pSummary: This is an alternate season 7 with Tara alive... I will write Plenty Chapters one for each episode ((some excluded, or changed drastically)), a prologue, and a small bit of what happened in England with her teachings. ((With her lover there as well.)) Changing the course of the season a little biggest difference probably being Kennedy/Willow never happens... Personally I hated when Tara died and I hated the relationship with Kennedy. She was way to much a brat and Willow said it herself in episode 13 of season 7 "We were supposed to be forever yet he took that away". This Chapter covers most of what happened in the episode 'Him'

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CHAPTER FOUR – Problems With 'Him'

After about a week Willow still hasn't gotten around to telling them about her other self. First Buffy was kicking herself for not being able to save Cassie. Then Anya had her vengeance spell reversed, and Xander still pretty upset over that. She was just making excuses she knew with a rising evil that stuff like this will be more, and more common. She just doesn't want to reveal her evil half to them. Its not like I did anything. I just know what I could've been.

"Tara almost ready?" She called to her girlfriend who has been in the bathroom for a little over half an hour.

"Almost." Came the response from inside.

"Hurry or we'll be late!" Will called back.

"I know Will" She said walking out of the bathroom. "So we are going to meet them at the bronze?"

"Yup Buffy wanted some time out of the house since she got that new job, and Dawn got that new crush" Willow said walking up, and kissing Tara before heading out their bedroom door.

"Oh you mean R.J.?" Tara asked following her out the door, and down the steps.

"Yea" Willow said as they got into the car with Xander.

"What took you two?" Xander said mockingly.

"Wouldn't you like to know?" Willow answered teasingly.

Xander shook his head laughing, and started off to the bronze.

Once at the bronze Willow, Tara, Xander, and Buffy were sitting at a table listening to The Breeders play on the stage.

"Well, Well, Spike definitely seems a little more cogent, less" Moves his finger on his lips to make the 'bl-bl-bl-bl-bl' sound. "I'm just saying... once you get back the soul, doesn't that mean you start, like, picking up your own wet towels off the floor?" He said in disgust.

"No, but maybe it makes him feel bad about leaving them there." Willow said jokingly.

"At least he's showering, and that's a refreshing and delightful change." Buffy said smiling, as Tara noticed someone on the dance floor.

"Hey Buffy isn't that.-" Tara said looking at R.J. on the dance floor. Buffy noticed who she was talking about. "Yup that's him."

"R.J.?" Willow asked not knowing exactly who they were talking about

"Yup the guy who Dawn says is the quote smartest, funniest, coolest, hottest, and having the thickest boy eyelashes boy in school unquote." Buffy said mockingly as she eyes the girl that was dancing with R.J.

The girl was a little taller than Buffy with long brown hair, tight blue jeans, and a very small shirt. The girl was dirty dancing with him.

"He doesn't look so tough" Xander said sounding as tough as possible.

"But look at the fan club" Willow said in disgust pointing out the girl he was dancing with.

"Daddy like" Xander said smiling.

"What is that shirt made of paint!" Buffy exclaimed looking over the slut type girl.

Tara, and Willows eyes shot open as they saw the girls face, while Buffy was still rambling on.

"Oh my…" Tara gasped. "Buff-" Willow said getting Buffy's attention to the dance floor

"Glad Dawnie isn't here to see her precious boyfriend getting all thrusty with some slut-bag hussy-" Buffy was saying till she realized it was Dawn dancing with R.J "Oh…"

"Oh. Oh! No! 'Daddy'- No, I wasn't - When I was looking, I wasn't - Oh, God!" Xander said looking as if he were going to gag. Buffy just stared in disbelief as did Tara. Willow looked disappointed.

"Right there with ya Xand." Willow said still staring.

Buffy stood up enraged at walked over to dawn as they argue R.J. backs away, and Tara, Willow, and Xander stare in disbelief.

"What was she doing?" Willow said still wide-eyed.

"Dancing" Tara said staring at the sisters.

"Well that's obvious, but why like that?" Xander said still getting over his comment earlier.

