The Next World


Harry and Ginny 4eva

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Hogwarts Express, 1977

"I am NOT, under ANY circumstances working with James Potter!"

That was what the whole Hogwarts Express heard in the late hours of the morning on September first.

"Lily, please calm down, it's not so ba—"

"NOT SO BAD! NOT SO BAD! You are not the one who should be working with that bigheaded prat the whole year!" bellowed Lily.

Lily Evans and her best friend Amy were on their compartment on the Hogwarts Express, on their way to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Lily was a very pretty girl: she had a long red hair that hung just above her mid-back. She had a pair of almond-shaped green eyes that reflected her fiery temper quite often.

Amy Isadora, Lily's best friend, had short straight blond hair and had a few streaks of red in them. She had large brown eyes that attracted looks from boys when they were sparkling.

"Lily! You must listen to me! Obviously Dumbledore trusts him enough to make him Head Boy, and if Dumbledore trusts him Lily, I'm sure Potter wouldn't dare to cause trouble." Amy told her.

There was almost a whole minute of silence before Lily answered weakly "I guess you're right".

The marauders, that did not heard the last comment, were rolling on the floor laughing, clutching their stomachs. All except James Potter.

James was a marauder, co-leader of their little group of four, the marauders. He had jet black hair that no matter what he tried to do with it, always stayed messy. His hazel eyes were usually sparkling with mischief. However, when he was thinking of Lily Evans, his eyes were glittering with affection.

He sat there quietly, while his friends were laughing, thinking. Is that what she really thinks of me?

"Oi, Prongs, don't let her get to you" said Sirius still clutching his stomach

"You really need to move on Prongs, you know that right?" said Remus, tears rolling on his face

"I think she made it pretty clear that she doesn't want you." added Peter, catching his breath

"Thanks Wormi, I think the whole school knows it by now." said James gloomily

"Anyone who wasn't at Hogwarts at the last seven years anyway" said Sirius

"Hey Prongs, aren't you supposed to be at the Heads compartment anyway?" said Remus, as always, acting like the serious and responsible one.

"I don't think I am needed there at the moment, It'll only make her even more furious. Are you sure Dumbledore didn't switch the letters by mistake Moony? This job should be yours," Asked James miserably for the tenth time this month.

"We already discussed this Prongs, he chose YOU not me. We all know Dumbledore always has his reasons."

"I guess," said James gloomily, still a bit disappointed that Lily thinks of him that way. He knew of course, that he and Lily weren't friends, she hated him with passion, and he, he-

"Hey Prongs, don't worry, she'll come around some day" encouraged him Peter.

"Yeah, when hell freezes," joked Sirius.

"Gee, thanks Padfoot, with friends like yours who needs Snivellus and Malfoy?" said James cynically.

"Hey, don't bite my head off Prongs, I'm only telling the truth you know" said Sirius.

"Whatever Padfoot, I guess I need to go now don't I?" he said, pleading with his eyes they would save him from the upcoming tackle with a certain redhead.

The marauders however, seemed oblivious to their friend's discomfort and nodded. "I'll see you in the next world…she'll kill me. Nice meeting you all." Said James and slammed the door after him.

"Whipped" said Sirius and they started laughing again.