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Chapter 10: Training Day

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Michael woke up to an incredible headache. The pain was making him nauseous. He opened his eyes to find he was in a car that was upside down. His vision was blurry, and the scent of blood reached his nostrils. He tried to get up but a searing pain ran through his leg and around his collarbone. He screamed in agony. He was barely able to turn his head and that's when he saw his mother. Her eyes staring lifelessly at him. Blood running down her face…

Michael sat up quick, banging his head on the roof of his bed. He rubbed his head as he breathed out silent curses towards his evil bed top. He opened the top to his bed and sat still for a while. He hated dreaming sometimes. He wished he could take some sort of drug to make him never dream again. That's when he felt a presence. He knew exactly who it was.

"Hello, master." He said.

"You seem a bit down, college boy. Bad dreams again?" Alucard said with a grin.

Mike didn't say anything at first. He looked up at his master then said, "Do you ever wish you could forget things? You know, things in your life that were devastating to you?"

Alucards grin went away, his face was unreadable. There was an awkward silence at first, then Alucard spoke, "I think everybody wishes they could do that to some horrible memories, just wish them away. But, a lot of those experiences change, and mold you, making you stronger."

Michael looked up at his master, his words held wisdom. He was sure Alucard had seen many horrible things…and done horrible things as well.

"I know you're old. Like centuries old, but when you were my age, did you lose anyone close to you? Someone you still think about, to this day?" Michael asked.

Alucard continued to look at his fledgling. His eyes hiding behind his glasses. "Get dressed and drink your blood. I'm going to be training you and the police girl today. Be at the training ground in six minutes, if you are late your punishment will be severe." And with that, he was gone. Leaving a dazed Michael behind.

Seras was already at the training grounds doing some quick stretches when Michael came running up. She smiled at him as he walked over to her.

"So, what's master going to do to us today?" He asked. There was some slight nervousness to his voice.

"Don't know. Hope it's useful. I'm a little worried about our upcoming 'event' with this ancient demon. We fought a rather dangerous vampire about a year ago and I'm not sure if I'm ready for another." Seras replied.

"That's why we are training tonight." Alucards voice boomed out of nowhere, making the two fledgling's flinch. He then appeared with a grin on his face. "Tonight's training is going to be especially fun. I'm going to teach you two how to walk through solid objects, the quick way." His grin widened even more as he said this.

"That sounds cool. I've always wanted to do that." Mike stated.

Seras wasn't as thrilled, seeing her master's devilish grin. With a smile like that she knew that they were in for some not-so-fun training.

"Both of you grab one of my arms." He commanded. The two fledglings did as they were told. Suddenly, darkness surrounded them. Michael began to panic when he couldn't see a thing, but as soon as it started it was gone. They were no longer at the training grounds. Instead they were at some godforsaken ghetto in some city. From the looks of it, no one had been staying in the buildings for some time. They were worn down; some buildings not even finished being built. The only people that would be here would be the homeless or people who were up to no good.

"Holy shit, where are we?" Mike asked, as he looked around, shocked as to how they got there. Seras didn't seem as freaked out as Michael. She had been teleported by Alucard before.

"We're in a place where we won't be disturbed." Alucard said, his voice holding menace. He glanced at his two fledglings then spoke up once more, "This will be our training ground for tonight. You will learn how to walk through solid objects. There are no 'ifs ands or buts' about it. That is your mission for the night, as well as survive."

The two looked at him with some worry. Not liking at all where he was going with this.

"I will give you two a one minute head start. After that, you better learn how to run through walls. My bullets are real and I have no intention on going easy on the both of you. Your fear and concentration of trying to stay alive should help you accomplish your goal of moving through solid objects." He then pulled out his .454 Casull with one arm and the Jackal with his other.

"Wait, this isn't fair. How are we supposed to out run you? You can teleport!" Mike shouted.

Alucard smiled, "That's the fun part. Now…run."

The two young vampires didn't waste anytime. They took off as fast as their vampiric powers could take them.

"We should split up. That way he can only go after one of us." Seras suggested.

