Innocent soul

She could hear the heartbeat growing faster and faster and she grinned. As she did, two sharp fangs slipped down from under her fangs. She could track the heartbeat easily and it was coming from the upper part of the house. Her fangs almost glistened in the moonlight. She slowly walked up the grand stairs; she loved it when her food made a challenge for her. She opened the door and her eyes laid upon a petite girl, fear in her eyes, frightened of the fact she was being chased. The young vampire cursed for hunting such a young girl.

Her master would most likely laugh at her 'petty little soul' and the brides would laugh at her disgrace of being one of the undead. She shook her head, in a way of telling the girl that all was well and turned out of the room. She had never wanted to be a vampire, as most vampires did and she still believed her soul was still alive. She prayed to God every day for to ask for her forgiveness and only killed when necessary. Even though the master scoffed at her praying, however much it pained her, she still prayed in tears begging for her life. She was very different from the brides, as she was not a bride but a secret weapon of the Count, only used for the most deadly of plans. It only angered Aleera for she was very much like their master; she was less stronger than him, true, yet she possessed his anger, domination and determination. She had a wise mind and acted passed her years (only twenty years of age). She hid in the shadows and acted as if she was the Counts' personal bodyguard. The Count had turned her for she was stronger than the others and was also strong in mind. Because of this she did not act at all like the brides, needy and obeyed his every word, she questioned his every motive and kept him on his toes almost every day. This only angered Aleera more for the young vampire almost acted, to her, like the master's queen and not to mention the fact that she also wore black only to keep herself different from the brides. Aleera saw her as a threat, an insect that needed to be squashed. Verona, the wife to the Count tried to keep the peace, Evelyn, the second youngest only obeyed her master, without question. Yet the young vampire furthered her motives. The Counts secret weapon called his brides whore dogs, firstly for they were only used to bear his children and dogs for they obeyed his every word. On good days, she called them his slaves, occasionally to their faces save for Verona.

The vampire respected the first (as she was known) for she almost saved her from Aleera, true, she could kill easily yet her master would not be too pleased. Yet it did not stop her from sickly mimicking their every word in a child's type of voice, insulting their easily programmed little minds.

The young vampire came to a broken window, thinking why a little girl lived, alone in an empty, broken down house, she turned into her bat-like form and flew back to her home, although it would never be home to…Marriskha.