"Think she will go hard on her?" Tara asked as there argument neared a closing with Dawn grabbing her coat, and walking out the door.

"Probably." Willow said regaining a very small bit of composure.

"I've seen come scary, and weird things living on a hellmouth, but that was just wrong." Xander said standing up.

"I'm heading home. You two want a ride?" Xander said wanting to leave as quick as possible.

Tara, and Willow exchanged a quick look before nodding, and following him out to his car.

Tara, and Willow where now in bed. Neither of them really got a chance to speak to Dawn, or Buffy that night.

"Guess you were right" Willow said laying her head on Tara's stomach embracing her.

"How so?" Tara said running her hand through Willow's hair.

"I doubt any day will be normal enough to tell them." Willow said jokingly.

"Yea, but you have to tell them sooner, or later." Tara said realizing that they haven't told the others yet,

"Yea, but I'm emphasizing on the later part." Willow said with a sigh looking up at Tara.

"I know you understand, but the though still hurts that I could think of doing that stuff. I-I just don't know what I am capable of." Willow said pleadingly.

"We will tell them when you're ready then." Tara said kissing her forehead, and covering them up.

"Goodnight baby" Willow said with a smile before cuddling up to her, and falling asleep.

"Goodnight Will" Tara said hugging her lover, and falling asleep.

The next day Tara woke up first as usual to fix breakfast. Soon after Willow woke up to the smell of coffee, and syrup covered pancakes. Little after she smelt it she was up, and getting dressed.

"Round or funny?" Tara asked as Dawn paraded down the stairs to the kitchen.

"Either as long as they're done soon I'm going to be late." Dawn said rushing to get ready. As Dawn rushed out Buffy walked in.

"What's with the sudden interest in academic achievement?" Willow said following Buffy in.

"Probably R.J." Buffy said in the most mocking voice she could muster.

"Oh girls and high school crushes. How it changes them." Willow said looking at dawn rush to get her book bag.

"Did Oz ever make you want to get ready for school quicker?" Tara asked watching her girlfriend in awe.

"Nothing could make me more excited about school. Though he came close to being one of the only things to ever make me want to not go to school. You being first, and second being principal Snyder." Willow said frowning at the memory of him.

"Thanks" Tara said sarcastically but smiling.

Willow moved to her girlfriend, and kissed her before returning to the table.

"And breakfast is served." Tara announced walking to the table with a plate full of pancakes.

"Thank you" Dawn said smiling, and picking up a stack of pancakes, and eating them up quickly.

"Well we gotta go. I want to take full advantage of this lust for school while she has it." Buffy said as Dawn practically drug her out the door where Xander had just pulled up.

"So Will what are you going to do today?" Tara asked sitting next to her at the table.

"Didn't really have plans. First time my research hasn't been needed for a while." Willow said resting her head on Tara's shoulder.

Willow started to kiss Tara's neck playfully. "It's days like this that make it worth while." They both giggled, and walked upstairs

After about three hours Tara was up, and around cleaning up the house and making beds. Willow was on the computer trying to see if there's any hints to the uprising evil.

"So how's it going?" Tara asked emerging from the kitchen.

"Nothing. No baby's born with there eyes inside out. No unnatural earthquakes . No things appearing where they shouldn't. No dead people appearing to the living. Nothing that previously shown a new big bag appearance is here." Willow said looking over the newspapers she found online.

"Well isn't that a good thing?" Tara said smiling.

"Well usually when we know a dark power is rising, but we can't sense it bad things happen many people die. It also means it's nothing we've dealt with before." Willow said still searching.

"Well I guess I just feel we shouldn't be stressed over something that we can't find out about yet. Big bads usually announce there presence right? I mean Adam was a glorified killing machine, Glory was known far, and wide, and the trio wasn't exactly stealthy." Tara said counting the apocalypses she had been through.

"Yea we will know soon enough I guess." Willow said as Tara walked out of the room.

Willow still wasn't convinced. The coven sent her back because 'She would be needed', But needed for what?

A couple of hours later Tara, and Willow decided to go out for dinner since Buffy and Dawn were late already.

