Home in my arms
By shadows-of-flame

Yesh... yaoi story. Lets see how we can go with this...
Inspired by Utada HikarusColors, so it fits the scene well.

Rain flooded the streets in large, neverending puddles.
The rain would never counter the thunder rumbling nearby, and he knew this.

A friend had been lost a few days before, and he wasn't ready for the grief of losing anyone else after losing his father so soon.

The loss of his father had been a great one, but he wasn't ready for Torn to become a memory just yet.

Droplets of rain fell on his bare face and saturated his clothes as he sat on the roof, wishing he would come home.
But he had been missing for 3 days now, and there was no word of his return.

An indescribable hollow feeling was in his chest - his friend was missing, hell, presumed dead, and there was nothing he could do but wait. Wait for his return, and pray to the Precursors he was safe.

'I didn't think Daxter had the power to piss him off that badly...' he thought sadly, wishing that his friend, the one with tattooes, would come home and they'd all be friends again.
A happy bunch, laughing and joking like old times.

But there was little chance of that happening.

Torn was not the sort to come running at a call, to worry too much about his friends feelings. He would sometimes show the slightest bit of emotion, but not very often.

Jak was unusually silent, and Daxter noticed this.
"Worried about Tattooed Wonder?" he asked, trying to make some conversation with his best friend.

"Of course I am! He just... disappeared. How could I not worry?" he asked angrily.
The tone in his voice made Daxter back down.

"We're all worried about tattooed wonder. Don't think you're the only one." Daxter mumbled, leaving his friends shoulder in search of warmer climates.

Jak sighed softly, wondering why Torn had run away.
There was no apparent reason, and Jak thought on that as the rain continued to run down his shirt, and touch the scars running down his back with trails of water.

He hoped that Torn would return home soon.


Rain didn't affect where the fiends ran wild. It didn't affect the boiling climate that was the Spargus desert.
The occasional raindrop didn't even hit the ground before evaporating into mist.

The Wastelanders were on constant patrols - never leaving the sands of their king unless instructed.
Torn had been walking for ever when they found him.

"Halt! What business do you have in the Wastelands?"

Torn bowed his head.

"I want to become a Wastelander."

Kleiver chuckled, his belly flopping up and down as he laughed.

"Fine, Tattooed Wonder. But first... a clothes change..."