in Mitsuki closed the door and the rushed down the stairs to greet the man that she had waited for all this time. By the time she had reached the bottom of the stairs Kazuki had already exited Zinv and was looking around for her. The instant Mitsuki's foot touched the floor Kazuki's eyes turned and met her own. He was about to greet Mitsuki but she did not give him the chance as she ran to him and hurled herself into his arms.

It was done. All her hard work. All her sleepless nights. All of it had been in preparation for this singular instant, this perfect moment. Now her Kazuki was with her and no mater the length of their stay it did not matter for they were once more together. Words could not express the joy she felt in that moment so she did all that she could, she sobbed into her love's shoulder.

Of all the greetings that he had expected from Mitsuki, crying in his arms was not on Kazuki's list. She had always been the strong one of the women after his heart. Sure she expressed her emotions, a good deal of which was varying degrees of anger, but she always seemed to have a steady hand with them. Now though, it was as if all her controls had gone off line and her emotions were running her. ""She must have had it bad this last month,"" Kazuki thought to himself. "There, there Mitsuki. It'll be okay, I'm here now," he said soothingly.

Whether it was Kazuki's words or his rubbing of her back but Mitsuki quickly recovered from her crying fit and she parted from the young man. As she stepped back Mitsuki rubbed the last of the tears away, "Thanks Kazuki. I guess not seeing a familiar face for a month really got to me."

"So there are no doubles in this universe," Kazuki asked.

Mitsuki shook her head. "Not that I've been able to find." It was then that she realized that Kazuki was standing in his flight suit. After the two worlds merged all the flight suits along with the Core Robots were not present. So when Zinv re-appeared there was once more a need for Kazuki to have a protective suit. When Ken Sanada designed the original suits he had done so with females in mind, Kazuki's old suit had merely been a masculine version of the female ones. Kazuki's new suit, the one he was wearing now, was far more fitting for the pilot of Zinv. As such, it was gray and patterned after the massive robot. The problem with the suit was that you couldn't just wear your normal clothes underneath. Instead you wore something akin to a tracksuit and that would stand out a bit on the streets of Tokyo 3. Luckily this was not a problem as Mitsuki brought clothes with her for Kazuki to change into. "Wait here for a sec okay. I've got some clothes for you"

"Sure. I'll be waiting." With that Kazuki leaned back against Zinv as he watched Mitsuki run off. While she was gone he pondered the ramifications of the absence of any dimensional doubles in this universe. He had spoken to Dr. Sanada on several occasions about the theories concerning multiple dimensions. According to him the sister universes were the result of a deviation in a singular instant. One path led to the creation of the Core Robots while the other allowed for the birth of Kazuki. Ken had gone on to explain that other dimensions occur when a different event deviated, the larger the difference between universes usually meant that the deviation occurred that much later in the past. For there to be no doubles here along with the presence of large creatures such as the one he had recently dispatched meant that this universe had split off very early on. Any further musings were cut short as Mitsuki reappeared with a brown paper bag.

"Here Kazuki. I hope you like them," Mitsuki said with a smile as she handed the bag to Kazuki.

Taking the bag from the young woman, Kazuki saw that it was filled with clothes for him. "Thanks Mitsuki!" Without thinking Kazuki deactivated his suit.

Seeing this made Mitsuki blush in embarrassment. "Kazuki!"

The young man stopped what he was doing and looked at Mitsuki. "What?"

"You can't do that here. Go around to the other side of Zinv," to emphasize her words Mitsuki pointed in the direction that she wanted him to go in.

Finally realizing what he was doing Kazuki blushed. "Right! Sorry." With that he quickly ran off to fulfill Mitsuki's decree.

As he ran off Mitsuki sighed and leaned against the gray metal skin of Zinv. "I swear he's just like daddy. I wish they would think things through a little more." In many ways Ken Sanada and Kazuki were very similar. Though Ken was far more intelligent than Kazuki they both shared the same slovenly lifestyle. ""Perhaps that is why I feel the way I do,"" she thought to herself dreamily. ""After all, they do say that girls grow up to marry men like their fathers."" Her goofy expression then morphed to one of annoyance, ""Though I do wish he would clean himself up a bit more."" As soon as Mitsuki thought that Kazuki came walking around the edge of Zinv. ""See. That's what I mean.""

When Kazuki had clothes before the worlds merged he had been able to pick out what he wanted. Unfortunately, this meant that his clothes were not that stylish, mostly uniforms and such. Now though, Mitsuki bought all of Kazuki's clothes ahead of time and like her original mother she has a keen eye for fashion. As such Kazuki's clothes were now up to Mitsuki's standards. Currently he was wearing a pair of lose cargo pants, a shirt that showed off his sturdy musculature, and over this was a long suede jacket. All in all Kazuki looked very handsome. Though he looked handsome he also appeared to be very uncomfortable. "Mitsuki, do I have to wear this? It doesn't feel right."