"What do you think was keeping them?" Willow asked concerned about Buffy.

"Hopefully Dawn didn't go out on another date without her knowing." Tara said remembering the bronze.

"I doubt it. She wouldn't do that twice." Willow said unknowingly.

"Ode to young people in love. I would if I was in her shoes, and it were you." Tara said with a sexy smirk.

Willow only smiled back, and ate her meal scooting ever closer to Tara. After they got home they headed straight upstairs looking for Dawn, and Buffy who were both in their respective bed asleep.

"Guess they worked it out." Willow said smirking at Tara

"Yea that's good" Tara said as they walked into their bedroom.

The next day started about the same as the last with Dawn being in a rush to head off to school, and for some reason Buffy having the same lust for work.

"Buffy seemed awfully cheery about going to work today." Willow pointed out.

"Really. I wonder if she found someone?" Tara asked.

"Oh could be the principal he does have that presence about him." Willow said nodding.

"Yea maybe." Tara said as they finished their breakfast.

Later that day Dawn burst into the house, and ran up into her room with a loud thud from the door slamming. Afterwards came Buffy, Xander, and Anya into the house.

"What was that all about?" Willow said rushing up to Buffy.

"Well Dawn's was crushed when she seen her crush being crushed by Buffy" Xander said looking at Buffy disappointedly.

"What?" Willow exclaimed as Tara came up to her side.

"Buffy was having sex with A.J. on a classroom table" Anya said bluntly.

"You were what?" Willow exclaimed.

"Oh god she must be hurt." Tara said rushing up to her room.

After about an hour Dawn was sitting on the couch next to Buffy. Willow, Tara, Xander, and Anya were pacing trying to figure out what was going on.

"He is very cute" Buffy pointed out.

"God just stop" Dawn said as she began to cry. She moved her head down into a position where her hands were covering her face and started to sob.

"Dawn please stop crying" Buffy said trying to comfort her sister. "Please? Crying isn't going to make his love for me go away you know."

"Listen your under a love spell. That's what this has to be." Xander said optimistically

"Yea only love spells can make people change that much" Tara pointed out.

"Yea. Your right. He's right. You're under a spell aww poor little Dawnie."

"We're working on it. It'll be better soon." Willow said sadly

"Yes soon neither one of you will be in love with the boy." Anya said trying to sound comforting.

"He's not a boy!" Buffy exclaimed.

"What do you know about our love?" Dawn exclaimed at about the same time. "It's true and real! This isn't magic this is my heart!"

"Fine" Anya said sarcastically

"We'll be working." Xander said as the moved across the room.

"Look I know this feels terrible, but it isn't real. Try to hold onto that." Willow said as she walked across the room.

"They have it bad" Xander said.

"Yea. This could get serious before the days over." Willow said fearfully.

They hear sounds of Buffy, and Dawn screaming at each other then they run up stairs.

"Real serious" Tara agreed.

"Crazy little lost puppies aren't they" Anya said almost cheerfully.

"At least the yelling went away. It was starting to sound like Christmas morning with my family" Xander said trying to lighten the mood which only earned a frown by Willow and Tara.

"Love spells… People forget how dangerous they can be." Willow said disappointed.

"Hey been there" Xander said as he started to remember the spell he had Amy cast to make Cordy want him back… How terribly wrong it went. Cordy being the only one not affected. "Good times" Xander added with a smile and chuckle

Buffy walked in defeated.

"She locked her door. Boy that spell made her loopy." Buffy said seriously.

"Info on R.J. Brooks." Willow said showing the others.

"Oh is there a picture?" Buffy exclaimed taking in full view of the laptop.

"Family stuff. Hey, I knew his brother. He was a big jock at Sunnydale High too. Couple years ahead of us. He used to stick chewing gum in my hair." At that Willow looked concerned and disgusted. "Huh?"

"What're you thinking?" Willow asked stubbornly.

"Well, I think my relationship with R.J.'s brother was complex at best, but...maybe he's a way in." Xander said knowing it was there only lead at the moment.

