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8:56 a.m. -- The Spies' Villa

The next day, the girls woke up from a nice, long, and deserving rest. Sam was the first to wake up, I was next, then Brittney, Clover, and finally Alex. The girls used their X-powders to switch from their sleepclothes to their bathing suits. Sam did the same thing to Brittney and me. Sam, Alex and I were wearing the same thing when we came home from lunch yesterday, Clover was wearing her 2-piece orange bathing suit, and Brittney was wearing her plain one piece blue bathing suit. The girls and I had showered last night before we had gone to sleep.

"Who's ready for our pool party?" Sam asked ecstatically.

"All of us are," Clover said, excited.

"For sure, Sammy. Let's go, guys," Alex improvised.

We grabbed our towels, while I grabbed mines and a towel for Sam and Brittney.

"Thanks, Mathew," Sam said when I handed her's to her.

"Yeah, thanks, Mathew," Brittney said when she grabbed her towel.

"No problem, girls. You two girls as well as Alex were great when in the game," I complimented as we went outside of the bathroom out to the pool.

"Thanks, Mathew," Brittney said while Sam, me and her were walking out to the pool.

"Yeah. Thanks, Mathew. That's sweet of you," Sam said while she wrapped her towel around her neck stopped her walking, and kissed me on my cheek.

"You're welcome, girls. And, Sam, thanks for the kiss,"

"You're welcome as well, Mathew. It's the least I can do for somebody who loves me so much and enjoys our relationship so much," Sam said back.

Sam gasped as I leaned in and kissed her on her cheek and lips. She began to blush. Brittney walked out to the pool while Sam and I held hands together and continued following Brittney out to the pool.

"Come on, you two. Clover and Alex are already swimming. Let's get in the pool, too," Brittney said to us.

"We're coming, Brittney. Keep your suit on," Sam said to her.

"Yeah, what Sam said, Brittney," I said.

We came out, still holding hands, and set down our towels. Sam began to tie her hair into a ponytail while I took off my shirt. Sam and I held hands again, and jumped into the pool together.

"Awwww. Isn't that sweet," Clover said.

"Oh, Clover," Sam said amused.

We began to swim and play with each other. We dunked and splashed each other. We swam and played for almost an hour when all of us climbed out of the pool, and stepped into the jacuzzi. We bent down, warming our bodies. Sam was sitting on the left side of the bar. She was sitting on the 3rd step. I was sitting next to her. Brittney sat next to me, Clover sat next to Brittney, and Alex sat next to Clover.

"Ooohhh. This feels nice," Sam said.

"This is way better than when you're at the spa,"

She began to undo the ponytail in her hair, letting it fall and touch the water. I happen to have glanced over at her undoing her ponytail and I began to gasp lovingly at her hair falling. I began to wrap my arm around Sam's shoulder.

"Mmmm. Thanks, Mathew," Sam said sweetly to me as she wrapped her arm around my shoulder as well.

"No problem," I said to her.

"Can I get a massage on my shoulders after we get out a little later?" Sam asked me.

"Sure. I mean, if you really want it," I responded.

"I do want it," Sam said back to me.

We gave each other a brief kiss.

"Hey, Mathew," Brittney said to me, tapping on my shoulder.

"Hmm? Yeah, Brittney?" I said to her.

"Since Sam is getting a massage on her shoulders, can I get one also on my shoulders?"

"Well, sure," I said to Brittney.


Brittney gave me a kiss on her cheek after she heard me say "sure".

"Thanks, Brittney. I really appreciate that," I said to her.

"Hey, it's just the payback for somebody who said that Sam, Alex, and I did well in the game," Brittney said back to me.


Brittney and I gave each other a high five. Clover and Alex didn't want one when I offered them one.

"I'm getting hungry. Let's go get something to eat for breakfast," Alex said.

"Good idea, Alex. I was feeling a little hungry myself," Sam said.

The girls and I came out of the jacuzzi and went inside. Sam and I held hands when we went inside. We had some pancakes that Sam made herself. The girls and I each had 2 pancakes. Alex had went to the refrigerator to grab some pancake syrup. She poured some on her pancakes, and handed the syrup to the rest of us.

"Thanks, Alex," Sam said when the syrup was handed to her from me.

"Yeah, thanks, Alex," I said, agreeing with Sam.

"No problem, girls," Alex said.

When we were finished, we threw our plates in the trash. Clover and Alex went up to their rooms to change their clothes, while Sam, Brittney, and me went up to Sam's room with each other. Brittney and Sam were still in their green and blue bathing suits and I had gone to the bathroom real quick to change my clothes. I came to Sam's room wearing my red Amsoil/Chapperal Honda T-shirt with Billy Laninovich's last name on the back and underneath it was a 132.

"Shall we do your massages, girls?" I said.

"For sure, Mathew," Brittney said.

"Hey, Brittney. You gotta feel his massages. I asked him to massage me when we went on our first date and I absolutely loved it," Sam said to her.


Brittney was surprised.

"Wanna go first?" Sam asked Brittney.

"Nah. You can go first since you're his boyfriend," Brittney said.

"Thanks, Britt,"

Sam gave Brittney a pat on the shoulder, then sat on her knees on her bed. She tucked her hair underneath the back of her green bathing suit to keep it from swerving around and maybe tickle my arm.

"Ready, Sam?" I asked.

"Yes. I'm ready for my relaxing massage," Sam responded.

I began to put my hands on Sam's shoulders, and began to squeeze them as gently as I could. Sam closed her eyes and exhaled.

"Ohhhhh... Mmmmmm...Oooohhh yeah that feels good," Sam said softly to herself.

After 20 minutes more, Sam requested for me to stop. Feeling more refreshed than she ever felt, she stood up from her bed.

"Thanks, Mathew. That felt sooo good," Sam said to me.

She gave me a kiss on my lips. Sam stood on her feet, took out her hair from underneath her bathing suit, grabbed her clothes, and went to the bathroom to change.

"I'm guessing it's my turn now," Brittney assumed.

"I would say you're right, Brittney," I said to her.

Brittney sat on Sam's bed, while I sat on my knees. I placed my hands on her shoulders and began to squeeze them gently. Brittney had closed her eyes and breathed like Sam was doing when she had her massage.

"You can stop now, Mathew," Brittney requested after 30 minutes.

I took my hands off of Brittney's shoulders and she stood up on her feet. She gave me a kiss on my cheek.

"Thanks, Britt," I said to her.

"No problem. Sam was right. You do give really good massages," Brittney responded.

Meanwhile, Sam had just came back into her room. She was wearing her plain red dress.

"So, how did you like the massage, Brittney?" Sam asked.

"Great. You were so right. Mathew does give good massages," Brittney responded to Sam.

Brittney exited Sam's room to the bathroom to change her clothes. She had changed from her blue bathing suit to her blue dress that went down to the top of her legs.

The end.

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