I'm really hyper, and bored, so i figured, hey, why not write my first OnePiece fanfic, seeing as how i've found a recent obsession with Zoro. Written from Nami's pov. Definitley oneshot.

DISCLAIMER: I don't own OnePiece or the characters, but oh if i did...heh.




read on, my friends! .

"Zoro" nudges him


"Zoro, it's 1 in the afternoon, get your lazy ass up, now!"

Who sleeps until 1?

I was trying desparately to get Zoro to wake up, it was after lunch, and he just can't sleep the day away. None of us can, so what makes him so special!

tho i must admit, he's cute when he's sleeping...no, no. What am i thinking? I have to wake him up.

zoro mumbles something and Nami freezes.


"mhm...wha?" he finally wakes up. "Why are you in my room and what time is it?"

"it's one in the afternoon you lazy-ass! Get up!"

He smirked and said to me, "but you didn't answer my first question"

blush "I'm here to wake you up!" wait, was that all? walks out

"Yes, that had to be all..." she muttered to herself

"Hiyah Nami!" said a voice from behind her.She jumped

"Oh, Luffy, you scared me!"she said.

"You're blushing, what happened?"

"Oh, i, uh, it's just it's really-"

"Warm? i kno, it's such a nice day"

"Um, yes..."

"Did you wake up Zoro?"

"yeah, i think so"

"He's stubborn, y'kno"

"yeah, yeah."

Later that day, Nami is standing by herself looking out at the sea

sigh "What am i thinking? Zoro? Why him of all people?"

"Why who?"

jump, gasp "you jerk!"


"Y-you scared me, that's all"

"you're blushing"

"No i'm not, it's just a hot day, that's all"

"Not really"


"Whoa, sorry"

they stood in silence, both of them just looking out at the water



"I, i um"


"I love you, Zoro"


He lifts her chin, and they look into each other's eyes for a moment

"Really" he smirked as he kissed her lightly

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