Michael didn't really want to split up, but she did have a point. He just nodded as they went different directions. Seras heading down an alley way and Michael running into a run down apartment complex. They had no idea what they were in for.

Integra was going through some paper work when Walter gave a knock.

"I brought you some tea, sir." Walter said from the other side.

She sighed; a tea break would be nice. "Come in, Walter."

He opened the door and brought the tray with some warm tea as well as some biscuits. He set the tray down and poured her a cup.

"So, where are our three vampires this evening?" Walter asked as he handed her the warm cup of tea.

"Training. Alcuard is giving them a lesson in walking through walls. Which is all we need, more vampires invading my privacy." She said as she took the tea and brought it to her lips.

Walter chuckled, "Just giving you the feel of what parenting will be like." He joked.

Integra smirked, "Walls and locked doors keep children out. Vampires are like children with super powers. Children will be a walk in the park after dealing with these three."

Walter couldn't help but laugh. He enjoyed these little moments with Integra. She had grown up so much in such little time. He couldn't imagine the responsibility she had at only twenty-four, but she was strong, and he admired that in her. She was just like her father.

"Do you think Alucard will go easy on them?" Walter asked.

Integra lifted an eyebrow, "Alucard wouldn't go easy on a five year old."

Walter nodded, "You're probably right."

Seras was preparing herself for the worst. She knew Alucard was serious when he said he wouldn't go easy. She wasn't sure if he would kill them, but she knew if he did find them, they would be in a world of hurt. She concentrated and tried going through the walls, but it was to no avail.

"Bloody hell." She mumbled, "I hope Michael is having better luck than me." She said to herself.

"God damn it!" Michael shouted as he broke though a wall in an attempt to go through it, which he did, just not in the way his master wanted.

He stood up and cleared the debris off of himself. He looked at another wall and stood still with a look of deep thought on his face. He was analyzing how to walk through a wall. He was a college student for god sakes. He made top grades, yet he couldn't master this.

"Well, I never knew people, or vampires could walk through walls!" He said aloud to nobody in particular.

He prepared himself and concentrated, getting ready for another try. He took in an unnecessary breath then ran towards wall with the same results.

"Fuckin' ass, bitch, shit, damn fucking cocks!!" He cursed out loud.

"My, my. Such language." A voice said.

Michaels eyes widened in terror.

"Oh, Jesus." Mike said in a small voice, then got up and ran in a random direction as fast as he could. He didn't know where he was going; he knew he just had to get away.

A gunshot boomed through the complex. Michael could hear the bullet zing by.

"That's right, college boy! Run!" Alucard shouted as he fired another round at his fledgling. The bullet nearly hitting him. Alucard grinned then disappeared.

Michael's vampiric senses were on overload. His state of awareness and fear heightened every thing. He could hear the slightest noise, he could smell things he could never smell before he could see much clearer then ever before, but for some reason it wasn't helping him escape his master or helping him walk through walls. He ran through corridor after corridor, dodging bullets and hearing his master laugh like a maniac. He couldn't seem to lose him no matter where he went. He made it out of the apartment complex and out into the street. The first thing he noticed when he made it out in the street was the shooting had ceased. He stopped for a moment to listen and sense his master. That's when he heard it. The slight sound of footsteps coming his way. He looked all around but couldn't see where it was coming from. Michael began to panic; he didn't know which way to run.

"This is bullshit! How am I supposed to outrun you?!" Michael shouted.

"You aren't supposed to outrun me." Alucards voice whispered in Michaels ear.

Michael's eyes widened realizing his master was right behind him.

Seras was concerned. She could here gunshots and she knew that Alucard had found Michael. She was hoping that Michael could make it. Alucard wasn't one who was forgiving. She tried to block out the noise though. She was concentrating and trying to remember all the things in the past that Alucard had taught her. Trying to see if she could walk through a rather thick brick wall. She had tried a few times and to no avail. She felt this time would be the one.