Sigh. "You'll have to get used to it for now Kazuki. Back at the apartment I've got some clothes that you would like. I had just hoped that you would have preferred these once you tried them." ""Damn! Looks like it's his regular clothes from now on."" It had been Mitsuki's hope that she could change Kazuki's dressing habits but it looks like the young man was standing firm.

That seemed to stop Kazuki's fidgeting. "Thanks Mitsuki. I know how much you don't like the way I dress. It's just this is not my idea of comfort."

"I know Kazuki. It's my fault for trying to change you. I'll just have to except that." While she was disappointed there was a part of Mitsuki that was happy about Kazuki's stubbornness. Most of her life she had had to make the decisions around the house. While she really didn't mind, it played to her need for control; she wanted someone who was willing to make some decisions for themselves. Even if they were the wrong ones.

Deciding to change the subject Kazuki said, "So, you've got an apartment?"

"Uh huh. I sure do. It was the weirdest thing though. I got the thing for free."

That shocked him, "For free! How."

Mitsuki walked over and grabbed Kazuki's arm. "Come on. I'll tell you on the way." The next ten minutes were spent walking towards the apartment Mitsuki rented. As they walked Mitsuki regaled Kazuki with tales of her adventures during the last month.

At one quiet point in Mitsuki's tale Kazuki took a moment to look around. The city was, for the moment, empty. Quite frankly the size of the city coupled with the fact that nothing in the valley, not even the animals, was making any sort of sound seemed rather creepy. "This place really is giving me the creeps," he said with a shiver.

"It's not just the lack of people, Kazuki," Mitsuki replied quietly as her eyes darted from left to right. "The whole time I've been here I've had the feeling that I'm being watched."

"You don't think the government knows about us do you," he asked in alarm.

Mitsuki shook her head sharply. "I've felt like this from the instant that I arrived. The feeling is similar to what I get when I'm around Zinv. But instead of it being comforting its more like something is waiting for my guard to go down so it can pounce."

"Don't worry Mitsuki," Kazuki replied brightly. "With Zinv and I here nothing can hurt you," the confidence he had in his ability to keep Mitsuki safe rang true and clear in Kazuki's voice.

Kazuki's words did was he had intended and Mitsuki's demeanor instantly became a happier one. "You're right! So. What do you want for dinner?"

"Well I was thinking..," he started.

"Steak would be the best thing," Mitsuki replied in answer to her own question. "After all, it's not every day you show up from another dimension. I know beef is expensive, but I feel like celebrating." As she had spoken Kazuki had come to a halt while Mitsuki had continued on with her plans. After a few moments she realized that her arm was no longer warm and looked for her companion. Behind her, Mitsuki saw Kazuki standing speechless. "What?"

As Mitsuki had gone on about what she was going to cook that night Kazuki could only stand in silence. This was something that she did from time to time. She would ask him what he wanted for a meal only to continue on declaring that she would cook something completely different from what he would normally eat. Of course he really couldn't blame her, his idea of a perfect meal was a bowl of ramen noodles. For her to do the same thing in this world, where she had admitted to being uncomfortable, meant that not everything was all bad. Seeing Mitsuki's confusion Kazuki could only smile and shake his head. "Nothing. Steak sounds great. But you're paying, Miss Lucky."

"Well of course I am," she said haughtily. "It's the job of us upper class to better the lives of you little people." Mitsuki then held out her hand daintily, "Now escort this noble woman to her home."

Kazuki's smile only grew wider. It was at times like these that it was readily apparent that Mitsuki was Ayuko's daughter. She could call up that same smug sense of superiority that Ayuko sported regularly. With all due seriousness Kazuki bowed low towards Mitsuki, "It would be this knight's honor madam."

When Kazuki stood up Mitsuki saw the big-ass grin that he was wearing and the laughter that she was holding in just escaped violently. The next few minutes saw the pair rolling around on the ground laughing loudly and joyfully. It was one the few times that the streets of Tokyo 3 rang with such pure and unfettered laughter. Finally though their merriment had to come to an end and Mitsuki's laughter trailed off. "Ha ha. Oh God Kazuki, I haven't felt this good for a while."

"I'm glad I could help. Now let's get going," he said as he held his arm out for Mitsuki.

Mitsuki took the arm in her own and nodded smartly. "Right!" Several minutes later saw the pair standing outside of the apartment that she was renting. But as she was about to slide the keycard through the slot Mitsuki paused and turned towards Kazuki with a blush on her cheeks. Mitsuki had just remembered a certain part of the cover story that she told the apartment manager along with Misato and Shinji. "Um Kazuki. There's something you should know. When I was filling out the paperwork to get this place I wrote that we were married." With that Mitsuki turned and opened the door, as she really didn't want to face Kazuki at the moment.

