The Count knelt beside her, guilt rising. He had taken too much, needlessly. But however…he needed her, yet looking at her gasping for life, pale face he did not deserve such a soul. Dracula turned her around, and she drew back, in fear. "Forgive me", he whispered, almost pleaded to her. She froze, the Count was asking for forgiveness, the one thing he thought had forgotten. She did not know what to do, she was once again, afraid of this dark creature, for it had taken a long time to stand up to him, to be the person she was now. It had taken a long time to live and forget. Not knowing what to say she whispered in return, "you have more important things to do…my lord". She had never called him master, or lord, as she did not respect him. He soon grew accustomed to her calling him by name and soon grew to like it. He only allowed her to call him Vladislaus, as the name seemed to purr off her tongue, this only angering Aleera and the others of course. "They do not matter now. Our children will live and the Valerious family will soon cease to exist. But I need you, now, Marriskha", he suddenly closed his eyes; he had not meant to utter these words. She was surprised at this and once again, he confused her. "You are starting to scare me, my lord. First I sense something from you…a feeling…an emotion that I thought you incapable of. You feed of you, like a monster and then you ask me, of all people for forgiveness", she looked into his cold, icy blue eyes, they were boring into hers. A dwergi came and handed Vladislaus a goblet of blood. He helped her up so she could drink, and for once she enjoyed the taste, and need of blood. Her head became clearer, he needed her? "Why do you need me so?" she asked, looking at him once again. He was in a crouch position, and a lone strand of his dark hair came to lie beside his face, and she placed it back, behind his ear. He was touched at this little move of hers and smiled. She then, almost suddenly felt warmed by this smile and returned it. He was thinking of what he always thought in the lonely dark. That was why they were so alike, Marriskha and he. They were alone and always had been. No one would know his thoughts, they may question them, but he kept himself to himself, he trusted no one and for that, he was dammed for eternity. Although he did not speak his mind, he decided to give her something to think about. "You, as I have said before, are different from the others. You have passion and strength, yet wisdom beyond your years. It is as if, you know me", he faltered; he did not want to give too much away. He could see in her eyes, curiosity and it seemed for a split second; the young vampire cared for this monster before her. She was about to speak, when Igor, the Counts' manservant entered the room, Marriskha was repulsed at his deformed self. "Master, it is ready". She knew what he was talking about…the birth of their offspring.