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"Yes mother?" a male voice spoke up.

"You are now at the age of 17 my son." His mother told him.

"Yes, I believe that might be true." He replied.

"Yes, yes, definitely, well… Let's get on with it. I am sending you to Japan. You will be staying there for a long time."

"And my objectives?"

"You will live on your own. In order for you to survive, of course, you will need a job; also go to school if you need to." She stated.

"I see. Mother, is this really necessary?"

"As an heir of the Clan, you will need this kind of experience. This will shape up your manhood."

"I understand."

"Ok… I will tell the elders that you have agreed."

"When will I be off then?" he asked his mother.

"You'll be leaving China tomorrow. And another thing… It may be hard for you to look for a job since you are a foreigner in that land. So I'm referring you to one of my acquaintances in Japan."

"What could be my job there? Am I capable?"

"I'm not sure what he will give you but I'm pretty sure he'll give you a job that certainly you can handle."

"Like what, mother?"

"He has become rich since the former year. Still, he hasn't changed much due to wealth. He hasn't become a frivolous man rather he stayed simple. He hasn't many servants as we do. He reckons that it is unnecessary. So… I suppose…" The female woman chuckled with what she is going to tell him, "He might let you handle her mischievous daughter who is a year younger than you."

The male teen got an aback reaction, and then he uttered, "I understand."

"Excellent. I will refer you to Mr. Fujitaka Kinomoto."

(A/N: Oh! I'm not sure if I got that right… It's my first time anyways… Oh well…

Chapter 1: Not Essential

"Wake up now! Breakfast is ready!" A man exclaimed thru a female's bedroom.

"Right!" The owner of the bedroom responded. "I'll be right there!"

The girl has an auburn hair that goes just a little below her shoulders. She took out her school shoes, and then inserted her feet in them. She exited her bedroom, which was renovated a year ago.

"Good morning!" She said to her dad as she sat down in their large dining table.

Her dad, who was seated across her, is reading the daily newspaper. His eyeglasses flashed as he lifted his head when he greeted her daughter, "Good morning Sakura!"

"What are we having for breakfast, daddy?" she asked out cutely.

"Your favorite!" he replied, and then he called out for the maid to serve them the breakfast.

"WOW!" the teen frisky girl gaped up to her old time favorite maki's and sushi's. "You made this, daddy?"

"Of course I did!" he chuckled.

"Dad..!" Sakura spoke up as she grabs her favorite, California Maki. "This may sound odd, but you've been busy lately and I'm sure you could use your time for working instead of cooking.. Right? Well… I could be wrong though. I mean, you can hire a chef if you want."

"That's thoughtful of you my dear. But I'm sure I'm fine with this arrangement."

"Oh.. I see! That's good to hear!"

"Of course! Oh by the way Sakura…"

"Yeah dad?" she responded with her mouth full.

"I have a surprise for you…" he earnestly told her daughter.

She swallowed all the food in her mouth then said, "Wow! Thanks dad! You're the best! Well… May I see it?"

Sakura was expecting something material and shiny coming out from her dad's pocket, but to her surprise, something bigger than that appeared, definitely bigger.

A man just near her age walked up from a distance. Sakura got aback with his sudden show up. She sweat dropped.


"Sakura! I have hired a personal bodyguard for you."

'WHAT!' Sakura shouted in her mind. 'This is ridiculous! I don't need a bodyguard!' "But dad, I don't need a bodyguard. Sorry dad, but I reckon this is totally unnecessary."

"Oh C'mon Sakura… Give it a chance." Her dad heartily smiled at her.

Sakura's emerald eyes looked at the man who is about a year older than her. He has messy brown hair and fantasizing amber eyes. He is light tan and definitely tall. He has a body that is very appreciative.

Even though this is the case, Sakura didn't mind all that.

"Wow…" Sakura started with gritted teeth as she faced her dad, "T-thanks a lot." A vain popped out from her head.


"What's your name again?" Sakura asked with full of irritancy as she walked thru the school gates with his newfound bodyguard.

"Li." He said. "Syaoran Li."

"You're my bodyguard, right? Whydoyougotoschool?"

'What? What did she just said? This girl is the oddest among the others I've met.' His phlegmatic face turned into a confused one and said, "Pardon?"

A vain popped out from Sakura's head, "Never mind I asked."

All the students ran off to their respective classrooms when the bell rang. Sakura was one of them. She was hurrying to her classroom when somebody grabbed her left arm.

"Excuse me Ms. Sakura, I am new here and you are certainly aware of that. I don't exactly know where to go. But I'm sure I partly know what to do." Syaoran politely told her. 'Dammit. I know she might not help me out… But darn, I don't know my way here!'