For his part Kazuki stood rooted in place, his mouth hung open comically. All that was going through his mind was one word, married. Finally, after several seconds of just standing that thought reached the surface. "M. M. Married! What is with you Sanadas?"

That caused Mitsuki to turn and look at Kazuki. "What do you mean?"

Kazuki walked closer to Mitsuki and did not even notice the door closing behind him. "I mean that this is the second time I've shown up in a place only to find out that I'm married to you."

"Is that such a bad thing," she asked with a tiny bit of hurt in her voice.

"No, it isn't," Kazuki softly replied. "I just wish you were a little more original," he added with a smile. "So, do you have a big book of my biography set up?"

Mitsuki shook her head. "No I didn't really have the time," she said apologetically. "Luckily I really didn't talk much about you. And everything that I did say was just a slight change in your normal history. For now though, there is something else that we need to discuss."

"What's that?"

"Our bedroom," Mitsuki replied quietly as she looked away from Kazuki.

"Our bedroom," Kazuki repeated flatly.

"Yes. Come on, I'll show you what I mean." At that she turned and made her way to the master bedroom.

When Kazuki took in the room that he and Mitsuki supposedly would share he could tell that she had put some effort in to make it look like a combination of their tastes. Instead of a futon there was a large bed. On wall was a large bookshelf with a mix of titles that both would enjoy. And all over there were touches that spoke of a young couple just getting together and having decided that the female half of the couple would decorate. "It looks nice."

"I tried not to make it too girly. After all you are supposed to sleep here too."

"You really want me to sleep here in the same bed as you," Kazuki asked in embarrassment.

"It would be the most convincing," Mitsuki replied. When she saw Kazuki's look of confusion she clarified. "Over the last month I've been having the people above us over for dinner about every other night. One of them seems to be a tad bit suspicious of me. I figure that if we act as much like a married couple as possible she'll have less to suspect." It was weird. On one hand she really wanted to share a bed with Kazuki. On the other hand she was scared stiff. And on the other hand there was the knowledge that what she wanted to do would have made her furious if it was Yayoi or the other Mitsuki who was doing it. That was a lot of hands. Finally after several seconds of silence on both of their parts Mitsuki's embarrassment and self doubt won out and said, "You don't have to if you don't want to. There are other rooms and there are futons if you want to sleep in here but not in the bed." At that all her will to say anything just kind of left.

Kazuki just stared at Mitsuki in open-mouthed shock. Here was a woman who was always in control. She could manipulate some of the strongest willed people and make it look easy. Now though she seemed so unsure of herself. It was as if a part of her wanted this yet another was angry that she wanted it. What ever she felt Kazuki knew that Mitsuki had gone off on a limb here and the wrong word could snap it. So he took a good hard look at everything and asked himself one question, ""Is this something that I want to do for the next while?"" And there was only answer that seemed right to the young man, "Yes."

Now it was Mitsuki's turn to be shocked. She had been sure that he would refuse. "What?"

"I said yes. But I'll do it under one condition." Mitsuki's questioning look was all the prompting that Kazuki needed. "You can't get upset if my hand ends up someplace it shouldn't be."

That got a smile out of Mitsuki. "I think I can live with that. The same goes for you okay."


Ding Dong

"I wonder who that could be," Mitsuki asked in surprise. "Shinji and Misato shouldn't be by," she muttered as she headed for the front door.

Ding Dong

From out side came a muffled male voice, "You only have to press it once."

"But they did not answer," replied a female voice. "Perhaps they did not hear it the first time."

Mitsuki sighed in exasperation, "I'm coming!" A second later Mitsuki got to the door and opened it. What she saw on the other side surprised her. Two oddly dressed people were standing before her and they definitely were out-of-towners. The lady had long bluish gray hair and though her face was almost ghostly pale she seemed to be filled with a great strength. She wore a dark short-sleeved jacket that was held together at the waist and open at the chest to display her rather ample assets. The rest of her arms were covered by a pair of long black gloves, one of which had attached to it a long flowing tassel. Below the jacket she wore a pair of light blue tights decorated with gray areas and black slippers upon her feet. In her right hand she carried a large ornate staff, the end of which looked like a giant axe. Though her companion was plainer, what with the kindly brown eyes and the shaggy brown hair, he was dressed oddly nonetheless. He wore a white robe that extended well below his waist and underneath he wore a pair of loose white pants. Where these ended a pair of simple shoes began and the entire outfit looked quite comfortable. The odd thing about him was that while his companion's clothes were spotless his had grass stains in several places. It was also plainly obvious that these two people were a couple as the man had his arm around the woman's waist and she was slightly leaning in towards him.

Upon seeing who opened the door the woman gasped and pointed at Mitsuki. "That's one of them!"


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