"Good" Buffy agreed. "Now look for a picture" She added.

Xander headed out with Spike to Talk to the brother as Tara, Anya, and Willow continued looking for any signs that it's a spell. After a couple of minutes there was a knock at the door ,and Willow went to answer it. Their stood a tall blonde haired teenager with a football jacket on.

"Oh you have to be-" Willow said scared.

"I was looking for Buffy. Ms. Summers?" He stated as Willow backed up a little..

"Buffy's not here. Go away!" She demanded.

"You sure?" he asked

"No Buffy for you. Leave quickly now." Anya stated as she appeared behind Willow.

"Um okay. Tell her to call me" he said walking away.

"Man" Willow said trying to sound disgusted.

"Good thing Buffy and Dawn are upstairs. If they knew he was here." Whatever Anya was going to say was lost as she stared at the figure disappearing off into the night.

"Willow what's wrong?" Tara asked as she saw her staring at the door in awe.

"I'm looking at my soon to be boyfriend" Willow said staring out the door.

"You're w-w-w-what?" Tara asked stuttering for the first time since college.

"R.J." She said in awe.

"Oh god" Tara said realizing what was going on.

"A.J…" Anya said still in awe.

"You can stop gaping at him Anya he's mine." Willow said defensively.

"No way he's my boyfriend!" Anya said in almost a scream.

"But you don't even know him!" Willow responded.

"Baby calm down" Tara said as she tried to approach Willow

"Yes I do I stared into his soul." Anya said fondly.

"He was walking away so unless his soul was in his ass" Willow stated.

"A.J. Is my best friend, and my dearest darling." Anya defended

"It's R.J." Willow corrected "and clearly what you were picking up on was his deep caring, and devotion for me."

"Willow baby please think it's the spell." Tara pleaded.

"What's going on?" Dawn asked coming down the stairs followed by Buffy.

"Willow thinks she's in love with my boyfriend R.J." Anya said putting emphasis on 'R.J.'

"What? NO you two can't do this!" Dawn said in disbelief.

"Will you're a gay woman! And you have a girlfriend!" Buffy shouted.

"So?" She turned her attention to Tara. "I'm sorry babe, but we can't interfere with true love." Willow said which caused a tear to form in Tara's eye even though she knew it was the spell hearing those words hit her hard.

"Don't forget he isn't a woman." Buffy pointed out.

"This isn't about his physical presence. It's about his heart." Willow said looking back at Buffy.

"His physical presence has a PENIS!" Anya shouted.

"So? I can work around it!" Willow defended.

"This isn't fair! How can you all be doing this to me?" Dawn said near tears.

"It's that spell all of you have been affected." Tara said trying to talk sense into them.

"How would you know? You never knew true love with anyone before." Anya snapped back which cause Tara to really start to cry.

"Ok wait everyone wait calm down ok? She's right clearly all of you have been affected by the same love spell that got Dawn." Buffy said smiling.

"This isn't a spell! He owns my heart." Dawn said placing a hand over her heart.

"Dawn be quiet we're trying to work this out we don't need you interfering." Buffy responded.

"There's a simple answer to this. Just think about who loves him the most. Clearly me since I'm willing to give up Tara, and look over the entire orientation thing." Willow said proud of herself which just maid Tara feel worse.

"Well you're gonna have to do better than that! I'd kill for him." Anya said nodding her head.

"You'd kill for a chocolate bar." Willow snapped back.

"Yes kill. I'm the slayer. Slayer means kill. I'll kill the principal for him." Buffy stated extremely pleased with her idea.

"That is hard to top…" Anya said thinking of something.

"Yea well I have skills… I'll prove my love with magic!" Willow said smiling.

"No you can't Will that's wrong!" Tara said as soon as she suggested it.

"Why not I'm powerful I can keep in control" Willow said confident in her abilities as a Wicca.

"Besides that what are you going to do use magic to turn him into a girl?" Anya asked smiling then Willow got a huge smile on her face, and Anya realized she had just given the girl the best idea for her. "Damn" she said right after.