"My bodyguard, my bodyguard…" she disconcerted, "A, do I care? B, of course I do NOT. C, why did I ever have a bodyguard like you? D, that's Ms. KINOMOTO to you and lastly, E, I AM GOING TO BE LATE!" she cried out then took off running.

Syaoran watched her moving body as she fades in the view. 'Ok… I knew she wouldn't help me out. But this isn't exactly what rejection I had in mind. Oh well… What's the difference?' He noticed that she was sort of rude, but didn't really mind it at all. He is disturbed now on how he will get to class.

He roamed around the corridors, hoping to find a useful person. He never fails to hear a female squealing whenever he passes an open windowed classroom. One student even shouted, "Hey what a cutie!" and made the teacher go ballistic. But he didn't mind it. He was sort of used to these kinds of things; same thing happens wherever he goes. 'Haah… Girls… Wonder why they were ever invented..'

Finally, the entire sore in his feet finally paid off when he saw a 'Principal's Office' sign hanging on one of the beige doors. He went in.


"I see. I see." The Principal muttered.

Syaoran was seated in front of the principal's table, "I can start tomorrow, right?"

"Certainly. Dismissed."

Syoaran stood, bowed for gratitude, and then exited the office.

Pretty soon, he found himself wandering near the school's gate, waiting for his client's dismissal.


'Ok… Careful now…' Sakura thought when her eyes wandered around. She was trying to escape from her bodyguard. 'Who said this bodyguard thingy is a good idea? Geez!'

'Oh gosh! There he is! Oh no! He mustn't see me! … Wait wait… Some girls are talking to him. Good work sluts! I never thought wastes like you would be coming handy! This is the perfect chance, I must escape!' Sakura desperately ran off not accurately know where she is heading.

'BEEEEEEEEEEEP!' "AAAAAAAAAAAAH!" she screamed when a humongous truck 30 times larger than her size came into view, aiming to bump her. She was clueless on what to do.

'I'm gonna diiiieeee! … Ouch…' She rolled to the sidewalk. After that, she rubbed her ass that hit the floor unwittingly. All her attention was on her sore ass that she didn't notice someone stood up behind her then took her arm around his shoulder.

"Oh c'mon! I can walk by my self!" She annoyingly exclaimed to a chestnut colored haired man.

'Wow! I just saved your butt and this is how you repay me?' "Sorry Ms. Kinomoto but I had to make sure of your safety."

"I AM SIXTEEN! I can walk on my own!" 'Haah! Some overprotective lame bodyguard I have!'

They walked off. Sakura was on the dangerous part of the sidewalk (beside where the cars go by) "Fine!" He exclaimed then let go off her hand.

She shook off her sleeve to take the dust off as she looked at him with mean eyes.

"AAAH!" She screamed as Syaoran grabbed her arm to keep her away from the car that just vastly passed by.

Sakura stuck frozen beside him in his grip unsure of what just happened. As soon as she is back to reality, "get your hands off me!" and then she pushed him hard.

"..Clumsy little girl…" he whispered under his breath.

"WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY!" Sakura bellowed with her hands on her waists.

"Nothing Miss…" he replied to her.

"I heard you! Don't make me look stupid!" 'DONGK!' she bumped into a telephone booth as soon as she finished her statement.

'Hahaha! Clumsy little girl! Serves you right!' Syaoran tried to hide his laughter but she saw him.

"What's so funny!" she growled at him as she rubs her forehead. 'GREAT! JUST GREAT! One, I was almost Late! Two, I almost got hit by a truck then had a sore ass. Three, I almost got bumped by a fast car! And four, I hit my self on a telephone booth!' "AND IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT!"

"What?" He innocently gazed up at her. Amber met Emerald. "I didn't do anything."

"DON'T TALK TO MEEEEEEEE!" she yelled then she ran off leaving him behind.


"HAHAHAHA!" Sakura laughed at her self when she reached the gate of her house. "I knew that dweeb couldn't keep up with my running skills! I sure showed him!" She said aloud.

"Yes, miss Sakura, you sure did!" a familiar manly voice spoke up and was visible on top of the lowest roof of their house.

"HEY! How did you get here?" she asked annoyingly and at the same time curiously at Syaoran.

"Uhhh… I walked?" he teased her.

"GRRRRRR!" she grunted then ran off to the front door; went inside; then locked it, leaving him outside.

"Hi Sakura!" Fujitaka Kinomoto greeted her daughter near the front door.

"Hi daddy!" she responded as she locked the door beside her. "Aren't you supposed to be at your office?"

(A/N: Fujitaka has an office away from their home and another one in his house.

"Yes, I was. I just had the feeling you are already home. I wanted to ask you how your day was." He replied.

"OH! It was fun daddy…!" Sakura exclaimed with gritted teeth.

