Chapter 40

Logan walked around campus aimlessly for an hour before ending up at Rory's door. Taking a deep breath he knocked at the door and waited on Rory or Paris to open it.

The door opened and Doyle jumped nervously behind it at the sight of Logan. "Huntzburger." he stated shakily

Logan too tired to be anything other than exhausted simply said, "Hey Doyle. Is Rory here?"

Doyle nodded and moved so that Logan could come in. He watched wordlessly as Logan passed him and went straight into Rory's room and shut the door behind him. He turned to Paris who looked confused. "That was weird."

"Yeah. He didn't even try to insult you." she said in a joking voice but still completely serious.


Rory looked up from her book and smiled as Logan walked in and crawled into her bed. "Hey you."

Logan smiled and pulled her down into a lying position and cuddled her into him. "I'm exhausted. Let's sleep." he said tiredly

Rory looked over at her boyfriend, confusion written all over her face. "Everything ok?"

Logan nodded. "Everything is fine."

"Are you sure? Because I can't remember a single time you've crawled into my bed without wanting to..."

"Sleep with you?" he asked. At her nod he added, "That's not true there was that time when I came over at 3 in the morning... nope... never mind I wanted to sleep with you then too but Gigi was here."

"Ha ha."

"Seriously though Ror, I'd love nothing more than to make love to you right here and now all night long but I'm simply just to tired."

Rory smiled and curled back into his arms. "OK then. Let's sleep." she said adjusting until she was comfortable.

The room was silent for a long time and Logan knew that Rory was still awake. He had spent enough time in bed with her to know the way her breathing sounds when she's sleeping and this wasn't it. He knew she probably knew he was awake also. He sighed and decided to give up on sleeping and just talk to her. "I had Robert kicked out of the LDB today." he said softly

Rory rolled over quickly looking him the eyes. "Should we even be talking about this? And can you really do that?"

Logan smiled. "Are you going to tell on me?"

Rory laughed. "Well no. Who would I tell? You're one of the bosses."

Logan nodded. "Ok then. And yes I can do that. Like you said I'm one of the bosses. Besides he's not a legacy member. I am. I can do whatever I want."

Rory rolled her eyes dramatically. "Oh, the elitism. It's such a turn on."

Logan grinned before kissing her lightly. "Oh yeah."

Rory nodded comically. "Oh yeah."

Logan smiled before leaning in to kiss her slowly. His fingers skimming the hem of her tank top briefly before slipping underneath it completely and caressing her back.

Rory pulled away from him when his lips began traveling down her neck, her eyes brimming with lust and matching his. "I thought you were tired?" she asked jokingly

Logan laughed and rolled her over on top of him. "I think I've found my second wind." he replied while pulling her shirt off.

Rory moaned when he flipped them back over and reattached his lips to her neck. "Good. Cause I believe you mentioned something about making love to me all night long."


Colin glared angrily at Finn. "I can't believe the two of you went behind my back! And then ambushed me in there! What the hell was that?! Do you have any idea how embarrassed I was in there?" Colin yelled. "Olivia is standing there, looking at me like I'm an idiot because I've got no clue what three of my best friends are doing! And Robert... he was completely blind sided."

"Don't." Finn snapped angrily. "Don't you even dare to defend him!"

Colin sighed. "I wasn't going..."

"Yes you were!" Finn screamed. "You've been defending him all along. I don't get it Colin. When you saw those bruises were you confused about their origin? He did that to her."

"She was..."

"I don't care if she was leading him on! I don't care if she swore to love him for all of eternity dammit!! He put his hands on her! He hurt her. He physically hurt her. He abused her Colin!"

"He..." Colin started trying to get a word in

"You know what!" Finn snapped, "Just get away from me before I abuse you!" he yelled before storming off leaving a dumbstruck Colin behind.

AN: Short and brief I know... but the next chapter should be longer...