Well, sorry it took me so long, but here is the last pre-written bit. Enjoy.


Day 101

Absolute worst possible thing has happened. Was traveling behind Gandalf, and accidentally ran into him, striking his staff, when he stopped too quickly. Gandalf muttered some weird curse at me under his breath, and somehow, Frodo and I have SWITCHED HEADS!

Nightmare has ensued. Sam is confused, and very nervous and more overprotective than usual, if possible. Frodo is having panic attack, constantly whining, which sounds very weird with my voice. Am suffering severe withdrawals without my beard, and not sure what to do. Gandalf says it serves me right and will change us back in a week. A WEEK!

How will my beard last that long on a hobbit!

Gandalf is on top of list now. Stupid wizard…

Do NOT want to be king with Frodo's head.

Day 103

Was wrong. Not worst thing that could happen. Pippin tried to help by taking staff while Gandalf asleep and hitting me. Says nothing happened at first, but Gandalf was murmuring in his sleep (like usual), and somehow, Frodo got his head back, but now Legolas and I have switched heads!

Legolas is threatening to kill everyone within speaking distances, moaning about my beard. Personally, have no idea what to do with long blond hair. How Legolas keeps taken care of, I don't know. Easily tangled, easily dirtied. Legolas said what he would do to certain parts of my anatomy, family, and other things if I hurt his hair. Returned every threat if beard hurt.

Gandalf says his decision still stands, so now Pippin spends most of time hiding behind Merry to avoid Legolas and my death-glares and threats.

Gandalf and Pip fighting for top of list.

I want my beard back!

Want to be king with Legolas' head even less!

Day 108

Legolas has done it now. Disappeared for a few hours, came back with my hair clean and wet and my face shaved! How dare he! Said he could not live with my unkempt hair and beard. Said if I wanted to look like a warg, that was my problem, but he wouldn't put up with it anymore. Had to be held back by Boromir to keep from killing Legolas.

Gandalf is supposed to change our heads back tomorrow. Why couldn't Legolas have waited one more day!

Waaah! My poor beard!

Can't wait to get Legolas till I am king, must do something now while I still have his hair…hmmm…

Day 109

Have been returned to normal, but not before getting my revenge on that blasted elf. Late last night while everyone was asleep, I used some things I had stored away in my pack on Legolas' hair. Is now a satisfying maroon color. Legolas is threatening to kill me, my father, my sister, my brothers, and anyone else who has ever so much as breathed a word of friendship in my direction. Assured him that the hair would return to normal color in about…two weeks.

Legolas chased me for about three HOURS. Almost caught me several times, with blasted 'elf superiority' and all, but terror invokes some serious speed! Gandalf finally got us to stop by promising to change us back. Legolas now wringing his hair and whining. So unmanly!

Pip and Merry spent entire day snickering at Legolas, that is, until elf threatened to feed them to the spiders back home. Didn't phase Gimli, who is still laughing at the 'colorful elf,' as Legolas has been dubbed recently. Legolas has been plotting the 'filthy dwarf's' death ever since. Frodo and Sam keep to themselves, as Frodo is still worried he'll lose his head if he comes anywhere near me. Not sure where Merry and Pip are. Gandalf is grumbling about his 'lot in life' or some such nonsense, and Boromir is polishing his shield. Vile, arrogant man.


Not king, as always.


Well, thar she blows! Did ya like?