Lily fussed around the kitchen, moving pots and pans in an alarming speed. Three months has passed since she started her new job and the two months of hard work finally paid off and she was working with the inventors.

A staff meeting every weekend caused Lily to think about what charms were needed over the weekend. She would spend hours at work trying to find how to make charms work and when she was on to something, she put her heart in it.

James found a job in the Department of Mysteries, and he wasn't allowed to tell her much, which frustrated her to no end.

Peter was arrested and convicted two weeks after James's visit at the Aurors Department, making all the marauders and their partners to finally feel free to talk and even breathe normally – without the threat of a spy.

They were all invited to the Order of the Phoenix, and not surprisingly, they all accepted the invitation.

"Lily! I'm home!" James's voice carried from the door.

Lily swore; she hadn't finished making dinner. Nevertheless, she came to the living room to greet her husband.

"Hello," she said with a smile and wrapper her arms around his neck.

James kissed her in response but Lily broke away after a few minutes "I didn't finish making supper," she said and dashed to the kitchen.

James went upstairs to change and Lily sighed; she'd been feeling under weather for days and James suggested she'd go to a healer, but Lily refused- she was certain it was a passing thing.

"Smells great," James said as he came back downstairs.

"Thanks," said Lily with a slight smile.

James frowned, "Lily, are you sure you're feeling all right?" he said.

Lily nodded, "Just fine thank you," she said with a slightly croaking voice.

They ate it silence and Lily sighed; usually, she would have asked how work was, but since he was an Unspeakable, he wasn't allowed to discuss his job.

"How was your day?" James asked, sipping his soup.

"It was nice; we are working on a charm to determine the sex of a baby when he or she is still in the womb," said Lily.

"Umm…that's nice, who came up with the idea?" asked James.

"One of the researchers is pregnant and she was annoyed that she couldn't know the sex of the baby so she turned to us and we're working on it," said Lily with a smile, remembering the six-months-pregnant Melissa Carps, complaining loudly about not knowing what the sex of the baby is.

James smiled "So what else did you do today?" he asked.

"Well, to tell you the truth that was all, it's not simple to create charms that affect the human body, not to mention a pregnant woman."

James nodded and they continued to eat in silence. So is that how their life was going to look, from now on? James going to work, and coming back without the option to tell her what he did today? Living on the stories of her work and otherwise sitting in silence?

Lily, for the first time in her life wanted to get pregnant as soon as possible. She hated the thought of living like this and a baby would give some meaning to her life, not to mention something she and James could talk about.

"We should go to Diagon Alley," commented James as they returned the plates in the sink, "We hardly have any groceries in here."

Lily lifted her eyebrow, "What do you need that you don't have?" she asked.

"Ice cream," said James and Lily burst out laughing, "What? I want ice-cream!"

Lily giggled, "You sound like a little boy," she said and pinched his cheek. James made a face, making Lily giggle even harder.

"Think it's funny do you?" he asked and started tickling her.

Lily started screaming in laughter and James, unable to resist it, burst out laughing too. Lily's laugh was infectious and he was delighted to break the ice between them.

James stop tickling Lily and Lily, breathless was lying underneath him. James stole a kiss from her and Lily sighed into his mouth.

"What is it?" he murmured, kissing her neck.

Lily sighed again, "I don't know…I've just not been feeling well lately."

James frowned "You really should go see a healer about it Lily, you're feeling under weather for days, what if it's something bad?"

Lily pursed her lips and looked aside; it was true, she was feeling under weather for days and lately she had cramps in her stomach, sometimes bad enough she could barely stand them. One time, while she was working, a cramp hit her so hard she couldn't walk or talk for half hour.

"Maybe I will," she said noncommittally.

"No Lily," said James sternly and Lily turned to look at him in surprise, "You have to go see a healer, now."

"But James-"

"No Lily, I don't want you sick," he said and kissed her again, "With a little luck it's just a cold and you'll be fine in a few days."

Lily sighed; he was making sense of course, but just the thought of going to a healer was embarrassing. She had never gone to the Hospital Wing at Hogwarts and the thought of going to St. Mungo's scared her.


"James, I've never been to a healer before," she whispered.

James had a hard time concealing his laugher "You've never been to a healer before?

Lily smacked his arm and covered her eyes with her arm "No," she mumbled. James burst out laughing. "Stop laughing at me! It's not funny!"

