Chapter 12

Unfinished Business

Kim was still sitting in front of what was once the opening of a cave, when her Kimmunicator went off,

"What's going on, Kim, I'm getting weird readings from the cave?" Wade asked,

"The – the entrance collapsed, Ron's still in there." Kim sobbed uncontrollably,

"Take it easy, Kim, Ron's alive, but for how much longer, I don't know, he's near the mouth call to him, I'm sure he can hear you." Wade replied, looking as Kim's eyes sparkled,

"He's still alive?" Kim said, her face breaking into a smile,

"Yeah, but right now, you need to keep a clear head, and don't get emotional, you know what happens if you loose reign of your emotions." Wade said,

"I know, Wade, but, maybe that's what Ron needs, for me to channel everything through my emotions, and get him out of there." Kim said, her mind deep in thought,

"What are you gonna do?" Wade asked, looking hard at Kim through the small handheld device,

"What I have to." Kim replied, shutting off the device, and standing up, as she did so, she allowed the immense power that resided in her mind course through her, overriding her senses, and filling her with all of the emotions that she had felt in the last twenty four hours, when she had opened her eyes, they weren't glowing silver, but pure white.

The sight for someone that had never seen something like this before would've been scary, to say the least. Kim was levitating off the ground, her feet just inches above the rock ledge she was earlier perched on, her long red hair blowing around, as though caught in a high wind, but there was no wind in the canyon, suddenly, and without warning, the face of the cliff where the cave entrance had been earlier blew apart, revealing the entrance again, and a very disheveled Ron, his face, hair, and clothing were covered in a fine layer of dust, making him look as though he had aged twenty years in the space of a few minutes,

"Thanks, KP, I knew you'd find a way to get me out of there." Ron said, coughing slightly,

"Where's Monkey Fist?" Kim asked,

"He disappeared, I don't know where he got off to, but I'm sure we haven't heard the last of him." Ron replied, now grabbing The Lotus Blade, after his hand made contact with the hilt of the kitana, he quickly closed his eyes, and in a blinding flash of blue light, the sword disappeared, going back to where it belonged,

"How did you do that?" Kim asked, powering down herself, and looking at Ron,

"Remember the week long exchange back in High School?" Ron asked, Kim nodded,

"Well, I was trained at a secret ninja school, one that specializes in Tai-Ching-Pek-War." Ron replied, Kim's eyes got as big as side plates,

"I was wondering where you got your confidence from after that." Kim said, surprised that Ron had kept this secret from her for so long,

"Sorry I never told you, Kim, I was sworn to secrecy, and I need to ask you to never talk about that." Ron said,

"So not the drama, Ron." Kim replied, smiling.

Later that evening, at Ron's home:

Ron was sitting on a huge white sofa in front of the fireplace in the large living room, sitting on the sofa to his right, was Kim, looking replete, and relaxed, content to find herself in Ron's arms again,

"How did you get me out, KP?" Ron asked, jerking Kim out of her thoughts,

"I let my emotions take control, and I just flowed with it." Kim answered truthfully, a content smile on her face,

"You mean, you went the opposite of your training?" Ron asked,

"Not really, I was still in control, but I channeled everything I had through what I felt, and I never want to do that again, it really wore me out." Kim replied, snuggling closer to Ron, as though proving her point,

"Let's hope you never have to do that again," Ron said, and then, with a little wisdom, he added, "I don't want to loose you, Kim."

"What do you mean?" Kim asked,

"If you were to hold onto that for longer than you did, it could've killed you." Ron replied,

"It's that powerful?" Kim replied, somewhat shocked,

"Oh, yeah," Ron replied, "you're coming into your own in what you know, Kim, you've learned more than I could've ever taught you, and I'm proud of you."

Kim smiled, and placed her hands over Ron's, which were encircling her waist,

"Kim, I've got a confession to make," Ron said suddenly, "when I was trapped in that cave, I didn't think I'd make it out alive."

"And I've got one to make too," Kim said, "I didn't think I could get you out, but I had to try something."

"Looks like we both learned something new today." Ron said,

"What's that?" Kim asked, smiling,

"Never, ever make Kim Possible angry." Ron replied, a huge goofy grin plastered to his face,

"Oh, shut up, and kiss me." Kim said, pulling Ron's face down to hers, and planting a kiss on his lips, effectively silencing him.

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