With all her concentration and she began to slowly walk towards the wall. Her mind thinking on nothing but herself walking through the barrier. She closed her eyes as she was about to come into contact with the wall, but she never felt the hard surface. She kept walking and opened her eyes. She was inside the building, she looked back at the wall and realized she had done it. She jumped for joy, incredibly proud of herself. She felt as if she had just won the Olympics. She was taken out of her revere when she heard that the gunshots were getting louder.

Michael had narrowly escaped his master. He was so focused on getting away from him that he almost forgot what his original mission in the first place.

"Oh, yeah. I'm supposed to walk through walls." He thought.

A bullet zinged past his face. He ran down an alley as fast as he could, and that's where he met his problem. There was a wall at the end and he had no other way to go. Alucard was slowly walking towards Mike.

"Seems you have no where else to go, college boy," Alucard raised his gun and aimed it at him, " Now would be a good time to do what you were told to do."

Michael began to panic. It was either do or die. Everything seemed to go in slow motion as he ran towards the wall. He could hear the roar of Alucard's gun. He reached out towards the wall, closing his eyes. He waited for impact but felt none. He opened his eyes and realized he was on the other side of the wall, and he didn't break through it either. He stopped and the realization of what he accomplished washed over him.

"Hell mother fuckin' yeah! I walked through the wall!" He shouted. Alucard appeared behind him grinning. Michael looked at his master and said, "Did you see that?! I walked through that wall! A wall that's solid!"

"Yes, college boy, I saw. Very good. Now, the important thing is to remember what you felt when you did that. Remember that feeling and you should be able to do it all the time." Alucard explained.

Michael nodded. He began to walk towards the wall once more; he concentrated on his thoughts and feelings that went through his mind when he did it. Then proceeded towards the barrier and phased through it. He smiled, proud of himself at his new accomplishment. He walked back through it and found Seras had joined up with Alucard.

"Were you able to do it?" Michael asked.

She beamed and said, "It took me a few tries, but I got it down. It wasn't as hard as I thought."

Mike lifted an eyebrow, "What do you mean it wasn't that hard. I had a shitty time trying to get it down."

"She's been a vampire longer then you, college boy. She's stronger and will be able to do things with a lot more easier then you," He explained, "Now, grab hold of my arms again. Our training for today is done."

"I can't believe we are working with those Hellsing bastards! What were you thinking' Maxwell?!" A very angry Anderson shouted.

"I was thinking that I don't want an ancient demon taking over this planet! Our differences need to be set aside, Anderson. After this we can go back to hating each other, but for now, this demon threat is a far greater concern to me. We will need all the help we can get." Maxwell explained.

"So you wanna team up with the people we distrust the most? Our enemies?" Anderson replied.

"I have thought this through, Anderson. You think you're the only one who is having trouble with this? I don't like it as much as you do, but I do realize that if we don't cooperate then we will never get anything accomplished. We will just fight each other while this demon gets loose. Is that what you want?"

Anderson was quiet. The light reflecting off his glasses gave him an eerie look. "I understand, Maxwell. I see I cannot persuade ya." Anderson began to walk out.

"Oh, and one more thing. Do not start any fights with the Hellsing men, or the vampires, is that clear?"

Anderson stopped, but didn't look back. He stood still for a moment then walked out slamming the door. Maxwell sighed and began to rub his temples.

"God, I'm getting to old for this." He muttered.

"It was fucking awesome! He was shooting at me, and I walked through the wall." Michael explained to Tim and Dwayne. They were playing a game of poker since they all had a brief period of down time. They had all been training hard for the upcoming siege they planned on with the ancient demon.

"What's it like?" Tim asked as he looked at the hand he was dealt.

"It was weird at first, but I've been doing it quite a bit in my room just to get the hang of it. It's like riding a bike once you learn you never forget." He explained.

"Wish I could do that. I could think of a few things I could do with a power like that," Dwayne said as he laid his cards down, " One pair and three of a kind."

The two other men let out a few silent curses and put their cards down.

"I have shit." Tim said with disdain.

"I had one pair. I thought I was going to win for once." Michael muttered.

Dwayne had a big grin on his face, "I think you guys are a little jealous that I whooped your asses. My dad played poker all the time and taught me all the tricks. He also lost our house to his gambling, but that's besides the point."