James only laughed harder. Eventually Lily cracked and started giggling herself. It was ridiculous; why should she be afraid of healers?

"Let's go now," said James when they stopped laughing.

Lily was suddenly anxious "Now? B-But James…isn't it too late?" she squeaked.

James lifted his eyebrows and Lily sighed "Fine, fine, I'll go and get dressed."



James and Lily sat, open-mouthed at the healer's office. The healer had a small smile on her face, indicating that they were not the first to react that way.

Lily was the first to recover from the shock "Are you sure?"

"Yes, I am sure Mrs Potter," the healer said in amusement.

"100 sure?" said James weakly.

"Mr Potter, are you questioning my abilities as a healer?" said the healer with an arched eyebrow.

James didn't answer; he just stared at her in amazement. The healer, obviously pleased there are no more questions, wrote a subscription for Lily.

"If you have morning sickness, take this potion, it'll help. No more than once a day though."

James and Lily returned to Godric's Hollow in a sort of daze. Almost at the same time, they sat on the sofa in shock.

They were going to have a baby.

A real, live baby.

Slowly, a smile started to spread on James's face. He was going to be a Daddy. He looked at Lily and saw that she had a small smile gracing her lips.

He hugged her tightly and a small sound of joy emerged from her throat.

"Mummy," he whispered in her ear.

Lily turned her head and kissed him fully on the lips. Lily felt as if her heart would burst from joy any moment and hugged James.

"Daddy," she said happily and kissed him again.


Lily is four months pregnant

James woke up groggily and immediately felt that Lily wasn't in bed with him. He opened his eyes and looked around the room. Lily wasn't there; he could see that even without his glasses.

He put on his glasses and got up from bed. He opened the bathroom's door silently and gasped. Lily was standing in front of a full-length mirror with only her bra and knickers on, staring at her stomach.

James let his eyes travel to her stomach before they widened in amazement; Lily's stomach was no longer flat; it had a small bulge that caused James's heart to flutter.

He looked up to her face and saw her watching him with the same amazement he felt. He swallowed a lump in his throat.

"You look amazing," he said and engulfed her in a tight hug.

He let his hand travel to her stomach and put it on the swell. His breath was caught in his throat; it was an amazing feeling.

"I think we need to start building a nursery," Lily said, looking into James's eyes. James nodded eagerly.

"Do you want to buy some stuff today?" he asked, "I can take the day off."

"Oh!" said Lily happily, "Can you do that? Please do!" she begged.

James laughed, "I will, and we'll go to Diagon Alley and buy some baby stuff," he said, quite excited himself.

An hour later, James and Lily walked hand in hand through Diagon Alley, searching for shops that sell furniture and baby stuff.

"Charlie! Come back here this instant!" a shrill voice yelled behind them.

A little redhead boy ran past them and grabbed James's leg as he his from his mother.

A plump pregnant redhead woman stumbled her way through the crowd to get to James and Lily. She was holding the hand of a little be-spectacled boy who looked no older than four and a carrier with two identical redhead boys. An eight years old boy was walking next to his mother and clinging to the ham of her shirt.

"I am so sorry," the woman said and took the hand of the boy.

"It's alright," said Lily, looking at her obviously pregnant stomach "You're Molly Weasley, right?" she asked.

Molly nodded "Yes, I am. Who are you?"

"I'm Lily Potter, and this is James, my husband, we saw you on the Order meeting," explained Lily.

Mrs Weasley smiled "Ah, yes, I remember now."

Lily did a quick math in her head and understood that the person Molly Weasley was carrying in her stomach was none other than Ron.

"Would you like to come for some tea sometime?" Lily offered. "You can bring the kids too, I'm sure our friends would love to see them."

Molly smiled, "Sure, you can pop in to the Borrow too if you want," she said.

Lily smiled in response, "Well, we have some shopping to do, we'll keep in touch ok?"

"Sure, no problem," said Molly and continued walking with her children in toe.

"That was so weird," said James, staring at the retreating back of Molly Weasley. "She was pregnant with Ron."

Lily smiled and led him to Greengrass's shop for Magical Furniture.


Lily is seven months pregnant

Lily and James were sitting on their kitchen table with Molly Weasley and baby Ron sucking happily from a bottle.

James was shaking from suppressed laughter. It was so odd to see Ron sucking out of a bottle.

Mrs Weasley was interested in Lily's pregnancy.

"You know," she said to Lily "The first birth is always the hardest. But it gets better in time. Shorter too."

