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Chapter 7


Natalie took a deep breath, pacing back and forth in her room.

"Why are you so upset about this?" she whispered to the empty room, "You should be happy to have a mother like Hermione."

She fell onto her bed, leaning down onto the mattress and sighing, running a hand through her thick and silky brown hair, "Why didn't he ever tell me?" she groans out quietly.

Just then, there was a tap at the door, "Nat?"

"Go away!" she shouted out.

Draco didn't listen; he simply swung open the door and stepped inside, "Natalie, I need to talk to you."

"About how you lied to me?" she asked, looking up at him with blotchy cheeks and puffy eyes. She hated the way she looked when she cried.

Draco sat down at the foot of her bed, "I am so sorry about that, Natalie."

She sucked in a deep, quivered breath, "But why did you lie? Why didn't you ever tell me?"

Draco shook his head, "I didn't…I-"

"You can't think of anything, can you?" Natalie asked accusingly.

Draco opened his mouth to object, but Natalie cut him off.

"There is no reason for why you didn't tell me, Dad. No reason!"

Draco's eyes flew to the ground, "You don't understand what could've happened if we would have told you, Natalie. Your life would be in serious danger."

Natalie sniffled, "Oh yeah? How do you figure?"

"If the Dark Lord at any time found out that I was with a muggleborn-"

"Your father already knew." Natalie said quietly.

Draco almost laughed at that, "You honestly think he would tell on me? No, he was ashamed of me! But if the Dark Lord ever found out, you would be killed. Half-bloods are almost as bad as mud…as muggleborns."

Natalie shook her head, "I wouldn't have told anybody, ever."

Draco sighed, "That wouldn't matter. What would matter would be if word still got out. This is the wizarding world, Natalie. We can find out anything we want at anytime."

Natalie couldn't think of anything to say, she simply hung her head and blinked away the tears that were threatening to escape.

She wasn't sure why she was so upset, she was much happier to know that her mother was Hermione as opposed to Pansy, and it surely answered just about every question about her background that she had ever wondered.

"Is there anyway you can forgive me, Natalie?" Draco asked, glancing towards his young daughter.

Natalie sighs, leaning back against her headboard, a million pillows surrounding her, "Tell me the story."

Draco eyed her confusingly, "What story?"

"The story of you and Hermione."


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