"I suck at poker. Used to play it in college and I would always get my ass handed to me in a bag." Michael explained as he dealt another hand.

"I fucking hate it because I never win," Tim said in frustration, "So what's it like to be trained by Big Red?" Tim asked trying to get his mind off of losing.

Michael lifted a brow, "Big Red? That's the name of a type of gum. Call him Alucard."

"Does he have a last name?" Tim asked.

Michael shrugged, "Don't know, never asked him. Its just Alucard."

"One name thing, huh? Kinda like Prince or Madonna." Tim said.

"Yeah, or Satan." Michael added.

Dwayne chuckled at that then said, "You don't like him?"

"It's not that I don't like him. His training has helped, and he has taught me a few things. He's just a bit creepy." Michael explained.

"I think everyone knows he's creepy." Tim said.

"Yeah, but I've seen him do things you guys probably will never see." Michael shuddered as he remembered his 'punishment' that his master gave him a while back.

"Like what?" Tim asked with curiosity.

"I'm not gonna tell you. They weren't the most pleasant things to remember."

"Then why did you bring it up?" Tim asked.

"Can we play poker and not twenty questions?" Michael said with annoyance.

"Now, now children. Play nice." Dwayne said as he laid another winning hand down.

"How the fuck do you get a winning hand every time?" Tim asked.

"That's my secret." Dwayne said with a grin.

"Secret my ass. You're cheating." Tim accused.

"I don't cheat, I'm just damn good." He beamed.

There was a sudden knock on the door.
"It's open." Michael said.

Seras emerged into the room and raised an eyebrow, "You better not be gambling."

"We're not, trust me. If we were I'd be broke." Michael said.

"Yeah, Dwayne is kicking our asses, ma'am." Tim added.

"Do we have a mission today?" Michael asked.

"No, just seeing what you guys were up too. Mind if I watch?" She asked.

"Not at all. Pull up a chair." Michael said with a smile.

Seras sat next to Michael and looked at his hand and smirked, "Your gonna lose with a hand like that." She whispered soft enough so only he could hear.

He smiled and laid his hand down only to be beaten by Tim of all people.

"YEAH! In your face!" And with that Tim began to leave.

"Hey, where the hell are you going?" Michael asked.

"I won. No need for me to play anymore. Plus I need to go pinch a loaf." Tim said.

The three of them rolled their eyes and Tim quickly ran out before he would get a lecture.

Morrigan was shouting incantations, as the container holding her 'boss' began to glow. Zed was keeping his distance. He didn't trust some ancient demon. The place was already looking creepy with all the weird symbols and writing on the wall. He wasn't sure what was going to happen next. The container began to shake violently as Morrigan continued and after a bit the entire place began to turn dark, all the lights went out, and the only thing that kept the room lit was the glow from the container that sealed their boss. Zed then looked quickly over his shoulder, only to see nothing; he could have sworn that he heard something. Then he heard more noises, it sounded as if there were things crawling around on the wall, large things to be more precise. He used his vampiric senses to hopefully see better but the darkness was like none he's ever seen, not even his abilities were helping him that much. He could only make out slight movement in the dark. There was definitely something else in the room with him and Morrigan.

Finally Morrigan stopped her incantations and almost collapsed. Zed quickly ran to her aide.

"You ok?" He asked.

"Yes, the second seal has been broken." She said with a weak smile.

"So that means there's one more right?" She nodded, "I didn't want to bring this up earlier, but I think there's something else in the room with us." Zed explained.

"Don't worry about those. They will protect us. Now that there is only one more seal left, his demons are slowly making there way here. They are on our side." She reassured him.

"I hope so," and with that he helped her up, "Now, you need to get some rest. Once you feel better then you can get the last seal."

Morrigan just smiled as she drifted off to a blissful slumber.

Authors note: Hope you guys liked the way I had Alucard train them. I was having trouble of thinking up ways for him to train them. Sorry if you guys don't like it, but the next chapter will have action and violence…hopefully. If anyone has and suggestions for what they want to see in the next chapter, please tell. Thanks for reading!