Lily paled; one of her fears was the actual birth: it is supposed to be extremely painful.

"Is it very painful?" she asked in a small voice.

Molly smiled in sympathy; she and Lily had become good friends over the past months and especially after Ron was born. "I'm afraid so. But it's worth in the end. I always delivered the babies myself, I didn't want anyone else to do it for me."

James rubbed Lily's arm and Lily calmed somehow. The nursery was ready and equipped with toys, painted in baby blue.

Since Lily finished her project about determining a baby's sex, she was working very hard at trying it on women.

She was the first woman to try it. And, as expected, she had a boy.

Squeals and screams of joy were heard from the living room "Thanks for bringing Sirius here, by the way," said Molly "He always manages to exhaust them enough so when they come home they go straight to bed."

James and Lily laughed, "Well, I can tell you, he enjoys it just as much as they do," said James fondly.

"So what about him and Amy? Getting along ok?" Molly asked sipping her tea.

Lily nodded, "Yes, they are getting along great, Amy just moved in with him."

"They are not planning on getting married first?" asked Molly with raised eyebrows.

"Oh no," said Lily, shaking her head vigorously "Neither is willing to get married. I think they'll always live like that. No children, no marriage. That's what they want."

Molly frowned in disapproval.


Lily is nine months pregnant

"James!" Lily called her husband from their bedroom.

James groaned. Lily could be a pain in the ass when she wanted something. "What, Lily?" he yelled.

"My water broke!" Lily called in panic as pain rippled down her stomach.

James's eyes widened and he stood up in an alarming speed. He ran his way up the stairs to where Lily was sitting on the bed, grabbing her abdomen in pain.

"Call Molly!" she said, gritting her teeth.

"Molly! Molly!" he said hurriedly and went to the fireplace, "The Borrow!" he called in panic.

"James dear, what is it?" Molly's kind voice said.

"Lily's in labour!" he gasped. Molly scrambled on her feet and called Arthur.

"I'll be right there, put some clean towels under her buttocks ok?" she said. James nodded and pulled his face out of the fireplace.

He ran to the bathroom and took some clean towels. He entered their bedroom where Lily was resting her head against the headboard.

"You need you to lift your hips," he told Lily. Lily immediately raised her hips a little and James put the towels there. He stroked her hair "Molly will be here in a second."

Just then, a pop sounded and Molly bustled into the bedroom.

"How are you feeling, dear?" she asked Lily.

Lily gritted her teeth, "It hurts like hell," she said.

"Can you open your legs for me?" Molly asked.

Lily was hurting so bad that she didn't even think to be embarrassed. James, however, turned his head; he really didn't want to see a baby poking out of his wife.

"Well, you're almost there, dear," said Molly with a kind smile that Lily didn't see, "James, can you be a sweetheart and bring her a cup of ice water?"

James nodded and scrambled out of the room. When he closed the door behind him, he leaned against the wall and breathed deeply; he was going to be a dad. Hearing Lily making small noises of pain shook him out of his reverie and he returned moments later with a cup of ice water.

He opened the door to see Molly stroking Lily's hair, which was tangled and wet from sweat. He handed Lily the cup and she sipped gratefully.

Molly took James's hands and took out her wand, "Obtorpesco," she said and James felt his fingers numbing.

"Why did you numb them?" he asked Molly in confusion. Molly only smiled.

"Go and sit behind her, hold her hands, she's starting to push."

Lily shook her head, "No, I won't push!" she said.

"You need to push Lily dear," said Molly, "It'll be over before you know it."

"I won't!" yelled Lily as another contraction hit her.

"Push, Lily!" Molly yelled to her. And Lily, out of sheer panic, pushed. She squeezed James's hands and James now understood why Molly put a numbing charm on them.

The contraction was over and Lily was panting, "This is the last time you touch me, James Potter!" she growled.

James shot panicked look to Molly and she smiled, "They all say that," she mouthed to him. James was not assured, but as another contraction hit, he did his best in assisting Lily.

"JAMES!" Lily screamed as she pushed again.

"You're doing great Lily, one more push and you're done," said Molly in encouragement.

"I can't!" panted Lily, "I can't!"

But James, with the excitement interfered "You can do it Lily! Just one more push!" he said.

Lily, with the rest of her energy, pushed again as the contraction hit and in after a few seconds, a little cry was heard.

James's breath hitched and Lily cried; Harry was born.

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