Chapter One

"Ace… Ace…," Logan whispered trying to wake Rory up, "Rory."

"Huh… what," Rory said waking up really startled, "Logan its 3 A.M.! What are you doing here?"

"I was wondering if I could stay here tonight? Colin and Finn are having a party and it shows no sign whatsoever of ending anytime soon and I have a test in my Philosophy class at 10."

"They're having a party at 3 A.M. on a Wednesday? Why? How did you get in here?" Rory babbled out

"Yes, to celebrate "Hump Day" as if they actually need an excuse to throw a party, and that charming roommate of yours let me in."


"Well I do believe that's her name…" Logan said following a chuckle.

"Paris let you in? What is she doing up at 3?"

"I'm guessing Doyle just dropped her off considering I saw him on my way in, but if you really want I'll go ask her…."

"No, that's fine. She'll probably slap you now if you wake her up."

"So can I stay?" Logan asked

"Yeah I guess… just let me get up and get you a blanket or something, ok?"

"Ok Ace," Logan said. Then a tiny bit of motion coming from the other side of Rory's bed caught his attention. He looked closer and he saw a little girl around the age of 2 or 3 roll over. "Um… Ace? Is there something that you're keeping from me? And since when did the dorms let you have a baby in here?"

"Huh, what," Rory said and then she remembered Gigi, "OH that's my little sister Gigi! And no one knows she's here except for Paris. Christopher had to go out of town and since the wedding/vow renewal incident he is no longer speaking to my mother, who would normally watch her. I have to skip classes tomorrow and watch her."

"You skip classes? Ace, this is a naughty side of you. I like it."

"Hush Huntzberger, and if you wake her up you die."

"Ok I'll just be going to bed now…."

"Clever boy."

Logan looked at Rory expectantly as he waited for her to move over and let him in to bed. Rory realized he was waiting for her to move over and give him room on the bed. "You aren't sleeping in here Logan, go get on the couch."

"Come on Ace, you now you wanna share your bed with me," Logan said while pouting, "Come on your couch is uncomfortable and you have this big old bed in here."

"Logan, no."



"Rory come on please?" he said

The second he said her name she knew she was going to cave and he could look at her and tell it too. He hardly ever called her Rory and he finally realized that he got his way more often if he did. It was like his secret weapon.

"Fine Huntzberger, you can sleep in here, on one condition."

"What's that?"

"You buy me lunch tomorrow."

"Done and I'll do you one better, I'll watch Little Gigi here so you can take your exam in our Early American Literature class."

"But, then you'll miss the test."

"Yea, but I won't mind missing it. You on the other hand would complain about it for days."

"Are you sure Logan? I don't want you to miss this test and then have to play catch-up the whole rest of the semester."

"I'm positive Ace."

"Ok then it's a deal."

"Good then lets go to sleep."

Rory moved over and let Logan get into bed next to her. He pulled the down comforter over them as she rolled over facing away from him. He was drifting off to sleep listening to the soft rhythmic breathing coming from her when he heard her say "Logan?"


"Thank you."

"No thank you."

Then they both drifted off into a deep sleep.