"No Willow you can't!" Tara pleaded.

"Aw shut up you have nothing to do with me anymore." Willow said as she went upstairs to get ready, and everyone else rushed out to they're respective Idea's expect Dawn, and Tara.

"Dawn I'm so sorry this is happening" Tara said through small tears.

"I'll never get him." She said in shock.

"No Dawn it'll be ok just please help me snap them out of it." Tara asked wanting to get Willow back more than anything in the world.

"Okay what do I have to do?" Dawn asked still skeptical.

"Just go try to stop Buffy, and I'll try to stop Willow." Tara said running upstairs, and Dawn walked out the door.

Tara run up the stairs, and opened the doors to the room where Willow was chanting for the spell.

"Stop baby please. You remember the consequences for using magic for selfish reasons." Tara said trying to reach Willow.

"Don't call me baby I'm not your anymore R.J. owns my heart." She said as she continued the spell.

"I won't let you" Tara said picking up a crystal she needed to call Hecate

"Sleep" Willow said as Tara hit the ground asleep. She took the crystal, and put it back, and started to chant.

"Oh Hecate I ask your will be done. A small change make a daughter out of a" Willow chanted as the crystals started to rise then a hand was placed over her mouth stopping the spell.

"Will what ARE you doing?" Xander said staring at Tara on the ground and her casting a spell.

"I am proving I love R.J. The most" Willow replied with determination.

"Will Honey… R.J.'s A Guy" Xander pointed out

"Well Yea I noticed that's why I'm doing my spell cause he doesn't have to be you know." She said grapping at the bowl of crystals Xander took. "Now give me back my crystals I don't have much time. "

"Much time before what?" Xander asked suspiciously

"Before Anya or Buffy Get to prove that they love R.J. more" She said defensively

"And how do they plan on doing that?" Xander asked trying to get a grip on things.

"Well Buffy is going to kill Principal Wood And" Willow started but was interrupted.

"Okay we'll start there lets go" Xander rushed as spike grabbed Tara and they went down the stairs to Xander's car.

Once in the car they sped off to the School. Tara was in the back seat with her head on Willow's shoulder. Tara started to wake up halfway to the school

"Baby?" Tara said as she was waking up.

"Hey Tara" Willow said smiling.

"Willow!" She exclaimed and hugged her then she remembered all of what was going on. "are you free of the spell yet?" She asked quietly

"Spell what spell?" Willow asked confused.

"The love spell." Tara responded.

"Yea… Cause it wasn't a spell I love him." Willow said warming at the thought of R.J.

Tara looked down sad again and waited out the rest of the ride. When they got there Spike spotted Buffy pointing a rocket launcher at the principals office and ran to stop her. While Tara did a locator spell and found out Dawn was already at the house with Anya.

After recapturing Buffy, Spike and Xander went and stole the jacket from R.J. and burned it in the fireplace at the Summer's house. Where they were all sitting in the living room. Anya, Buffy, and Xander where looking at the burning fire Willow was with Tara in their room and Dawn was sitting on the couch.

Up in Willow and Tara's room they were talking it out.

"I can't believe I did that Tara" Willow said through tears

"It wasn't you fault you were under a spell." Tara said thoughtfully.

"Yea but I used my power for a selfish reason… Can I be good with this power Tara?" Willow was practically bawling now

"Yes you can." Tara said hugging Willow

"But if that stupid spell was able to have that much control over me… I could've done anything if it had kept going… I might've hurt you more than I did." Willow was still in tears.

"You didn't… It'll be fine Will believe me." Tara reassured her.

"Okay" Willow said not to sure. "I just wish that I could get over this power…"

"You can't so you'll just have to deal with controlling it." Tara said comfortingly. "And you'll feel better once you tell them about it" She added.

"Yea…" Willow said trailing off.

"Goodnight Will" Tara said forcing her into bed.

"Night Tara" Willow said smiling and hugging her as the drifted off to sleep.

Don't worry Will. I will always be here to help you through your pain. I will always be here to find you. Tara thought as she fell asleep against cradling her girlfriend in her arms

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