"Excellent!" his dad affirmed, "Where's Xiao Lang?"

"X-Xiao Lang?" Sakura said confused. 'Wa? Who's Xiao Lang? NICE NAME! I really HAVE to meet him!'

"I mean… Li! Where's Syaoran?"

'WHAT? That dweeb is Xiao Lang? Xaio Lang, Syaoran! Oh yeah! Why didn't I see it there before? GRRR! Dumb Sakura!' "Uhhh…" Sakura muttered, unsure of what alibi she'll tell.

Then there was a knock on the door.

"Sakura, there's a knock on the door. Open it will you?" her father asked politely.

"Um… Is there? Y-you must be imagining things, daddy!" she stuttered.

"No. I'm sure I heard it."


"See?" his father muttered.

Sakura can't make an excuse out of this one. The knock was loud and clear. With full of hesitation, she opened the door behind her. As expected, Syaoran appeared in the view.

"Li? What are you doing there?" Fujitaka asked in concern.

Sakura kept her fingers crossed that her dad won't get angry with her after he hears what Syaoran would say. 'Darn that Li! He'll get me into trouble for sure!'

"I had to carry out a little errand for Ms. Sakura, Fujitaka-sama." He lied.

"Oh… you did?" Fujitaka was confused.

"I did?" Sakura said deranged while making her eyebrows form a peculiar angle.

"You didn't?" Fujitaka faced her.

"I did!" she snapped to him. "Ehe ehehe ehe? Of course I did!" she added as she slowly approached Syaoran and dragged him. "Will you excuse us, daddy."

"I'll be off to work now!"

"Sure daddy, good luck!"

Pretty soon, they found themselves in Sakura's room.

Sakura was sat on her four-poster bed with maroon sheets. "Take a seat…" she told him.

As expected, he sat on a chair near the bed. 'What is she up to now?'

"Thanks for that…" she sheepishly said.

"About what, miss?" he normally asked.

"About what you said to my dad just a while ago…" the same sheepish tone in her voice.

'Tss? I just saved her life twice and she totally ignored it. Now, with this little white lie I made to her dad bothered her. Maybe she has a soft spot for her father. She may not be that bad after all…' "Oh… That. Not at all, miss."

"But don't think I'll be easy on you just because of that!" she snapped.

'But then again… I may have spoken too soon.' "Yes miss, I'll keep that in mind."

"Good!" she affirmed, 'Now that I have mentioned him my sincere gratitude… Sincere my butt! Anyways… What do to with him now?' "Dismissed."

He raised an eyebrow with what she ordered him.

"Didn't you hear? I said dismissed! Leave my room! Shoo!" she ejaculated.

Without thinking twice, he gave her a single nod then left the room. 'Bratty girl…'

………………………………………………… After 3 days

"Wake up!" Syaoran bellowed at the sleeping princess on her four-poster bed. After for a few minutes, Sakura still didn't move. 'Haah! What a spoiled brat! Always wake up late! No wonder she's always tardy in school!' He lowered his face down to hers then highly whispered, "Wake up!"

Syaoran just stared into her face.

For a few while, her eyes started to open revealing a pair of astounding emerald pools. She blinked. Emerald was adjusting to Amber's sudden appearance. Blink Blink.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" Both screamed.

"WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE YOU DOING IN MY ROOM!" Sakura bellowed at him gripping tight on her blanket.

Syaoran is now in a faraway distance from her attempted to run away, "My apologies, miss, if I startled you. I was asked to wake you up so that you won't be late."

"No! You didn't startle me! YOU FREAKED ME OUT!" she cried out jumping to her feet.

He bowed for apology. 'Spoiled bratty girl…' "Breakfast will be served in a matter of seconds. Fujitaka-sama would be there to dine with you, miss."

"Right…" She sounded sarcastic. "I'll be there."

He nodded then exited her bedroom. 'She's going to get the both of us tardy!'


After dressing up, Sakura exited her bedroom then started walking in the hallway. As she walked further, she saw a familiar figure leaning against the wall waiting for something. As soon as she recognized who it is, 'Sigh. What an annoying pest. I'll just ignore him, he'll go away.'

When she passed by him. He walked over to her; following her trail.

She rolled her eyes annoyed "Are you supposed to follow me around?" she said when she faced him.

He sensed that she is so irritated "Yep!"

"GRRRR!" she grunted then continued walking off to the dining table, 'I don't like this! I don't like this at all! If only my dad could've rejected him from the start! But noooo, he had to go all fuzzy and warm with this dweeb's story that he came all the way from China and other deceitful stuff like that! And if ever I'll have a bodyguard, why did I end up on this one? Why do I have to get the lame one, the doofus, the geek, THE DWEEB!' "HI DADDY!"


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