Firestorm – Flame of Recca After War

Prologue – Departure

"Raiha, Neon…"

"You have done well up to this day. Now, the history of Uruha ends here."

Raiha sneered while Neon is in shock. Loyalty Raiha thought. From his pocket, he pulled the blood contract he used to keep when the Uruha was born. "Neon, Raiha, Jisho…" he quietly read. Now that Uruha is disbanded, what becomes of me?

Kurei pulled his left hand and stretched it sideways. Before him materializes a spinning aura that rapidly forms into a vortex. "And now…" He whispered.

"That portal!" Kagero shouted in awe. She couldn't be mistaken. It was the portal she opened four hundred years ago, the gate of time. "JIKUURYUURI! WHAT ARE YOU DOING KUREI?"

Kurei silenced. And he replied, "There is something that I have to do"

With Hokage gone, there is no chance for Kurei turning immortal. It was the final art that he can perform with the remaining energy he has in his body. Oda Nobunaga, the person responsible for the demise of Kurei's bloodline. Death he thought. He wanted to exact revenge on the very person responsible for his mother's death. If the jail didn't burn down, his mother would still be alive.

Kurei stepped into the time portal. He could hear Recca's voice echoing from behind. Brother. That was the last thing Kurei wanted to hear. He knew perfectly well how he tried to murder his younger brother at the age of five. For the same reason, he wondered, "Karma?" Perhaps Kaoru's betrayal was his karma for trying to slay his brother. Past is past… but not Nobunaga. Looking back at Recca, Kurei produced a gentle smile, one of the rarest actions he does in his life.

Kurei wandered, and walked forward. Damn, for the past twenty years of my life, I was living in fires and blood. And now, I am yet to kill another man. Is this the meaning of my existence? Is this my purpose in life? Forbidden to love, forbidden to befriend. "Bullshit." He thought. I stand alone… and he had flashbacks.

"Kurei… I am so sorry for being a useless father"

Kurei stood motionless as Ouka wipes the blood from his face. Kurei was bullied again by some Hokage villagers. Cursed child, it was the name branded to him back when he was three. It was the cold flame kurei produces that earned him that designation, and even up to this very day, those words still stung him.

Reina upon saving him from the burning prison handed him the very sword that he used in attempt to kill Recca.

"Live with this strength, Kurei."

As long as you are alive… the history of Hokage will never end.

This hatred will never be forgotten. In a short while, I will be beheading Nobunaga. I will make him pay for the pain that he have bestowed upon my family.

Before reaching the other end of the portal, his flashback was broken by a familiar voice.


Kurei stopped and wondered. He was sure that the only person calling him aniki was none other than Kaoru. It was a surprise. He thought Kaoru was gone. Despite his attempt of setting Kaoru in flames several months ago in the Urabutou Satsugen, the boy still followed him to the very end. Kurei felt a mix of guilt and happiness, and turned back to see Kaoru.

"Why did you follow me?"

"Because it will be lonely if you are going there alone."

"Do you know where I am going to?"

"I don't"

"The place where I am going to is filled with bloodshed and fire. There will be people screaming in agony. You will see people brutally murdered."

"I can help you shoulder the burden of seeing it alone."

Kurei felt warmth. Kaoru's offer was very much appreciated. You are so brave, referring to Kaoru. With a soothing smile, he answered, "Thank you."


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Author's Notes:

Firestorm - Flame of Recca After War is the continuation of what happened after the manga. Before reading, It is strongly advised that the reader should at least read or know the end of the manga. For a manga scanslation, you may visit this site:

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War of the Ancient World

Tomorrow's Children

The Healing Flame

Firestorm - Flame of Recca After War - First release will be on March 3, 2005. Succeeding chapters will be released as I complete them, usually semi-weekly. I sure hope everyone will enjoy this Flame of Recca novel (it's a novel type fanfiction. So I guess it will be quite interesting for everyone. It will reveal several mysteries left unanswered at the end of the series. You'll find answers to many questions that were asked in the manga upon finishing this novel.)

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Aniki – A Japanese term meaning elder brother