AUTHOR'S NOTE This is it! So…this story didn't really have a plot of any kind, but oh well. And I loved the Christmas Eve 2004 Mass episode, where Paloma and Pilar reconciled for at least one night and everyone put aside their grudges. And Theresa got to hug her little boy again (I HATE Gwen and hate the fact that she's with Ethan and that she took Little Ethan away and everything. LoL.) Thanks everyone for reading!

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"Buffy!" Buffy turned around when she heard her name. Sheridan waved from behind her and walked to her side. "I wasn't sure you were coming."

"Oh, we're not staying. Actually I just stopped by to say good-bye," Buffy said.

Sheridan's face fell. "Oh. Well, I enjoyed talking with you before."

Buffy nodded, smiling sadly. "It's nice to meet someone who understands what it was like to lose my mom. My friends are great, but they don't really get it like you do."

Sheridan impulsively pulled Buffy into a hug, which the Slayer returned. "Thank you too! You've been so great to talk to."

When they broke apart, Buffy smiled and said, "You know what? I bet our moms are together somewhere and they're looking at us right now."

Tears shone in Sheridan's eyes. "What do you think they're saying?"

Buffy thought for a minute. "I bet they're saying that we're lucky to have met, since we have so much in common."

Taking both of Buffy's hands in hers, Sheridan nodded. "We do. And I hope somewhere both of our mothers are happy that we're here."

Buffy hugged Sheridan again. Neither one of them noticed an auburn-haired woman, known to Harmony as Mrs. Wheeler, watching them wistfully from the church doors. "I hope everything goes well for you and Luis. Let me know when you guys get married."

"Of course!" Sheridan grinned. "How will I be able to contact you?"

"Just get in touch with a Mr. Rupert Giles in London. I'll get the message."

"Okay." Sheridan noticed a redheaded woman and a man with an eye patch come up behind them. "I think your friends are here."

Buffy turned around quickly and faced Sheridan again. "We have to go. Say goodbye to Luis for me," she said with a wink.

Laughing, Sheridan said, "I will. Goodbye Buffy."


Sheridan turned and she and Luis went into the church. Buffy watched them go and turned back to her friends. "Hey guys. You ready?"

"All set!" Willow said. She watched as all the citizens of Harmony filed quietly and devoutly into the tall granite sanctuary for Mass. "Look at them. This town has seen a lot of battles between good and evil powers, but there they go, all together, for church on Christmas Eve."

Xander put one arm around her and the other around Buffy. The three of them watched as the last Harmony residents – Ivy Winthrop, accompanied by Sam Bennett and a young woman they assumed to be his daughter – entered the church. A blind priest came to the door and seemed to look at them standing alone in the churchyard. "I know that you are new to Harmony. If you will not come in to worship with us, let God be with you wherever you go."

"Thank you, Father," Buffy replied.

He smiled and closed the doors of Saint Margaret Mary's behind him. Buffy looked up and smiled at Xander. "You ready to go?"

"Absolutely. I hope everyone here gets their lives together." Xander smiled sadly. "Too bad we won't be here to see it."

The three of them trudged back to the woods and picked up their bags. They headed down the road toward the police station. Softly, their voices floated back through the trees and rang in the empty yard. "We can always come back, you know," Willow said.

"Of course we can." Xander's laugh grew softer and softer. "I for one want to see what happens in that great love triangle I stumbled into the middle of."

Buffy's was the last to be heard. "Anyone up for Cleveland? After dealing with Harmony, I feel like a little Hellmouth action. You know, for old time's sake. Faith would be so happy to see us, too." The core Scooby Gang's laughter melted into the dark New England woods. Later that Christmas Eve night, as the residents of Harmony let their various grudges go for a night of good will, a car drove away from the Harmony Police Department and headed for Ohio.