It seems that due to stupendous lack of demand, I was forced to make my "Offspring of an Octopus" series, featuring the original character Austin Smith, into four stories. So, Austin and May Parker are back, trying to work on their relationship, and around a dissaproving spider-powered father. Noreen, the Girl Goblin, is back with a vengance, allied with enough bad guys to make even the greatest villian-lover's head spinning. So sit back, put your finger on the scrolling button, and enjoy! And whether you are old or new, read and review!

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The Children of Six

Once upon a time, a superhero called Spider-man fought a group of supervillians called the Sinister Six. Now, scheming supervillianess Noreen Osborn, the Girl Goblin, has gathered the children of the Six to destroy the Spider-line once and for all. But one place at the group is still empty. That place once belonged to the leader of them all. Now, if Noreen has her way, that place will be occupied by his son…

Chapter 1: Prologue: Archetype

"Today we will start working on Mary Shelley's Frankenstein," Professor Edmunds began to his English Literature 46 class. "Contrary to popular belief, Frankenstein is not the name of the monster, but of the scientist who created him. Now if you will please refer to the handout I gave you, you will see that…"

Austin Smith, from his seat in the back, had disengaged his mind. He only was in this class because his beloved cousin, Rachelle Laufey (who had recently transferred to Empire State University from UC Irvine) had put him up to it. She was a real literature and poetry buff—but science and math was more his thing. However, he realized the need to get good grades, so his tentacles were now peeking out from beneath his coat, auditory receptors at full power. They were downloading the lecture into his mind like an illegal MP3 file from Napster.

Professor Edmunds then asked, "Victor Frankenstein is a classic example of the so-called "mad scientist" archetype. Can anyone name any others?"

Austin leaned over to his beloved girlfriend, May Parker. "How about my father?" he muttered. May shared the private joke with her friend Felicity Hardy, and Rachelle, and all three sniggered. Because all four knew what the joke meant.

Austin Smith had been raised by his single mother and aunt. When he was fourteen, he had discovered, rather disagreeably, that his father happened to be none other than the infamous supervillian (and yes, mad scientist) Doctor Octopus. His father had found out about his son at around the same time, and kidnapped him. Austin, in an accident shortly thereafter, became fused to his father's duplicate set of "smart arms," or tentacles as everyone put it.

However, since God has a finely tuned sense of irony, Austin had later fallen in love with another science major, May Parker, who happened to be the daughter of Spider-man, the archenemy of Austin's father. She had also inherited her father's spider-powers. Unfortunately, Peter Parker, May's father and the now retired Spider-man, was not entirely reconciled to the idea of his daughter dating Doc Ock's son.

Austin's tentacles began to speak to him in his mind.

Father is not a "mad scientist."

Is too, he mentally grumbled at them. Their voices were always talking, even if they weren't speaking to him. It was a constant buzzing in his mind. However, for the overwhelming majority of the time, he could block out the voices when necessary.

The hour of his last class dragged by like a snail jogging through molasses. Finally, 6:00 pm arrived. He was free.

"Austin," May asked. "how about we go to my place for dinner tonight? Beats staying up at the dorms—or pulling a Saturday all-nighter in the science lab."

"There was an experiment I wanted to work on," stated Austin.

"God rested on the seventh day, Austin," she says. "What's good enough for God is good enough for the common mortal."

"Very true," Austin agreed.